Featured Stories for November
Sharp Shiny Pickle
Posted by Sharp Shiny Pickle
11/01/11 - 12:21AM
Happy November, everyone! I hope you had a pleasant October~ The theme for November is Summer Fic Trade Favorites.

A Teddy for Your Thoughts by Purged of Sin (Gundam 00, 17+)
Little Dingy Apartment by Mrs_Anonymous (Final Fantasy VII, 13+)
Love Magicially Blossoms by crazydominodragongirl (Harry Potter, 13+)
Misconceptions by Shade (Fantasy, School, 13+)
Of Kittens and Red Herrings by Alastair (Kuroshitsuji, 13+)

Congratulations to the authors of these featured stories~! Next month’s theme is winter holidays. Please submit your nominations on the forum here.

We have a few remarks to go along with this month’s announcements as well!

1.) HTML Tags – When formatting your story, please remember to close your HTML tags by adding a “/” to the second tag. The backslash indicates that this is a closing tag that marks where you want the bold, italics, underline, etc. to stop. We often see stories where a few words were meant to be formatted, but since there was no closing tab, the entire story past these words was affected. An easy way to make sure this isn’t happening is to click the “Preview” button before adding a new chapter or story.

2.) NaNoWriMo – Amongst many great traditions that come with November is National Novel Writing Month! You can enter by following this link and discuss with your fellow Lunaescence members on the forum here. It’s a really fun and rewarding thing to do, so we hope you find time to participate!

3.) Past Rules and Announcements – If you are new to Lunaescence, first off, welcome! Second, please be sure to check out some of the older news posts where we cover our rules about multiple submissions, decorative titles, category requests, etc., so that you are aware of all of our policies. We do not always repeat these rules in the newest announcements, though they still apply!

Please let us know if you need anything to be further clarified and have a particularly lovely November~


Congrats, guys!
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 11/01/11 - 05:37PM
Thank you, thank you, so, much! *dies of happiness* I've never been nominated before for anything on Luna (lol) so this is amazing. Thanks especially to Dragonstar for the nomination. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you liked Of Kittens and Red Herrings. ♥ Congrats to the other authors as well! Have a happy November. :3
- Alastair on 11/02/11 - 08:53PM
Ah, I liked that story Little Dingy Apartment from Mrs_Anonymous. Congrats on being featured for this month!
- Vengeance6661 on 11/07/11 - 12:04AM
:D Congrats to all the winners~! And thank you so much for the nomination! I've never been featured before. :3
- Shade on 11/08/11 - 10:07PM
I'd like to say congrats to the all the winners by the way! ^^
- redredredrose on 11/22/11 - 10:12PM