Featured Stories for March
Posted by Hikari_no_Kage
03/01/12 - 05:28AM
Happy March, everyone~

This month's announcement will be fairly short, I think. It's just featured stories and a few reminders. Speaking of featured stories...

The theme for this month is It's Over 9000 (Words)~

A Supernatural Kind of Thing by Resurii (Supernatural, Adult)
Breaking the Fourth Wall by silver_neko_kitsune (Prince of Tennis, 13+)
Hello Heartbreaker. by Alastair (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 13+)
Italy is for Lovers by Clara de Morra (Assassin's Creed, 13+)
Lessons by Bluewaters (Devil May Cry, 17+)
Set Fire to the Rain by Pepe Le Pew (Bleach & Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 17+)

Congratulations to the six of you~

Um, as for next month's featured nominations, please see this thread on the forums. The theme is Unhappy Endings. Make of that what you will~

With that said, here are those reminders I promised:

1. Do not submit more than one chapter of the same story to the queue before the previous chapter has been validated. Failure to comply will result in the deletion of all the chapters of that story that are in the queue.

2. Mods are not betas, nor are they editors.

3. Do not ignore our e-mails. (On that note, please make sure you have a working e-mail address listed in the Personal Info section of your settings.)

On a lighter note~ If you're wondering about the troll!round of fic trade that DG mentioned earlier... it will possibly exist later, so keep your eyes open! In any case, we'll let you know if and when it happens. :'3

EDIT by DG: Registration for trollround of fictrade is now open! It closes on the eleventh, so sign up soon if you plan to participate~


Wow. This is amazing.
Thank you so much! And congratulations to everyone else who was featured!
- Pepe Le Pew on 03/01/12 - 06:31AM
Congratulations to all the authors featured!
- CloudySky on 03/01/12 - 02:18PM
Kaaaaaaaaat. Thanks so much for the nomination. OTL And congrats to everyone who was featured! ♥
- Alastair on 03/01/12 - 09:16PM
what the crap

Congrats to the other five authors who were featured! :D (a;sldknfad YES LESSONS GOT IN.)
- silver_neko_kitsune on 03/02/12 - 02:07AM
Congratulations to all featured authors, especially Pepe Le Pew.
- Suki-chan on 03/02/12 - 05:26PM
Ah! Congrats to everyone. Well-deserved and fantastic authors. =D
- Broken Marionette on 03/02/12 - 06:51PM
I'm freaking out in joy over here, haha. Thank you so much for the feature, and congratulations to the others!
- Clara de Morra on 03/02/12 - 08:12PM
Congrats to all! Especially to Clara de Morra and Pepe Le Pew!
- Vengeance6661 on 03/02/12 - 09:44PM