Restricted Category Sweeps
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
08/06/11 - 12:07AM
NOTICE: The moderators will be doing a rule compliance sweep in the coming weeks for categories with restrictions on them. Only the following categories will be affected: Real Person and Harry Potter.

These are NOT new rules. They've been on the archive from the beginning and can be seen in the FAQ and at top of those sections in the archive.

J. K. Rowling has requested that there be no explicitly sexual fanworks made from her stories. The site does not want to risk legal action regarding hosting fanfiction depicting real people in sexual situations or fanfiction that goes against J.K. Rowling's wishes.

Authors of stories in the Real Person and Harry Potter categories rated 17+ or above and stories with certain warnings regarding sexual situations will be sent an email by the mods, two weeks after which the stories will be reviewed. If the stories are not removed or edited to comply with the information sent in the email, they will be subject to deletion.

No other categories will be affected.

If you have any questions, comment on this announcement or contact a mod. Information on that can be found in the post directly below this one.

Edit by shadowsirenv: E-mails have been sent to authors with stories in those categories that fall under those warnings. Please check your e-mails, for you may have received one. If you have not received an e-mail and you have stories that fall under these categories and warnings, please edit or delete your story accordingly and let one of the mods know or drop a comment here. You'll have until August 22nd to do whatever you need to before we begin sweeps.

EDIT by Sally: Guys, e-mailing me won't get you a stay of execution. We've operated on the honor system since we opened. Every few years, we see a flood of legal action taken against fanfiction sites. So far, we have never been subject to that and I'd like it to stay that way. They don't play around. :-(

Fanfiction, in all technicality, falls under copyright and trademark infringement. Most entities, authors, etc. tend to be extremely lenient and some even love fanfiction. It doesn't make Ms. Rowling or any other author mean, it's within her legal right.


Wow, did she really say that? What a female hound dog :/ she makes her characters homosexual out of nowhere, and yet doesn't appreciate people wanting to bone Snape? Lol, jeez luiz...
- Momo-Deary on 08/06/11 - 04:40AM
Hey, the way Snape is described in the books as a slimy all-greasy-nose person, I'm quite sure that she doesn't appreciate and understand people wanting to bone Snape. Alan Rickman =/= Snape (although I like his version too, it's just that he's too good looking and fabulous as Snape).

Personally I have no problems about this (it's not like lemons are my thing anyway), but imagine if sites like did this sweep? Although it is forbidden to post explict stuff on there, just about every M-rated fic on the Harry Potter (98,584, right now) would have to be deleted (who'd be insane enough to read them all and evaluate them).

That being said, is Jo Rowling's stament new? Or has it been here forever? Because then I haven't read the rules carefully enough, as I thought I did. It's perfectly nderstandable though, why Rowling would do this. Most of her characters are underage, and it must worry her, that people are making them do nasty stuff. It was also very imortant for her to have the epilogue set 19 years later, not earlier, because that's when she thought the characters were ready to even have kids (at like 25-ish, isn't).
- Niisanchan on 08/06/11 - 04:54AM
Argh, I saw the link too late. Yup it's been out forever. In 2002, the Chamber of Secrets film came out, which had the actors as little kids, therefore worrying, and the fifth book hadn't come out, right. I think it was perfectly reasonable, in that light, at least (although so long written but unpublished Sirius stuff, for you are kind of kinky).
- Niisanchan on 08/06/11 - 04:59AM god. Her statement has not only been around for YEARS but is totally her right. The characters are HERS. The plot is HERS. If she wants to make someone 'homosexual out of no where' then more power to her. But at the same time, if she doesn't want someone to write about HER CHARACTERS having EXPLICIT SEX then it is her RIGHT and does NOT make her a female hound dog. Excuse me while I try to get over your gall and shoddy logic. It's NOT funny. And by the way, she could have pulled an Anne Rice and all out banned fanfiction of her works. How about that?

With that said, I would like to thank the mods here for considering and enforcing Jo's wishes. Every time I see an explicit HP fic, I cringe, thinking of how she would feel if she saw it.
- petite gateau on 08/06/11 - 07:17AM
I agree with petite, it is her wishes not to have sexually explicit scenes with her characters.

I remember when it came out that one of her characters was homosexual. She was quoted saying "oh god, the fanfiction writers..." or something along those lines. Sorry, I'm not a very big HP fan. xD;

But either way, I'm sure if some of us made villains for our own personal stories and such and they became popular, writers having their made up characters going around 'boning' our super-badass villain would be the LAST thing on our minds. o_o Dirty people.

Anyway, isn't there a forum post somewhere about a subject like this? Perhaps the link should be posted. I would but I have to go to work like... right NOW. XD *runs*
- Rei on 08/06/11 - 08:09AM
Um.. I normally don't make comments here, but what the forbidden forest, mate?

First of all, this request that JK Rowling has made is very, very old. I'm wondering if this actually holds any real threat now because... It's just on chilling effects. The site in question, that most likely never received this notice, but was posted on CE, was still running for six years after it was posted. The only thing they did was beef up security a little, I think. The site, Restricted Section, closed down, but for another reason entirely, not because Ms. Rowling was taking legal against them. Secondly, the only content of the site is mostly x-rated HP fanphilia. It's fairly easy to find on google, so of course she would be alarmed to see it. It's not very innocent, is it?

And... In my opinion, there's no reason for Luna to perform a sweep on the HP section. If Ms. Rowling chose to make a clear statement where it's much easier to find like on her website or blog, (like Anne Rice), personally, then that's the time to take action. But she said she's cool with it to some extent. When adultfan, or pulls a grand move like this, then that's the time to worry. Not now, over an eight year old document.

Though, if you just don't like M-rated HP fan fiction, and you own the website, then that's your decision. In the meanwhile, I'm going to read my icky, sexually explicit HP fanfiction on and FOS (while it's still up). You wouldn't believe the things I read about Harry doing with his broom last week...
- Rouge on 08/06/11 - 11:28AM
Haha, sorry guys, I didn't mean to sound disrespectful, it was just something I had never heard creaters doing before. :) I guess it does make sense, never really took the kiddie's ages into account, but I'm so used to them looking 20+ in the movies, lol. Even so, there are some really raunchy things (like what the hedk, Rouge XD his broom?!) but there's really beauitful stuff that's been written as well :( Just seems a bit unfair... Just a bit :3
- Momo-Deary on 08/06/11 - 12:26PM
Can't say I didn't see this coming, I feel sorry for the actors and JK herself when I see those explicit fanfictions *shivers*
- PaperSoulButterfly on 08/06/11 - 12:29PM
Just wanting to clarify...

This only affects stories with EXPLICIT sexual content, right? Like, graphically-described sexual acts. I'm assuming that stories where sex is mentioned or alluded to without going into any sort of description of the actual act are in the clear (especially if said acts are between consenting adults).

After all, Teddy Lupin and all those kids in the Epilogue didn't just appear out of thin air...
- MissMurder on 08/06/11 - 01:03PM
I have to agree with Rouge. This letter was sent back in 2003, and the site in question never closed down. It was still up and running for another six years. Six years.

I can understand being worried if something recent had happened, but over a document that was posted back in 2003 and was never enforced? Again, I agree with Rouge. If JK Rowling had posted something recent (in her blog, on a website, in an interview, etc) then I would be more than willing to accommodate.

However, as it stands now, JK Rowling hasn't made a complaint in ages, all the characters in my lemons are at least 18-years-old, and I'm just rather disgruntled I have to go through and change things in my stories (leaving gaping holes, most likely).

It doesn't mean I won't, it just means I'm not going to be extremely (if at all) happy about it. Just my two cents. I had a conversation with DG last night and I slept on it, but upon waking up I realized that I'm not happy I have to go by a 9-year-old letter that was never enforced. JK Rowling never sued that site. The site remained open, with its illicit fanfiction, for another six years.

I also just don't understand why she didn't go after, lol. Also, again, it is the owner's decision what she wants to do with this. Is this why all of a sudden this is coming into effect? Was it Sally who finally put her foot down and said we have to get rid of the lemons? Because I know for the longest time the mods chose to overlook it. I'm just curious what suddenly made them decide to crack down upon it?
- KarenaWilliams on 08/06/11 - 01:12PM
Good decision. Just in Wikipedia alone, if you look up all lawsuits involving J.K. Rowling/Harry Potter/Legal Publishers, they are VERY SERIOUS about everything. I understand it's a business but seriously, they already make so much but they squeeze for every last penny.

Can't really call them selfish, since it's their right...but yeah.

Also, I understand where she's coming from, I'd be very...uncomfortable with explicit sexual stuff being written about be in fiction. She's trying to protect her characters, and the actors or anybody involved with them.

- SHIxCHAN on 08/06/11 - 01:38PM
P.S. For that site she never sued, well, with the "ending" of Harry Potter, the phenomenon actually enlarged instead of "ended". So I won't be surprised if she finally gets down to business and starts suing or taking legal action. She definitely has time and money now, even more so than before.
- SHIxCHAN on 08/06/11 - 01:40PM
As Niisanchan pointed out, the statement has been around a long time, however, nothing has been said by Ms. Rowling to the contrary since then. There is also a news article on that says that she "would be happy for spin-offs to be published online." It also requests that "the follow-ups do not contain any racism or pornography."

For those who are concerned about their work: Each case will be reviewed individually by a moderator and authors will have ample warning before anything is deleted.

To answer your question, MissMurder, an allusion to sexual contact between two consenting adults isn't what we're looking to remove. It's only explicit sexual content that will be targeted. We also do realize that stories can be rated 17+ or higher for non-sexual reasons and will not be targeting those, as they are not mentioned as being against the Ms. Rowling's wishes.

DG made a mention of the rule regarding Harry Potter and real person fanfiction on the forums a couple of days ago:

The eight active moderators mentioned in the August news post all came to a consensus on running a targeted sweep of the two restricted categories (and on the wording of the announcement and emails) after a recent increase in volume of stories in the queue that break these rules. (Please remember that the moderators don't necessarily see every single piece by a validated author that gets into the archive. Most of the stories in question never had to go through the queue because their authors were already validated.)
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 08/06/11 - 03:49PM
I guess I don't have a problem with the site covering it's ass and cracking down. However, I'd just like to address some of the comments above: just because YOU don't agree with the characters being in explicit positions, doesn't mean you have to act all high and mighty about it and like anyone who DOES happen to like that is clearly insane and stupid. I respect JK's wishes, as they are HER characters, but the rest of everyone doesn't need to have some awful attitude that sparks negativity just because some people do like that kind of explicit material. I went ahead and got rid of whatever I had (I'll be honest and say I had no clue about it) but I don't want to feel stupid for having to do it. It's not necessarily a terrible thing, and people should be a bit more respectful toward what other people like. I guess I just mean there's no need to attack those of us that have works like that, or that like them. And of course I know the mods aren't doing this--just some of the comments above that irked me, really.

Other than that, I have no qualms. (:
- NyxHarlot on 08/06/11 - 03:59PM
I don't think that anyone gave off that air, to be honest--That people who read explicit HP fan fiction are insane and stupid. Now that's just butt hurt. The people who agree are simply looking at what Jo's requested. It has nothing to do with 'yuuuck HP porn' because if there were no restrictions, I'm positive it wouldn't even be an issue. No one cares about anime and manga and video game porno. You have too look at the situation in its full context.
- petite gateau on 08/06/11 - 06:10PM
Le sigh. If it has to be done, it has to be done, right?

It just sort of sucks that the majority of my Athlete fics probably be biting the dust now. I mean, I suppose I should've seen it coming. It almost feels like I was lulled into a false sense of security. Posted a fic that shouldn't be posted and nothing happened, until now. Literally, this was two years in the making for me. Please, mods, if you've got to delete my stuff, be gentle with them! They're not abortions, they're my kids! XD Enough melodrama for day, I guess. But really, I'll be sad to take them down. I think everyone who has to will be.

As for the HP fandom; I hardly ever read it here. My drug of choice was Yeah. I'm one of those people. Proud to be porning her characters in the filthest and wrongest of ways. Rouge's comment intrigued me; so, darling, if you wouldn't mind sending me that link... Harry and his broom.... XD

And for anyone who cares to judge me on that: a polite eff you. I get shunned in society anyways, I'll be damned if I get it here, too. Just because I like what I like, that ain't a proper basis for any kind of discrimination. You can think I'm sick and stupid and dirty and whatever. I've lived my life and I'm not going to change my guilty pleasures just because some poor bastard thinks it's dirty.
- Broken Marionette on 08/06/11 - 06:26PM
Come on, you guys. No one thinks you're sick or perverted. Stop taking things personally. I'm positive the almost everyone if not EVERYONE in this thread has willingly written or at least READ smut for any given series. This isn't about morals. This is about showing some respect for someone's wishes. No need to go into a tizzy over it.
- petite gateau on 08/06/11 - 06:31PM
Ahh, sorry. I tend to get worked up about these things. I just sort of got that general feeling that it's considered "icky." Well, duly noted, petite. Honestly, thank you for saying that. I feel a bit better about myself now. =D
- Broken Marionette on 08/06/11 - 07:33PM
I've never really cared for JK ever since she basically said, "I threw that epilogue in there so my ending would be the only official one." -_- Seriously? Like I understand that she wants her ending to be the only official one and that doesn't bother me (I haven't given a damn for canon in HP since like book 5) it's just that she threw in that poorly tacked together list and called it an epilogue.

Ah, and that was a slightly off subject rant... sorry dudes. JK as a person has said things that have bothered me.

Anyway, I REALLY don't think has even gotten this memo. As far as I know (and I've seen their rules) they actually don't have one against sex in the Harry Potter section. xD (And if they do, well nobody cares. I've read quite a few very explicit things over there.)

Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.
- DragonSilk on 08/06/11 - 10:09PM
I'm not going to get into the vs Luna debate, but I will say this. is largely not moderated. Hell, google worst fanfic ever and click "Feeling Lucky" and it takes you to an HP fanfiction on

Or it did back when I did it *shrug*.

Anyway, for the people who are annoyed by it, I'll use another example to kinda get it up to even.

We all read manga online, or have at some point I'm sure. TokyoPop, one of the large publishers before it's North American branch closed recently (google it), often went to manga sites and told them respectively to take down manga published and licensed by them. They also had a formal request that no manga be uploaded online if it were licensed by them.

Now, TokyoPop being the large company it was could easily sue small online sites like that, so what did those sites do? They took them down. And when TokyoPop could be ass'd, they would find the ones that hadn't and ask them to do so.

Even if the sweep isn't done, eventually Rowling will see to it that she is heard on the matter of not liking her characters sexually exploited. If she wanted them to have sex she would have written some random hot steamy chapter about it in her books.

So go enjoy it on if that's what you want to do, just be aware that eventually that site will come under the scope as well. *shrug* I'm speaking from past experience on other sites I used to be on.

If I'm not mistaken, it's also listed in Luna's TOS not to write sexually explicit stories for certain authors, so even if Rowling didn't/doesn't come after Luna, writers are still breaking the TOS.

- Rei on 08/06/11 - 10:32PM
@Rei, I don't think there's really a Luna vs. debate going on. It's just interesting that Luna is moderating this when Luna generally is more accepting of any sort of fic than

Moderating aside, Luna accepts way more fanfiction types than, so for Luna to crack down on something doesn't care about, well, I find it worth commenting on in an abstract way.

But like I said, it doesn't bother me that Luna is doing this. They do what they feel like they need to do.
- DragonSilk on 08/06/11 - 10:59PM
Meh, I personally see this as a good thing for the site itself. Luna has always been a very relaxed community, which is why I love it, however, I think this decision shows a respectable level of professionalism that the site doesn't always display. As I said, the community has always bee very laid-back and accepting, so I personally forget how old some of my readers are at times. I forget that there are plenty of adolescents that read things that they shouldn't I used to be one of them, hurr~ hurr~. xD

And then, there are also times where I forget that we're not all preteen fangirls with sparklers and pixies stix, so I approve of this whole "taking things a bit more seriously". It's a good thing when the community can be mature and more aware of these things.

Also, for those who do not like the idea of scrapping their lemony goodness for plot purposes, I recommend a tried and true method that I've seen senior authors (and by senior, I mean the authors that I've met who have been doing Fanfic for, like, over a decade xD ) do simply on principle: make a private blog (livejoural, anyone?) that cannot be accessed with out permission and put the unedited chapters there for optional viewing. It'll give you the chance to expand the plot however you wish, and it your readers will be able to enjoy their smut in peace. Everybody wins, right?

Or... I might just be rambling. That happens sometimes. So if this doesn't make any sense, please blame my insomnia. xD
- Raicho Kurubi on 08/07/11 - 12:29AM
Okay, that means sheís going to go after FOSFF, and right? has a load of explicitly sexual stories and I have yet to see a notice on their site about it. What did J.K Rowling expect for her characters to stay under the age of 18 forever? And if I'm not mistaken weren't all the characters in the last book towards the end grown and with kids? If she is going to attack a one site then she needs to attack all the other sites as well. Don't discriminate. @Raicho I see your point but I think the only problem with that is that authorís and agents sign on as member to ensure that things are being kept clean and once they access those optional chapters there is still a chance at legal action. Either way this whole situation is messed up.
- SolarWicth on 08/07/11 - 02:34AM
The request by Rowling was set on 2002. No legal action has been taken against anybody, and she has not said that "Luna's going down, motherfuckers!" Only that one site has been under threat, and if you've read the comments, you'll discover that the site was still up and running with all its smut, even after the set time limit. The actions taken on Luna are out of respect for her wishes, not because there's a lawsuit.

In 2002, Rowling's characters WERE kids. I think that was the most worrying thing for her. Maybe most of us don't understand it as teenagers ourselves, but as an adult, Rowling must've seen it in a different light. Most of the HP smut is set during Hogwarts times, when they're not legal, that's almost a given. I understand her completely.

The same goes with real people. Would you like to find porn of yourself on the internet? A friend once wrote a smut fic about me as a joke, but it still felt disgusting. I'm sure other people who've had porn written about them agree.

And personally I don't see what's wrong with Rowling having her own, offical ending to HER books, just because she wants it to be the real thing. She probably has their senior years planned out, and how they'll die. I mean, we are fan fiction writers here. It's not like canon has stopped us before. I don't see why there's all this butthurt over that there's a canon ending. Just ignore it like good fan fiction writers.

And people can like their smut anyway they want, but pedofilia and child pron is just not cool, dudes. I think this was Rowling's main issue. Like, it was also for the protection the the child actors (only the the Philosophers' Stone and the Chamber of Secrets had come out in 2002).
- Niisanchan on 08/07/11 - 03:00AM
@Niisanchan I get the seriousness of the situation. And I can understand where she is coming from, but that why warning have been made. If readers proceed thatís a choice theyíve made on their own. And the duty of the parents to look at what theyíre children are looking at. I looked at a few articles on the subject including one from this site which was posted in 2004 I just find it interesting that she didnít make this more of an issue back when the letter was addressed. Even if she was busy, I would have thought that the concern of young Harry Potter fans would have been more of a pressing issue. But I see your point of view as well :)
- SolarWicth on 08/07/11 - 03:13AM
"And personally I don't see what's wrong with Rowling having her own, offical ending to HER books, just because she wants it to be the real thing. She probably has their senior years planned out, and how they'll die. I mean, we are fan fiction writers here. It's not like canon has stopped us before. I don't see why there's all this butthurt over that there's a canon ending. Just ignore it like good fan fiction writers. "

You... missed my point entirely. It's not that she had her own ending. It's that she threw in the epilogue JUST to have her own ending. (No seriously, that was the only reason.) That epilogue was all sorts of terrible and basically just a list of everything she wanted set in stone, NOT a true epilogue. If she were going to do that, I felt like she should at least put some effort into it.

I understand the last book was horribly rushed but seriously, she shouldn't have just tacked it on like that.
- DragonSilk on 08/07/11 - 03:19AM
Am I the only person in this planet who actually liked the epilogue? I like knowing that Harry got over all the horrible stuff he experienced and lead a semi-normal life, and got married happily. It didn't seem that forced to me. It's better than fan speculation like "Well, Harry suffered much trauma, and never had a normal family life, so it's likely that he's gonna become a drunk and divorce Ginny or whoever he'll marry, or then he'll be afraid that he'll become a horrible father because no one ever showed him how and never get kids. Also all the fame will probably rise to his head, and he'll become a horrible person." or "Hermione and Ron fight so much, that their relationship will never last."

Honestly, I think it's better when it comes from the author that they really did live happily ever after, than have on open ending right after a devastating war. Maybe I'm just a sheep that'll listen to the word of God and accept everything that they say as canon.

And I think that in one documentary she has a folder of the last chapter of the last book. I don't remember which it was, but I think that OotP had come out, or something. She has stated numerous times that even when she was writing the first book, she had it all planned out.

I've also read a statement that one partially the epilogue was written to show that for example Teddy Lupin was fine, even if his parents died. I just reread the last book, and found the epilogue enjoyable. Maybe it's just me, then.

And what's a true epilogue? Epilogues bring closure to the work. I think the DH epilogue did just that.
- Niisanchan on 08/07/11 - 04:19AM
You're the only one I've met that liked it.

You answered your own question. Epilogues answer questions. Hers just gave me all sorts of questions I never would have had otherwise. Like who is that woman with Draco? How did that happen? Did Hermione name her child after Victor Hugo? Why? And did Harry only plan on two children? Otherwise why combine names?

I went from the final chapter into a page of WTF? Like I said, it's got no detail or actual story. Just random facts. But if that works for you. *Shrug*
- DragonSilk on 08/07/11 - 06:17AM
Man I slept good.

@DragonSilk, I know what you mean. xD I wasn't trying to say anything about Luna vs FF, or any of the other sites. Yeah Luna accepts A LOT more fanfiction than a lot of other sites, but because it is big, if there ever is a massive sweep my Rowling, Luna would fall under her scrutiny I'm sure.

Either way, maybe someone should e-mail the author herself, or where ever you would go to find answers. Her opinion may have actually changed since the HP kids are now >> what? 18+?

I don't even know. *shot*

I'm just saying I see nothing wrong with a sweep for something that was specifically asked for by the site and by the author to be taken down if it was put up.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good smut story, so I guess those who wrote it that only allude to sexual actions will be fine.

*holds up HP #4 she got for Christmas several years ago and only read two chapters* D: it's hard back!

:c Peace offering?
- Rei on 08/07/11 - 10:08AM
Also, Rowling may be planning to do one of those... what do they call them. Info books? Guide books? Just something to tie everything together or give an explanation behind different events people still have questions about.

Hell, Draco may get his own spinoff, he has a mass cult following doesn't he? xD

*runs before she's attacked by rabid hp fans* :'''c
- Rei on 08/07/11 - 10:12AM
Wait, isn't this why we love Luna in the first place? It's moderated. It keeps away so much of the crap that other sites have. If we have to follow the rules, we have to follow the rules. It's what makes Luna the site it is.
- SoundofSapphire on 08/07/11 - 03:03PM
And here I was hoping you all would reason out everything for yourselves if we sat and watched... Well, you didn't do a bad job at all.

Rowling's main concern, brought up in interviews and the like, isn't about the actors. It's about how the series has so many young fans, and she does not want them stumbling across smut. This is not something that's likely to change, either, unless all the fans grow up and children stop reading Harry Potter. That is far from the only site to receive requests to stop -- there's at least one other C&D letter floating around the Internet, mentions of more, and yes, even FFN has apparently been asked to remove stories at some point. Don't know if it's ever been followed through, but a letter threatening legal consequences is scary enough in itself -- it means they are willing to pursue the matter.

Also, reiterating: existing rule, possibly since the site was made in 2004. These things were still fairly recent then. It's not a new rule so much as reinforcement of an old one.

And just for the record, I hated the epilogue too and think Harry's naming sense sucks.
- crazydominodragongirl on 08/07/11 - 03:47PM
You're all silly. Albus Severus Potter is a beautiful name.

/nothing to contribute, except that I was going to second Raicho Kurubi's idea of posting the uncensored version of your stories on your blogs and giving the link to readers. I hope that the suggestion is not being overlooked. Your story is preserved, and Luna doesn't risk anything for hosting explicit HP/RPF content. :V
- silver_neko_kitsune on 08/07/11 - 04:02PM
I feel so ronely. ;_; I think the name Albus is cool (it's not like anyone will know his second name is Severus, and you can call him Al), and I think Harry deserves a happy ending, since his life before Hogwarts and such was crap. And his life at Hogwarts was kinda crappy too. At least filled with danger. And one horrible teacher I don't understand why people like so much. >_>

I'm just gathering these unpopular opinions, am I not?

Really, why do people dislike the epilogue so much?

But I agree about protecting the poor children. I discovered smut way too early, mainly due to my own stupidity and fan fiction. :S I'd hate to see kids horrified because Snape tries to seduce Hermione, or something.
- Niisanchan on 08/07/11 - 04:22PM
The fact that Harry named his son after Snape enraged me as a Snape fangirl. I was like: "YOU DISLIKED HIM FOR THE WHOLE SERIES GTFO, POTTER."
- petite gateau on 08/07/11 - 04:41PM
"I'd hate to see kids horrified because Snape tries to seduce Hermione"

But I love SS/HG. =O
>.> I have weird shipping tastes when it comes to HP.

And petite gateau, I laughed like crazy reading that! xD
You know I once read a slightly AU fanfic where Snape was still alive and quite delighted that Potter named a kid after him. I can't remember exactly what he thought but it was something along the lines of, "Potter's father must be rolling in his grave right now... Maybe this isn't so bad."
- DragonSilk on 08/07/11 - 05:15PM
DragonSilk, I spat my drink out at that. I want to read that AU. :'D
- silver_neko_kitsune on 08/07/11 - 05:55PM
It's formatted like a Diary (first person, which usually bothers me but it's used well here) and HG/SS but if none of that bothers you, it's a funny read.
- DragonSilk on 08/07/11 - 06:58PM
Respecting what she wants is what we have to do; no buts about it. I think her reasoning for it is a bit...stupid, for lack of a better word in my current sleepy state, but that's her choice.

Eh, I'm late for this "argument" or whatever it is. Doesn't matter to me~
- RedMouse on 08/07/11 - 07:21PM
Aw, man, it double posted my message...Crap. Whatever, hope you guys don't mind too much.
- RedMouse on 08/07/11 - 07:25PM

"Potter's father must be rolling in his grave right now... Maybe this isn't so bad."

BRB ROTFLing FOREVER. I would adore a link to that fic in question if you could find it. XD
- petite gateau on 08/07/11 - 08:41PM
@silver_neko_kitsune: Ooo~ Someone likes my idea? That never happens IRL. xD (lol jk) .

@SoundofSapphire: T_T Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I felt like the only one. (No offense to anyone, of course.)

@DG: "And here I was hoping you all would reason out everything for yourselves if we sat and watched... Well, you didn't do a bad job at all." I was actually thinking the same thing, eheh. :X xB

Bah. Rowling kinda made a hash of the epilogue. I was hoping for closure, but then again, I'm just a sucker for overly detailed endings. Because, ya' know, I didn't want the series to end to begin with. I sobbed hysterically when I finished the final book. The HP series has filled my entire childhood/adolescence. I DUN WANNA GROW UP, DANG IT.

...*cough* >_> Anyway, I will loyally follow any one who puts their smut somewhere else since we can't put it here. "Everyone loves a rebel, Harry. *winkwinknudgenudge*
- Raicho Kurubi on 08/07/11 - 11:12PM
I don't know if this has been said before, because honestly I just skimmed, but if Rowling has made a request as such then for the sake of the site we should honor it.

Why? Because if not, and this site is found in violation of her wishes, she/her lawyers can DCMA the host and actually pull the plug on luna. And these things HAVE happened before, though I'm not sure if it has with HP.

I for one don't want to have to hear that Luna has been given a formal Cease and Desist, and am in full support of the Mods removing stories that violate the copyright holder (Rowling's) terms.
- Theosphir on 08/08/11 - 12:07AM
Also... A lot of people assume that child porn is the issue. Just going to put out three that its probably not, since even in fur fandom you will get your assed royally chewed for making porn of their ADULT characters. It probably has to do with her morals and such more than just that :/
- Theosphir on 08/08/11 - 12:19AM
@DG: We... we did goods? As a reward :c will you burn down my place of work so I can stay home and cuddle the internets?

(and so I can watch Rio, squee.)

@silver_neko: a friend of mine suggested that too when we were talking last night. People can make private journal's or even freewebs sites and post their stuff on there and just give links to it in their original stories so people can read the smut if they wish.

ALSO Albus makes me think of someone saying Elvis with a very bad lisp. Which I am probably pronouncing it wrong in my head. Damn you southern accent of doom. Damn you.
- Rei on 08/08/11 - 11:21AM
Could the mods find the list of authors that don't want ANY fanfiction written & make a post about it on the main page as a reminder? I doubt anyone writes fanfiction for those books but it's better to be safe than sorry!
- Mrs Kitty Corpse on 08/08/11 - 11:51AM
After a quick search, I found this list:

Archie Comics
P.N. Elrod
Raymond Feist
Terry Goodkind
Laurell K. Hamilton
Robin Hobb
Megan Lindholm (Robin Hobb)
Dennis L. McKiernan
Robin McKinley
Irene Radford
Anne Rice
Anne Rampling (Anne Rice)
A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice)
Nora Roberts
J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts)

And this link:

Now you don't have you use that pesky Google!

... God I need a life.
- Niisanchan on 08/08/11 - 12:08PM
@DragonSilk: I'm fine with almost all ships (except for the intentionally weird ones like Hagrid/Filch sob), so... HG/SS here I come?! :'D

@Niisanchan: Thanks for doing that! :) We should probably add that to the site FAQ as well.
- silver_neko_kitsune on 08/08/11 - 01:06PM
@Rei: I'm tsundere. The word "good" isn't in my vocabulary. :P

@Mrs Kitty Corpse, Niisanchan, and Mao: Actually, there is a list on the FAQ, and we just don't add those categories if they're requested. I think there are a few on that list that aren't on the FAQ (the more you know), but we also don't accept Anne McCaffrey, since I think you have to get special permission from her or something.
- crazydominodragongirl on 08/08/11 - 03:49PM
I personally don't mind this, given that it is her choice and I have never written an HP lemon anyway.. the only thing I am worried about is that stories that have multiple fandoms and adult listings, might get bumped off even if the chapters with HP characters in them are totally innocent. Or, in my case, a crossover fic that shares the HP universe but doesn't romantically involve any of its characters or put them into any "adult situations" might be deleted. I'm not sure how closely the fics are being looked at.

Plus I'm thinking that my crossover is what I got the 'change or delete' email for, though I am really hoping it was just someone not noticing I had already removed HP from my lemon book. DX

- Tsula on 08/08/11 - 04:38PM
@Tsula- I got the same email as well. I replied to the email with the name of my HP fic and the reason I had certain warnings for the story. My fic follows all the rules, so there is nothing I should be worried about. The mods reassured me of this as well! I think they are handling the situation wonderfully and are looking at the fics as a case by case basis. As long as you don't have heavy sex situations then you should be safe. =) I would just reply to the email with the title of your story stating that it follows the rules!
- rubberducky1 on 08/08/11 - 05:53PM
I don't have any stories with lemons in them, nor do I usually read them, but I am glad that we are going to crack down on this rule. It might not be what WE want, but it is J.K. Rowling's story, and we should comply to what she wants regardless if it was for this site or not. (Anyway, since 2003 when this letter was posted she has had more than this to worry about. I'm sure she still doesn't want explicit writings about her character, and I don't blame her.)
- choochooshoe on 08/08/11 - 07:16PM
Email addresses were collected before the announcement was posted, even though the actual emails were sent afterward. As a result, some people who have already removed content still received a letter. (Sorry, Tsula. In your case, it was only the lemon book on the list. Feel free to disregard your letter.)

The collection of emails was done as a quick look-through, so if anyone has a fic that follows the rules but still received an email or has a question regarding a specific fic, please reply to your letter so that the mod who sent it can review your case individually. Yes, they will be looked at more closely prior to the sweep upon request. (Thanks for mentioning your situation, rubberducky1.)

I just want to clarify: We haven't received a C&D letter. We're just trying to avoid ever getting one.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 08/08/11 - 08:29PM
Oh cool, thank you for letting me know. XD That's a big relief for me.
- Tsula on 08/08/11 - 09:25PM
Anne McCaffrey too, she was the writer of Dragonriders of Pern series. She doesn't disallow fanfiction, and I think she's relaxed the majority of her rules, but I think there are still some out there.
- Rei on 08/09/11 - 09:46AM
My story, "The Little Things" was one of the ones in the restricted category. I just wanted to let you all know that I have deleted the 17+ content so that it is suitable.
- Nevermore on 08/12/11 - 03:34AM
Ugh... really? I mean, REALLY? This is why I HATE copyright law.

I don't read Harry Potter fanfiction, and I don't even read M/NC-17 rated fanfics in general, but really. It shouldn't be her right to take down non-profit materials; there is some serious copyright f*ckery going on here.

See that? I even censor my own post because I don't want to offend and I'm STILL in favor of allowing these. Who cares if they're underage? You can literally go out onto the internet and find (drawn & legal) pictures of children doing these things. Whether they're cartoonish or not, that's a lot more graphic than any grouping of words, and I can guarantee there's HP ones out there too that show the characters drawn, though I'm not going to look for fear of what I might find.

Personally, I hope everyone who has a story that falls into this soon-to-be-removed category personally E-mails J.K. Rowling the entire volume of their story repeatedly.

- The Wolf Sage on 09/05/11 - 11:22PM
I try not to infinge anything that's copywrited, because God knows (onto atheist me) I don't like messy drama...

Good for me I never really liked the Harry Potter series more than I love Avenged Sevenfold... so why bother reading the fanfic.

I, however, to whoever mentioned that, did find the worst fanfic ever, according to right now. It's called My Immortal, and it's apparently a HP fanfic... it' Luna's worst nightmare, I swear. I only saw a piece of it and right away, I knew the Luna moderators would already delete that and go ape-shit on it (excuse my language)(although the picture that was included there was pretty ^^")

The link, if anyone dares:

I've seen worst stuff than that ^, by the way.

Well, you can't use anything old and not updated, right? So maybe Jk should do something... I mean, if I were her, I'd release a new notice about this kind of stuff...

I am only doing lemons for Bleach fanfic right now., but I might expand... depending if Shuuhei here can get off of my case... (do not own Bleach, either)

- Vengeance6661 on 10/09/11 - 03:29AM