The Summer's Gone and All the Flowers Are Dying
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
09/01/12 - 01:03PM
First, your featured stories. The theme for September is Books in honor of Banned Books Week, which happens annually at the end of September and celebrates books that have been banned or challenged by encouraging students (and everyone else) to read them, despite the fact that they may not be found in the school library. More information is available on their website. Now onto your featured stories:

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 by Mozart (Hunger Games, 17+)
Perks and Perverts by Hakkyou Kaosu (Fruits Basket, 13+)
Potatoes by Pendragon (Discworld, 13+)
The Genius and Mediocrity by mangamaniac48 (Artemis Fowl, 17+)

Congratulations to the four of you.

The theme for October is Lunaescence Spooktoberfest. You can nominate stories in this thread on the forums.

Additionally, there will not be a fic trade in September, due to the start of school for many of our users, but there will be one in October. Keep an eye out for signups in next month's announcements.

There's just one little reminder this month. We have recently seen some issues where people who use the br or p tags to format some paragraphs and double space to format others have their stories turn into walls of text. They look fine on our validation page, and they probably look fine if you preview them. The issue seems to occur only after they are posted. In order to avoid this issue, you should either use only one method (either double spacing or using HTML tags, not the combination) or check your stories after they are posted/validated to make sure that this is not affecting you and edit if necessary.

Have a lovely September.


What? I got... o3o/ thank you for nominating me and ajklsjakklksja;; I have no way in expressing my gratitude, lol. ;3;)b
- mangamaniac48 on 09/02/12 - 04:25AM
When does the fic trade for October start? And congradilations on everyone who got nominated!
- littleart425 on 09/03/12 - 07:49PM
Oops, ment to put congradulations :)
- littleart425 on 09/03/12 - 07:50PM
The signups for the October fic trade will be the first week of October. I can't really put them up any earlier because I'm moving at the end of September. There will be a link in the October announcements.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 09/03/12 - 08:04PM