Featured Stories and Announcements for August
Posted by DragonSilk
08/11/12 - 06:03PM
Happy August!

Before you get too excited and run away to post, let me just say that the queue is still locked. I know we said wed put up the announcements when the queue unlocked, but its taking us a little longer than we planned.

While youre waiting, have some featured stories! The theme is gaming.

A Handful of Bullet Shells by DragonSilk (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 17+)
A Realistic Pokmon Adventure by Penguiduck (Pokemon, 13+)
Into the Legend of Zelda by perfect-to-stay (Legend of Zelda, 13+)
King of Nothing by Rei (Dragon Age: Origins, 13+)
Necessities of Life by Miss Chocobo (Death Note, 13+)
Project V by MissMurder (Final Fantasy 7, 17+)

Congratulations to our nominated authors!

The theme for the next month will be books in celebration of Banned Books Week. You can nominate something in this forum thread.

Now, for our announcements.
1) The author validation policy for if you have been previously denied has changed. Please see this thread in the forum for the new rules.

2) In order to help reduce the wait time for story validation, in some cases, we may be sending more generalized rejection letters that contain just a list of the types of errors found in the story. We will reserve these kinds of letters only for stories in which we feel it would be more efficient not to go into detailed explanations. If you receive a list and need clarification on anything, feel free to email the moderator back for details. We will do our best to avoid sending these types of letters, but we would like you all to be aware of them.

3) Looking over the queue, weve noticed a few stories with typos that could have been caught by a beta reader. We have a section of the forum dedicated to helping writers find a beta. If youre interested in finding a beta or helping someone go over their work, you can find it here.

4) If you email any of the moderators or the group email account, please dont forget to include your Luna username. We cant help you if we dont know who you are, and trying to figure it out based on your email or IP wastes time that we could have spent solving your problem.

5) One of our very own authors, Relocation, has now been published! Congratulations to her! Heres what she has to say about it (please note that it is adult material):

There's an author bio here.

My short story 'Changing Swell' was released in Pink Petal Books' Boys of Summer anthology on July 5th, 2012 and is available on their website, on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble (at least online), and a few other places, both as ebook or paperback. The story alone will be released on ebook. The story is basically a coming-of-age self-discovery plot buried under fluffy romance and so on.

Official Blurb:
"On holiday between college terms, Jason spends a vacation with his friends, in hopes of surfing Tofino waves. But when he meets Casey, a cocky and handsome surfer, Jason learns more about himself in a few short days than in a lifetime. How will he handle the struggle with his sexuality-or his imminent departure? If he can't come to terms with Casey, he may be left in the shallows."


Congratulations to all the featured artists and Relocation! And good luck, mods, with finishing the que. That sounds like a tremendous amount of work.
- Straw on 08/12/12 - 09:48AM
Oh boy, good luck mods! Congrats to the featured authors!

As for author validation, I went to the forum and might've missed this, but do you want us to re-request over there if we qualify or leave it as is or anything?

Congrats to Relocation! ^^
- WhimsicalWanderer on 08/12/12 - 01:28PM
If you've already requested validation, don't worry about requesting it again. We still have our waiting list of authors from the previous thread.
- DragonSilk on 08/12/12 - 03:14PM
Okay then! Thank you for telling me! ^^
- WhimsicalWanderer on 08/12/12 - 05:04PM
Yay! I hope the queue cleans up soon. And can I do a fic trade for next months theme?
- littleart425 on 08/12/12 - 05:38PM
Yes. Stories that were written for fic trades are eligible for nomination as long as they relate to the theme. :D
- DragonSilk on 08/12/12 - 07:43PM
Yay! ^_^ okay, where do I put the fic trade in the forum?
- littleart425 on 08/12/12 - 11:27PM
The words "forum thread" link to the appropriate thread. Don't forget to read all the rules before nominating.
- DragonSilk on 08/13/12 - 12:51AM
W H A T omg

I just


I'm surprised anyone even nominated that story! xD But thank you so much!
- Miss Chocobo on 08/13/12 - 11:01PM
Congratulations to everyone who got nominated!

And a special congratulations to Relocation and Dragonsilk for getting published. That's so totally awesome! =D
- Pepe Le Pew on 08/14/12 - 09:05AM
@Pepe Le Pew
I haven't been published? Just Relocation.
- DragonSilk on 08/14/12 - 01:23PM
Heh. I read it wrong. XD
- Pepe Le Pew on 08/14/12 - 05:04PM
I got excited.

Congratulations to the featured authors and to Relocation, and thanks to the moderators for their wonderful hard work.
- Hollow Rabbit Hole on 08/14/12 - 05:18PM
How's the clean up?
- littleart425 on 08/20/12 - 12:00AM
littleart425 - I just checked this morning, and it looks like the queue is open. (I think someone opened it and just didn't make an announcement.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 08/20/12 - 09:51AM
Thanks Dragonsilk (and Kerrigan), and all the commenters :)
I am just so excited.
- Relocation on 08/22/12 - 11:28AM