Featured Stories for December
Posted by shadowsirenv
11/30/11 - 11:03PM
Season’s Greetings! Hope you all had a good November, and for those who participated in NaNoWriMo: I hope it went well for you! Now for our regularly scheduled announcements:

The December theme for featured stories is “Winter Holidays”. We had only two winners this month.

Christmas Decorating by NuitNoire (Nabari no Ou, 13+)
Christmas Story by StrawChan (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, All)

Congratulations to all these authors! Next month’s theme is “Best of 2011”. That means nominated stories must have been first published on the site at some point in 2011. You can nominate stories on the forum in this thread.

We also have some things we’d like to address (prepare for excessive use of bold, italics, and underlines):

1) Working e-mail addresses: We ask that you please provide us with a working e-mail address when you use the site. This way, we can get in contact with you without getting a reply from a mailer daemon and having to hunt you down in other ways. If you provided a working e-mail but are not receiving anything, please check to see that your e-mail address is correct in the Personal Info section of your settings or that our e-mails aren’t getting sent to a spam/junk folder. Also, please, please, please check your e-mail in general! If your story has suddenly disappeared from the queue, it’s probably because we deleted it. Moderators always send a letter explaining why your story has been denied, so if you’re not sure, that should be the first place you check. You guys don’t really know how many “Where did my story go?!11!?!?11!” e-mails we get after we just spent a good amount of time writing you a letter explaining everything.

Users who continue to ignore moderator e-mails will have their accounts locked.

2) Author’s Notes: We think you guys tend to forget that moderators do read your author’s notes when validating stories since we have to check for disclaimers and such. If you have a complaint about the site, please contact a moderator directly or post it in the forums. It’s much more effective than complaining about it in your author’s notes and having us forget as we move on to your actual story. Please be tactful if you do decide to use the Author’s Notes as a place to vent. We have feelings too…

3) Story Quality: We’ve noticed that story quality—by that we mean grammar and spelling and NOT actual content, plot, character, etc.—has declined on part of both non-validated and validated authors. Validation does not grant you immunity from using proper grammar and spelling. We’re going to start cracking down on this, so please do check over your stories and edit them promptly whether you are a validated author or not. We will begin to revoke validation and delete stories if this problem continues. These won’t be random, though; we’re getting in contact with those authors who we’ve noticed have been slacking off with their editing. So, if you’re always checking your e-mail or PM’s on the forum and haven’t heard from any of us, then you’re probably fine, although, it wouldn’t hurt to check over your stories again just in case. There are tons of resources that you can use to help you out: the moderators have assembled a grammar guide which we will continue to add articles to, a simple Google search for grammar guides yields tons of results, free spell check programs are available online, and there are plenty of beta-readers available here who are more than willing to help you out.

Also, if you want to help a fellow author out and notice some mistakes in their stories, let them know politely in a review, through e-mail, etc. It’s a great way to give authors some constructive feedback, maybe even get to know each other and make some friends on the site! You never know when a “Hey, I just wanted to let you know you missed a comma in this sentence” could lead to a beautiful friendship.

tl;dr – Make sure your e-mail address works, be nice in your author’s notes, check your grammar and spelling, and help each other out.

If you have any questions, leave a comment here or in the forums, or contact one of us directly.

Now, enough of me being harsh. I hope you all have a wonderful December, and if you’re celebrating something this month, I hope you have a good one!


Another thing I forgot to mention: there may or may not be another fic trade this month! If you enjoyed the summer ones as much as we did or you'd like to join it this time around, keep an eye out for it. We'll keep you posted.

Edit by Kerrigan Sheehan: There shall be a Holday Fic Trade! Yes, I finally got the threads posted! I'm running it this round because everybody else has tons of schoolwork and finals coming up, and I have free time. It took so long to post because I was waiting on an OK and some information. Anyhow, the registrations are starting immediately, so the registration thread is here. The discussion thread is here.


lol your links broke. ftfy. Smart quotes don't work. also you guys keep forgetting to actually change the featureds hau hau hau

Also~ one thing that didn't get mentioned~ depending on how life goes, there may be a winter fic trade this month~ Don't ask me about it because I have nothing to do with it (as usual), but look forward to it. And bug the relevant people until we get one. 8D
- crazydominodragongirl on 11/30/11 - 11:14PM
Congrats to NuitNoire and StrawChan! ♥

One thing I noticed though! I may be wrong (though I'm nearly 100% sure I'm not) but November's featured story winners never got a ribbon next to their story names. D; I noticed towards the middle of last month (because I was reading DG's Neville story kufufufufu~) but never got around to asking. Am I right?
- Alastair on 11/30/11 - 11:20PM
You are not. ...because I noticed it like three days ago and changed them. :'D So they were there very briefly and now they have the "past winners" ribbon. Sorry about that.
- crazydominodragongirl on 11/30/11 - 11:24PM
Ah! Thank you very much for the nomination, Siruru! ;w; This pretty much made my day-slash-night.

But, oh dear...yeah...Okay, well, I've posted barely anything at all this year, but still...I need to work on all of those quality issues on almost all my works. OTL I'm going to go do tomorrow...and all weekend. Sorry!
- StrawChan on 11/30/11 - 11:25PM
Congrats to those being featured!

I might be weird, but this makes me happy to not be a validated author. I have lots of respect for the mods and what you guys do - we should buy you guys tons of candy and cookies. I do hope I didn't say anything in an author's note that might've come off as insulting.

Anyway, I will go through my stories and look for mistakes. Hopefully I'll find the grammar problems.

I just have one question: Grammar in dialogue, can that be considered a mistake? I mean the way we speak can't be grammatically correct, right?

So again, congrats to the featured stories!
- Pepe Le Pew on 11/30/11 - 11:50PM
If it's a character speech style, that's perfectly fine. :3 In any case, if there's an issue with someone's stories (whether they're a validated author or not), they'll receive an e-mail asking them to fix the story before deletions or anything.
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/01/11 - 12:26AM
Ah, that makes sense. Thank you.

That's understandable. I'll still be going through them. I've practically convinced myself I have grammar issues. ^_^;

Anyway, thanks again!
- Pepe Le Pew on 12/01/11 - 01:02AM
@DG- My links broke? They work fine on my computer, but I'll check them out. Argh, I totally forgot about actually setting the stories to featured.
- shadowsirenv on 12/01/11 - 05:31AM
They broke but I fixed them. :'D You have to use regular quotes, not smartquotes, and I think there were also spaces after the first quote.

Don't worry, SSP did too last month. I ninja'd in and did it. *cough*
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/01/11 - 01:43PM
Thanks, DG. I'll get it right next time around.
- shadowsirenv on 12/01/11 - 03:04PM
Congrats to those of you who were featured.

Yes, there will be a fictrade. I'm running it this round because everyone else is busy with school, and my husband is going out to sea for a couple weeks, so I'll be bored. I was waiting for an email (or 8) from Kay with the information I needed to run it. The signups will be up on the forums tonight, and I'll edit the newspost with the relevant link.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/01/11 - 04:31PM
Congrats to the featured authors~

I wish I could do the fic trade this month, but I kind of already involved myself in a daily writing project so I wouldn't be able to do my best if I did participate. D:

Also, the idea of having validation revoked is a bit terrifying. =O I'd be a sad cookie.
- DragonSilk on 12/01/11 - 09:24PM
DragonSilk - The people who are in major danger of that happening will be notified beforehand. You don't have to worry about anyone deleting half of your stories without any warning. That's not going to happen to anybody.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/02/11 - 05:57PM
DragonSilk - It's also actually a pretty short list of people, some of whom just slacked off when they got validated. I really don't think you have anything to worry about.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/02/11 - 06:16PM
Oh I'm not actually worried. I mean, even when I wasn't validated I don't think I ever had anything denied validation so I think I'm pretty safe. (Also I frequently go on editing sprees. I know the typos are there, and one day I will find them all!) I just think the idea of having validation revoked is scary. Like, "Oh we thought you were good enough to be validated but I guess you fail." D: It's definitely something that'll make everyone think twice about what they're posting.
- DragonSilk on 12/02/11 - 09:23PM
Speaking of grammar as well as editing your own work, I have to say that this doesn't seem right to me. At the very bottom there seems to be an extra 'got.'
"Yes, I got finally got the threads posted!"
The first 'got' probably shouldn't be there. I'm kind of surprised that no one else noticed that. I can't read that line and not stop.
- toboe333 on 12/02/11 - 09:36PM
Some of it miiiiight also have been people who were validated a while ago, before we agreed on standards we were more or less looking for. *cough* I think a lot of the problem stories do date back a bit. It's sort of an overdue cleanup. (Also, if I have ever reviewed your stuff, like ever, you're probably good, l-lol).

We're mostly not talking about typos... though those are problematic too, in large quantities. It's more recurring verb tense/paragraphing/etc.. errors that would get a story denied almost immediately from the queue.
- crazydominodragongirl on 12/02/11 - 11:12PM
... My story was selected?! *has a brief spaz moment* Thanks to whomever nominated me! Wow, I'm... seriously shocked and pleased ^-^

To all the admins- for informing us about these issues, thank you very much. I shall be sure to go over my stuff even more intensely.
- NuitNoire on 12/04/11 - 08:05PM
- Kimo on 01/17/12 - 08:26PM