Featured Stories for October!
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
09/30/11 - 10:52PM
Happy Owltober, Everybody!

This month's theme is impending doom.

Fact of the Day by Hametsu e no Rondo (D. Gray-Man, 13+)
Infection by silver_neko_kitsune (Devil May Cry, 13+)
Mafia Life by crazydominodragongirl (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
So Ordinary by Kay (Durarara!!, 17+)
Standards of the Doomed by AlacraticAvarice (Invader Zim, 13+)
The Belief in Happy Endings by KarenaWilliams (Criminal Minds, 17+)

Congratulations to everyone featured and thanks to everyone who nominated!

Nominations for next month's featured stories are now open on the forums. The category is Fic-Trade Favorites. You can nominate here!

A Few Notes:

1. Tabbed indents aren't supported on e-fiction, which is the script that Lunaescence uses. This means that hitting "enter" and "tab" will not produce the result you're looking for. You can use the "p" tag, put a space between paragraphs, or use multiple "nbsp" to make a space that looks like the tab. If you want to make sure that your story is formatted correctly, there's a "Preview" button next to "Submit" in the story editor.

2. Save your work. Never trust a website with the only copy of your story. Save it in your documents, put it on a CD, USB memory stick, or external hard drive, or use an online backup like Dropbox or Google Docs. For those of you who aren't validated, please be aware that if a chapter is denied, the mods will delete it from the site, so you need to have your own copy of everything so you can edit and resubmit.

3. Contacting the mods is easier than you think. Seriously, we don't bite. Use any contact method on our profiles (including the "Contact Author" form) or send us a PM through the forums. Please refrain from asking a mod about the status of a story in the queue unless it's been there a couple weeks. Just because one chapter gets approved in a day doesn't mean that the next will because some moderators pick a day and go down the list, and others go through the queue randomly.


Congrats to all featured! I've read quite a few of those and they deserve to be the winners this month.
I like that you guys mentioned contacting a mod isn't as hard as one thinks. Seriously, when I was doing the Luna Book project it was very easy to talk to the mods and get help. You guys rock!
- choochooshoe on 10/01/11 - 03:49PM

Thanks for the nomination though xp.

P.s. Contacting mods is fun stuff. And you get some... Interesting conversations with them, given you don't stay on topic lol. But really, they're super helpful. :)
- Hametsu e no Rondo on 10/03/11 - 01:09PM
W-what! I was nominated? o__o I feel so honored and happy! Especially since I think I should re-write that story in the first place cause it isn't all that great imo. LOL But thank you, everyone. ;u;
- KarenaWilliams on 10/03/11 - 04:22PM
@ Hametsu e no Rondo - Hikari_no_Kage nominated it. That's why it's up there, of course!

@KarenaWilliams - Yours was actually the first nomination received. (DG likes the featured stories posted alphabetically, though.) rubberducky1 nominated you last month as well, but the mods felt that it didn't really fit the theme of war stories, since we chose that category to coincide with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and were looking for a more traditional definition of war stories (not internal personal wars, in other words), so the same person re-nominated you this month under a more fitting category as soon as nominations were open. *inhales*

And yes, the mods do get off-topic a lot. We have logged conversations between ourselves to prove it. ^.-
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/03/11 - 06:38PM
Yeah... I totally misinterpreted the war theme last month. O.o I don't know what I was thinking, but it was the first story that came to my mind (but it totally made sense once you guys mentioned 9/11)... I was just so happy I was able to re-nominate KW's story for this months theme (it totally fitted the theme too *wink*) because I love it and her writing!

Congrats to everyone! :)
- rubberducky1 on 10/03/11 - 06:50PM
@rubberducky1 - I was happy to see that you re-nominated. We hate to have to tell someone that they've misinterpreted the theme and that their nomination is invalid. We don't want to discourage people from submitting suggestions.

I had to re-nominate when a story fit the theme two consecutive months (August and September) but didn't get chosen for a feature the first time around.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/03/11 - 07:17PM
@ Kerrigan Sheehan - Your icon makes me happy every time I see it. XD LOVE that movie to death~!
- Tsula on 10/03/11 - 11:36PM
@Tsula - Thank you. It took me far too long to make. I was going to use a static Halloween icon instead, but it had a white background that just didn't look right on some of the site skins, so I used this one.

Unfortunately, since I'm not nearly as big a fan of anyone besides Spock and Scotty, I don't think I'll have a Star Trek (2009 movie) icon next time I do an announcement, though.

And to think, I almost forced everyone to look at a .gif version of the pictures of my cats in Halloween costumes, as seen on my profile.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/04/11 - 10:38AM
AHHHHHH~ I love you, rubberducky~ You are the best. :) Thank you, thank you! *hugs!*
- KarenaWilliams on 10/04/11 - 12:11PM
XDDD Kitty pictures are always awesome~ I should dress some of mine up for Halloween. I know they will never keep the costumes on, but it would be hilarious to watch them run around like lunatics trying to roll, rip, and yank the things off.

Spock is love~! :3 He was always my favorite in the shows. However, with the movie, Bones stole the spotlight for me. |D Sexy sexy doctor~

- Tsula on 10/04/11 - 04:01PM
@Tsula - I like the new McCoy, but not nearly as much as new Spock or new Scotty. I'm just not really a Kirk person, though. What can I say, I like the quirky smart ones.

Of course, the fangirl in me flipped when we had a Star Trek drabble in the queue. I danced a little.

My soon-to-be husband is in the Navy, so I'm actually going to cut up one of his old work uniforms that's too faded and/or ripped for him to wear any longer and make them all kitty NWUs. One of his superiors told him he could bring his cats to work if they had uniforms...little did he know...
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/04/11 - 06:34PM
XDDDD Navy Kittys~ That's so cute!

I love seeing Star Trek stories. *^* They are so rare though! You'd think the movie would have created a bunch of fangirls. D: Though.. I would have thought the same of Iron man.

I'm not too big of a Kirk fan myself. I like him and all, but it will always be Bones and Spock for me. |3 Them and their amusing banter.

- Tsula on 10/04/11 - 06:50PM
@Tsula - I know, right. Sherlock Holmes did.

I don't even like Kirk, new or old. Whenever he opens his mouth it's just...annoying...that comes out. I think it's because I used to work with a guy who was just like that. I worked with a Spock type too, and he was even a Trekkie who didn't mind me calling him Spock, and his little brother also worked there and was just like him. They were awesome, but Kirk just reminds me of one of the most annoying co-workers ever.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/04/11 - 08:08PM
Ah, that'll totally put you off guys like that. D: But it would be so cool to meet a real life Spock! |D Or a real life Bones *^*
- Tsula on 10/04/11 - 11:10PM
@Tsula - The co-worker I called Spock earned that nickname. His real name is Mike, but I started calling him Spock after he calculated the mass of the planet Neptune in his head while simultaneously holding a conversation about Latin and doing his normal job.

Needless to say, he's the one co-worker I really miss, especially because he was interesting to talk to and not tied up in the petty little fake-friends network that our boss created to use against people (like the two of us) who wouldn't make Facebook pages just so she could spy on her employees.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/05/11 - 09:36AM
He sounds awesome. :o

Though that boss sounds sucky. DX Noisy manipulative people like that are so annoying.

- Tsula on 10/05/11 - 06:41PM
@Tsula - She also accused me of hitting on a co-worker who I knew was gay because I was "desperate." In reality, he'd dated a guy in the Army once and understood what I was going through. My boyfriend (now fiance), who is in the Navy, was on back-to-back detachments at the time and couldn't get leave between them.

She was the worst boss ever. If it weren't for three guys I worked with (the gay guy, the one I called Spock, and a guy named Matt), I would have gone insane working for that devil-woman.

@Everyone Else - "Mods get off topic." See what we mean?

Seriously, though, this crap is what ends up in the darkest parts of my stories. Funny, innit?
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/05/11 - 08:59PM
DX That chick needs to be bitchslapped repeatedly until her face falls off. There are just way too many bosses/managers that abuse their positions to make people miserable.

At least you had some awesome coworkers there to balance out the evil though. D:
- Tsula on 10/05/11 - 09:59PM