April Showers Bring May Flowers...
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
05/01/12 - 03:15AM
...and May flowers make people sneeze.

The featured theme for May was not, in fact, Moderator Appreciation Month. It was actually stories involving animals.

A (not quite) Traditional Faerie Tale by DragonSilk (Original Fiction, All, dragons)
Feathers and the Like by Circe (Katekyo Hitman Reborn, 13+, birds)
Frog Prince by Animeangel10632 (Kingdom Hearts, 17+, talking frogs)
Put a Stethescope to my Heart by CelticWolf (D. Gray-Man, 13+, dogs)
Real Men Love Kittens by Kitsuchan (YuYuHakusho, All, cats)

Next month, as part of Summer Double Header Month, we're going to have two featured themes, each of which can have up to six stories featured. The first theme is non-prolific authors, and the second theme is collaborative works, including round robins and cowritten stories. For more information about what qualifies and to nominate, go here on the forums. Because of the fact that there are two featured themes, please use the form provided in that thread when nominating to keep things simpler for the mod writing June's announcements.

Hikari_no_Kage and I decided it might be fun to bring back monthly writing challenges, so in May, we'd like you to write (or at least start) a story about heroes or summer. Once you have at least one chapter, link it here on the forums. (There are more details about the challenges in the posting thread, so please read that before you start writing.) At the end of the month, the challenge stories will be gathered into a series and the series will be linked in the next monthly announcements.

There are also two fic trades starting soon. You can sign up for one or both. These fic trades are somewhat different from past rounds, so check here and here on the forums for registrations and more details. Registration lasts until May 10th.

We would also like you to submit your suggestions for featured themes and monthly challenges on the forums. See here for details.

Now, for your monthly public service announcements.

1. Your moderators would like to take this opportunity to kindly remind you that the site is not responsible for lost content. Also, when things are deleted from the queue, they're actually deleted completely from the site, not put into some backroom file bin. We can't retrieve them for you. It is your responsibility to back up your own work.

2. When writing multifandom books, please refrain from putting all of your categories in at once. This is misleading. We have had several complaints about drabble books that have many fandoms listed and only one or two stories posted, so we ask, on behalf of those in the community who have complained about this, both publically and privately, that you add categories to your works only when you add stories to that piece for that fandom. (Note that this does not apply to actual crossover fics, which usually only have two or three categories anyway, just to books containing separate stories of any length that use different fandoms.)

On a related note, we respectfully request that if you already have such a piece posted, you remove the categories that have not been used yet. Thank you for your cooperation.

3. Lastly, the OF category is not an appropriate place for fanfiction of any kind, even if the fandom hasn't been added yet. You should request any fandoms and characters you need to have added to the archive in this thread in the forums. If, for some reason, the forums don't work properly for you, email me (kerrigansheehan [at] yahoo [dot] com) directly, since I've been doing most of the category additions lately.

Edit by KS: Due to the ongoing forum error (Yes, we know about it. Yes, Sally knows about it.), fic trade registrations will be extended. The date for the end of registrations will be specified when the forums come back up. Thank you for your patience.


Major points for PSA number two. One of my pet peeves, right there. It's very misleading.
- An Enemy Anemone on 05/01/12 - 10:55AM
Number two definitely made my day. It's very disappointing when I see a possible series I like, only to find there's only one fandom listed out of the 30.
- IHATECLOUD on 05/01/12 - 12:41PM
We've had a bunch of people ask us to deal with that in the past few weeks, both publicly on the forums and privately through PMs and e-mails. If we'd known how popular it was going to be or that a lot of users were unhappy with the long category lists, we probably would have done it quite a while ago. We were worried about starting a huge fight.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 05/01/12 - 01:50PM
Oh my God
Pavel Chekov
- Koneko Mizuki on 05/01/12 - 09:23PM
I'm going to sound extremely dumb right now but...what is the OF category? @_@
- NyxHarlot on 05/01/12 - 09:24PM
Probably referring to Original Stories, but there's a separate Nonfiction category, so she referred to it as Original Fiction? That's my guess. I might be wrong.
- An Enemy Anemone on 05/01/12 - 09:26PM
That's like one of the first few things I ever posted to Luna~ ♥

Also, YES on number two. I think there's nothing I hate more than seeing a category or character I like in a booklet's description and then clicking on it to discover that was a lie! I never say anything to the author but I'm internally cursing them.
It's not too hard to add characters and categories as they get added to the booklet. =/
- DragonSilk on 05/02/12 - 12:37AM
Koneko Mizuki - If you look back through the news archive, you'll notice that I always do Star Trek avatars. I'm afraid I'm out of characters I really like, though, since my favorites are Scotty, Chekov, and Spock. Maybe I'll do Sulu next time...

NyxHarlot - Original fiction. It's just shorthand for everything under "Original Stories."

Nonfiction is, well, not fiction, which varies from grammar guides to memoirs and research writing. This could, theoretically, include research on a fandom. For example, assessing the accuracy of a military drama or historical piece.

DragonSilk - You're welcome. It's about dragons, and it was written by someone with "dragon" in their username. Did I say...dragons?
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 05/02/12 - 12:03PM
Number two doesn't bother me in the least bit. If a character isn't there in the booklet, I leave and move on. It's not a big deal to me, lol.

I'll refrain from doing it in the future. Should I just find whatever multi-fandom stuff I have and edit it? Or is it okay to just leave it and just start doing it from now on?
- Crys-chan on 05/02/12 - 09:32PM
Crys-chan: "On a related note, we respectfully request that if you already have such a piece posted, you remove the categories that have not been used yet. Thank you for your cooperation."
- An Enemy Anemone on 05/02/12 - 09:33PM
After about a month, we may start removing unused categories from some stories with particularly long lists and anything we get specific complaints about. We won't delete the story, just the unused categories. (We do have people who no longer log in regularly.)

Unless it breaks some other, extremely serious rule, such as plagiarism or something of that nature, then it's subject to deletion at any time, of course.

Also just a quick reminder: If you're going to report someone's story to a moderator, whether it's for plagiarism, an inappropriate rating, too many categories, adult content in one of the restricted categories, etc., please do so via email or a PM on the forums. In other words, don't leave it in the news comments (where we might not see it right away) or a forum thread, since those are obviously quite public.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 05/03/12 - 08:35AM
I hope I'm not the only one who can't get onto the forums? I was thinking of signing up for one of the fic trades since I couldn't for the last one and I actually have time to write, but I can't get into the forum posts for them. o.o; lol
- KarenaWilliams on 05/04/12 - 10:12AM
We know about it. We're having the same issue. Shay sent Sally an email about it on Thursday.

If it continues past the weekend, I'll probably change the dates for fic trade a bit.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 05/04/12 - 01:59PM
Woah! That scared me when I read that the Fic Trade registration was until TODAY!!! D:
I'm just going to drop by here and say I want to participate in the fic trade, in case I kinda miss it again....;;
I hope the Forum will come back up soon!
And Congrats to those nominated! ^^
- RyuseiStreamGirl on 05/10/12 - 04:27PM
Ryusei - I'm definitely going to change the dates, but I'm not going to put any definite dates up there until the forums are back because I don't know when that's going to be.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 05/11/12 - 06:08AM

I've posted about 13 chapters out of the four stories I have written, and I was wondering if I could somehow request to become a validated author? I understand that the forums are down, so if I need to wait until they are back up to request for author validation, please let me know. Thanks.
- IHATECLOUD on 05/11/12 - 07:12AM
Number two: Oh no, time to go category deleting. Congrats to nominated authors (a million years late).
- Suki-chan on 05/26/12 - 06:55PM
For some reason one of my original fictions was deleted from the site, it was awaiting validation. I haven't logged on in such a long time, I need to catch up, also, my new account Aurora cannot make posts on these topics. xD
- Dinosaur on 05/27/12 - 12:24PM
If it was in the queue and got deleted, then it was denied. Check your email, even the spam folder. Our denial notices seem to end up there a lot.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 06/01/12 - 07:23PM