Lunaescence Revamp
Posted by Sally
06/14/12 - 06:20PM
Lunaescence was created in 2004, when started censoring storied based on content. Many of my friends had their stories deleted without warning.

Not here. Not on my watch.

And after eight years, it's pretty obvious others agree with me.

That being said, the code is getting old and no longer performs well. The database dies a horrible death each and every Christmas vacation, Spring Break, etc. It just talks to the database far too much and gobbles up system resources. One of these days, our host will upgrade something and the code will totally die. Hackers and spammers attack the site constantly. Some day, theyll get in and really do more than just annoy me.

Rather than continue to try branching Luna off again, its time to start from scratch. I'm throwing out the old code and rebuilding everything from the ground up.

The archive will stay open, so don't worry about that. ^_^ We'll be keeping the new and old sites separate until everything is ready.

Join me on on the forums to discuss the next version of Lunaescence! Have a say in our future!


Sally, why are you so awesome? ;______; I want to cry tears of joy.
- Penguiduck on 06/14/12 - 06:34PM
You truly have gone far and beyond in keeping this site awesome, Sally. For all you and all the mods do for Luna, thank you. ^^

PS~ I sent you an email recently and was wondering if you'd received it.
- dragonfly on 06/14/12 - 06:52PM
Sally, bless you. Really. You -along with Luna's trusty group of mods- do anything and everything to keep the site going and to make us members comfortable with our writing and happy with the community. You are truly a wonderful person. :D

Looking forward to the nest Lunaescence!
- Sethrine on 06/14/12 - 07:37PM
My goodness, Sally. Thank you so much! You, as well as the Mods, have done so much for this site; I could never thank you enough. I'm looking forward to this new version of our dear Lunaescence!
- Pudding616 on 06/14/12 - 08:59PM
*bows down* You are an awesome, awesome person. Thank you for being such a dedicated admin. You and the mods do everything for us. I wish you the best of luck and I'm avidly waiting for the new and improved Luna
- Aneris on 06/14/12 - 10:42PM
The amount of appreciation I feel for your efforts is enormous. This is the only site of its kind and it's because of your dedication to people who just want to read, and write, quality work.

The fact that you're keeping this haven open and actually rebuilding it is amazing. Thank you so much.
- LittleMonster on 06/14/12 - 10:57PM
*applause, please!*

It would do good to revamp the site. I think it'd be very nice to see something new :)

I applause everyone for their dedication :D
- Vengeance6661 on 06/15/12 - 01:26AM
I don't have a forum account anymore so I'll comment here. Thanks, Sally, for planning the full mobile support! Luna and are the ONLY fic archives that work well on my PSP and I read stories every night so I'm really, really thankful that Luna actually works on my PSP at the moment!

The only thing I could add for that is getting rid of the graphics at the top for mobile but otherwise Luna's pretty damn efficient at mobile!
- Spirit Archer on 06/15/12 - 04:11AM
You're beyond amazing, Sally!

I really look forward to see the new site.
- CloudySky on 06/15/12 - 09:18AM
Thank you for everything :) I am truly grateful for all the wonderful things all of you have done for us.

My best wishes.
- UltraVioletSoul on 06/15/12 - 11:50AM
As everyone else has already stated, thank you so much! You're amazing :3
- skid on 06/15/12 - 12:34PM
...I took a look at the planned new features and squealed. Thank you so, so much!
- WyndiWingfall on 06/15/12 - 08:51PM
I am completely excited about the upcoming new and improved Luna. I honestly can't wait!

Also, thanks Sally, and all the mods that keep this site running. It's through your hard work and dedication that Luna remains the awesome place that it is! Much love to you guys. :)
- Cissnei on 06/15/12 - 10:29PM
I don't normally post to announcements, but considering what you've done for this site over the years, dealing with all the stress that comes with it, and yet still wishing for improvements for your userbase is nothing short of admirable. If only everybody on the internet were you like, Sally. Keep your chin up and fight on.
- Paako on 06/15/12 - 11:24PM
You truly are a wonder Sally. I'm sure I speak for most of us when we say we're behind you 100%. Thank you for sticking with this cite and for doing what you do best; loving this cite as much as we do.
- TheDreamerOfDreams on 06/16/12 - 02:56PM
Ahhh! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You're actually just the best site owner ever. ;~; Thank you for everything you do for us.
- Miss Chocobo on 06/16/12 - 04:18PM
I look forward to the new site/changes. Thank you for doing what you do! I may have just started Luna not too long ago, but I love it here! Thank you for everything! ~Koneko
- Konekochan07 on 06/17/12 - 11:23AM
Thank you for such hard work in keeping us all safe from the hideous trolls who bare flaming torches. Many sites have I joined, and none care as much about keeping their database as user friendly as you do. <3
- Underworld on 06/17/12 - 12:50PM
Oh Sally,

- RosyGem on 06/17/12 - 02:46PM
Thanks Sally, you're a really cool lady.
- VemParaFicar on 06/18/12 - 04:37PM
Sally, you're an angel. Thank you for doing all this work for us. Even if we don't say it, we all sincerely appreciate it.
- Crimsoncat on 06/19/12 - 03:12PM
Okay, so, this is probably the wrong place to mention this but it's the last news update...
Um, I haven't got any e-mails updating me to the fact I got reviews on a story in about 12 hours? And I've got several. I checked and I do have the box to get these still checked on my personal settings.
Not that this is a huge deal and I can certainly live without the e-mail notifications, but I thought I'd mention it in case it was happening to multiple people and no notice had been given yet.
- Straw on 06/20/12 - 10:29AM
I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!
- QuadOcular on 06/20/12 - 09:49PM
Straw - There are also issues with password reset emails and forum emails. I experienced that issue while resetting the anonymous account for fic trade. So it's not just you. Mine eventually showed up...very very late.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 06/20/12 - 10:38PM
Okily Dokily! Thanks for letting me know. And good luck on all the super fun updating of the site!
- Straw on 06/20/12 - 11:44PM
Thank you for everything you do, Sally! :) This site is really the only place I feel people can come together to share their talents. We can't thank you enough! (and the Mods too! :))
- KissKissBiteBite on 06/21/12 - 01:02AM
You're amazing! Thank you so much, Sally! :) Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you.
- Suki-chan on 06/21/12 - 04:06PM
Wow. You are truly amazing! I tried other fan-fiction websites, but they were crappy and cheap. Thank you so much for updating this site and caring enough about the users to try.
- emmiechibilove on 06/24/12 - 02:20AM
I haven't been active much in the last little while, but I really appreciate what you do to provide such a quality archive, Sally.
- Relocation on 07/15/12 - 07:46PM