Youve Got Mods!
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
06/30/12 - 07:25PM
Happy birthday, America and Canada!

New Moderators:
The most exciting news this month is that we have six new moderators. Please give a warm welcome to your new moderators.


Congratulations to all of you, and welcome to the mod team.

Site Revamp:
Sally is rebuilding the site! If you want to join the discussion, go to this thread in the forums.

Featured Stories:
This month, we have two themes for featured stories: Non-Prolific Authors and Collaborative Works. The theme for August is Gaming. Go nominate stories here on the forums.

Non-Prolific Authors
Cold Hard Cash by Linyah (Teen Titans, 13+)
Heads Will Roll by IHATECLOUD (Bleach, Adult)
Here Be Dragons by karracaz (Star Trek, 13+)
Paint it Purple by Aesthetica (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, All)
Kitchen Sink by Wanderer (Durarara!!, 17+)

Collaborative Works
Lunaescence Catharsis Round Robin (17+)
Memoirs of Your Friendly Local Psychopathic Retail Worker Round Robin (13+)
Victorian Vendetta by perfect-to-stay, Penguiduck, ShayInWonderland, and Sifl (OF, 13+)
Writing Tips from Luna Authors Round Robin (All)

Fic Trade:
There will be a fic trade this month. It will be an open trade. Registrations will be open until July 7th and can be found here on the forums.

Monthly Reminders:
We have new moderators. Please be patient with them. You can expect to see your wait times for story validations decrease if you are unvalidated, but it's going to take time for the queue to shrink. Please don't ask them about stories in the queue in the next month. They have been instructed to ignore such emails while they're learning how to process things in the queue. If you need to ask about the status of a story in the next month, ask Hikari_no_Kage, Sharp Shiny Pickle, or me or simply ask in a forum thread. Repeatedly poking the new mods will result in a temporary ban. (Sending them congrats is fine, of course.)

Also, if you have any concerns or questions about our decision on the new mods, please email one of us (Hikari_no_Kage, Sharp Shiny Pickle, or Kerrigan Sheehan) privately to discuss it, rather than leaving negative comments on a public page.


Ahhh! Congratulations, new moderators! I see you guys everywhere, so I'm sure you guys are going to try your best. Good luck!
- Straw on 06/30/12 - 07:55PM
Woo~ Congratulations to the new moderators and authors with featured stories! :D
- Fayloic on 06/30/12 - 08:13PM
Congrats to all the new mods! I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job :D

- iLazy on 06/30/12 - 10:07PM
Congratulations~ :'D
- Crys-chan on 06/30/12 - 10:14PM
Wow, I had no idea we only had four moderators. -_-"
Congrats to the new mods!
- Unsocialite on 06/30/12 - 10:22PM
We have people who are coming in and out. Borderline_Mary and Mao are both pretty busy right now, and Wanderer and shadowsirenv show up sometimes as well. Sally doesn't do many day-to-day mod things anymore. She mostly does the business end of things. But that's why the queue got as bad as it did...just not enough people and all of us in and out at the same time with real life.

Hikari_no_Kage, SSP, and I are just the ones that we're sure will be around in the next week or two to deal with anything that pops up. If other mods are around and don't mind fielding questions, they can add their names, of course.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 06/30/12 - 10:33PM
O.O Did we really only have 3 active mods?! Holy cow! I hard no clue! You guys should get extra props for surviving! Haha~! And YAY JESS!! YOU WILL BE AMAZING GIRLIE ~! XD Congrats to the other 5 new mods, too! ^^ I'm sure you're all gonna be amazing! And good luck! :D

Congratulations to the features as well! ^^
- Shade on 06/30/12 - 10:33PM
Congratulations, new mods! :]
- skid on 06/30/12 - 11:50PM
Congratulations to all the new mods! I wish you guys all the best of luck!

Also, congratulations to all of those who had their stories featured!
- Pepe Le Pew on 07/01/12 - 02:45AM
Congratulations to the new mods! :)
- Crescent on 07/01/12 - 04:22AM
Yay! Congrats to the new mods~ :3
- Dark Ceray on 07/01/12 - 07:04AM
Congratulations to the new mods! I wish you all good luck.

And congratulations also to the authors whose stories got featured!
- CloudySky on 07/01/12 - 11:19AM
Ah, thank you so much for featuring my story! It really means a lot!

Also, congrats to the new mods!!
- IHATECLOUD on 07/01/12 - 11:28AM
Congratulations!!! :D
- KissKissBiteBite on 07/01/12 - 12:26PM
Congrats everyone!!!
- Jensea on 07/01/12 - 12:30PM
Congrats! :)
- iMel on 07/01/12 - 02:28PM
Congratulations new mods!! And congrats to the featured stories! ^^ Good luck and please take good care of us! ♥
- WhimsicalWanderer on 07/02/12 - 09:58AM
Congrats to the new mods! And, wow, I got a featured story? Cool beans! Thanks!

Yeah... I went missing for several months, but I'm working on getting active again. Hopefully I'll be on much more often.
- Wanderer on 07/02/12 - 01:11PM
Congratulations, everyone! You guys will do a great job! :D
- Kyouka on 07/02/12 - 01:52PM
So I assume my author validation will be looked over soon now that the Mods are picked.

Oh, yeah, and... congratulations, 'n' stuff.

But seriously, gratz; glad we have a bigger staff to help out now, should ease people's problems with story queues.
- IWriteWithATalon on 07/02/12 - 11:04PM
Congratulations, Mods! (:
- Suki-chan on 07/04/12 - 12:02AM
Congrats to the new mods! I'm sure they'll do a great job! :D
- LameCakes on 07/04/12 - 12:18AM
@IWriteWithATalon: We'll be getting back on track with author validations as soon as we get the queue down to a reasonable number. It's been reduced by a considerable amount, but we still have a lot more work to do before we can divert our attention elsewhere! :)
- Sharp Shiny Pickle on 07/04/12 - 01:21AM
Haha, yeah I figured. I know how hard it can be to train new people; had to train a few replacement Monitors on a Forum RPG, hard to cover everything in one talk, one day, one week, you always miss something and they always have more questions. Until they become the teachers, that is.

Believe me, I know how long the queue is; that's actually the reason I haven't been uploading any stories until I get a reply on the validation ^_^;;
- The Wolf Sage on 07/05/12 - 09:26PM
wonderful! thanks to the new mods who are donating their time and energy to us humble fanfic writers. your efforts are very much appreciated. :)
- BriarCrow on 07/06/12 - 12:47AM