Featured Stories and Something Exciting~
Posted by crazydominodragongirl
04/01/12 - 04:01PM
Happy April all! Weve got a few exciting announcements this time around, so do please stick through to the end. :3 First off is featured stories! The theme of the month is unhappy endings.

And Then The Snow Fell by Little_Soap (Yu Yu Hakusho, Adult)
but the scars of love run deep by Hikari_no_Kage (Original Fiction, 13+)
Jedi Destiny 1: Hate of the Jedi by Mikells (Star Wars, 13+)
Lying So Still by Ria (Kingdom Hearts, 13+)
To Have Simply Loved by Mai Blade (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

Congratulations to you~

And now for the exciting thing we promised~ We know some of you have been wanting new skins, or some way of making the site look more interesting, so were very pleased to show off a new way to experience Lunaescence. Make sure to turn on your sound to high volume for maximum enjoyment! Of course, you can continue using the regular version of the site if you prefer~ but who would, really~

Finally, nominations are now open for featured stories for May. Your mods have been feeling sad/overworked/abused/neglected/(pity-inducing adjective of choice) lately, so by executive decision, the theme for May is MOD APPRECIATION MONTH. This of course means that there are necessary changes being made to the rules of featureds, so be sure to read them before you start whining about how you dont appreciate us at all~ You can nominate over here on the forums!

Questions/comments/UNADULTERATED PRAISE is, as always, welcome~ (and tomatoes, but only if they are delicious.)

APRIL 2 EDIT: Okay, not really, to Lunyanescence and Mod Appreciation Month both. :'D HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S. Thanks for humoring us, guys. The real theme of the month is animals, in tribute to nyancat, and the nomination link, if you want to skip past the mods being nonsensical, is here. Hope you didn't get too trolled yesterday~ ♥


Haha, that scared that life out of me. xD
- Viska Vatten on 04/01/12 - 05:55PM
*FacePalm* How did I not see that coming. Nyan cat is evil for me. Bad things always happen if I listen to it.
- SammiSam on 04/01/12 - 06:02PM
- Alastair on 04/01/12 - 06:18PM
OH DEAR GOD, it's Nysn Cat...

And congrats to those featured!
- Vengeance6661 on 04/01/12 - 06:29PM
I love it I alomst had them all and then my sister messed me up she's lucky I love her lol
- Emmy-Chan on 04/01/12 - 06:56PM
The Rainbow cat thing caught me off guard! That was freaking adorable. I loved it. I didn't catch them all and it's so call that if you've clicked on another link - like going to the forums - the kitty goes with you. C=

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and featured! =D
- Pepe Le Pew on 04/02/12 - 06:42AM
*blinks* I did not even know someone nominated me... wow! Thanks, guys! :D

Also, I KNEW IT. Nyan cat is slowly taking over the world... and making it more awesome...
- Ria on 04/02/12 - 09:24AM
- aRLegOdDesS on 04/02/12 - 10:43AM
Aww sweet. :D
Congratulations to those featured~
- Wolkentaenzer on 04/02/12 - 12:42PM
*falls off chair* GO AWAY NYANCAT. Okay, you are cute, IT IS CUTE, but still.

But Mods appreciation is cool. Except I only know three of you. You, DG, Kay and Mao. By the way, DG, do you have tumblr? *is shot for being out of topic*
- Celestial Sakura on 04/02/12 - 01:25PM
This was so freaking awesome. You guys made my day with this nyan cat takeover.
- Unsocialite on 04/02/12 - 06:54PM
I see what you did there. LOL.

Congrats to the nominated members and thanks for working so hard, mods!
- RemDeRosier on 04/03/12 - 12:03AM
Celestial Sakura - A surprising number of Luna mods aren't on a lot of extremely common, normal social networking sites, actually. DG and I, in particular, don't have profiles in most of the places you'd expect us to have them.

The easiest person to find on other sites is Mao. If you're looking for DG, I'd say your best bet is to look for Mao and then look in her friends/contacts/othernameforthislist. If she's not there, she probably doesn't have a profile on that site. The other person DG would probably be linked to would be Shay.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 04/03/12 - 03:57AM
LOLOLOL I am so visible ;n; But uh, I think DG's still against social networking sites as a whole (correct me if I'm wrong), so she doesn't have accounts anywhere except for Gaia. Although, she HAS been known to occasionally hijack our accounts for the purposes of trolling and PoT fic.
- silver_neko_kitsune on 04/03/12 - 12:38PM
psst guys if you didn't notice, mod appreciation month is a lie. :'D

I shun your social networking~ Though Mao seems to be offering me her Tumblr password... 8D
- crazydominodragongirl on 04/03/12 - 01:41PM
Mao - I'm not really anywhere either. I have profiles on a couple sites like this one, plus things like NaNoWriMo. Other than that, I have deviantART, which I use for...non-writing...stuff.

I just like keeping online stuff and real-life fairly separate. It's less dramatic that way, and things like Facebook always seemed like a chore to me. I'm probably missing the point. *shrug*
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 04/03/12 - 01:45PM
Facebook is really only useful for stalking people anyway. :U and yeah, I can understand the real life and online life separation. I'd die if anyone from my school found my Lunaescence account. |D

DG, you could probably guess the password anyway. :|
- silver_neko_kitsune on 04/04/12 - 12:24AM
Wao, that first post fooled me. Haha
Congrats to all the nominees! And thanks to the mods for all their hard work. =3
- Linyah on 04/04/12 - 08:45PM
Mao - I have a family who only stopped seriously disapproving of writing as a hobby in about my senior year of high school. (Probably when they realized I was very close to being a legal adult and there was nothing they could do about it...they vaguely know I moderate "some writing site." That's the extent of their knowledge on the subject.

As for something like Facebook, I know who would look me up: people I knew in high school that I didn't particularly like then and won't particularly like now.

The only use I really have for it is that the Navy base (which is right at the end of my neighborhood), posts when they have a security condition in place (meaning that I might not be able to go on base to get to the gas station and convenience store) or a weather alert on their Facebook page, so if I hear the speaker go off and can't tell what it said, I can check a couple of minutes later. I'm pretty sure that page is public, though. It seems odd, but we don't have any type of TV service, so that's what we used when we had a hurricane.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 04/05/12 - 10:58AM
Loving the new stylee XD
- Kimo on 04/05/12 - 11:32PM
Thanks for being awesome and keeping the site running mods! You're amazing!
- Crimsoncat on 04/06/12 - 05:53PM
Oh my gosh! XD I love the Nyan Cat style! Is it possible to make it permanent xD cause I would love that!
- Naruto_Fan101 on 04/11/12 - 11:42PM
Congrats :) and happy April
- Knight Z on 04/12/12 - 09:59AM