Lunaescence Spooktoberfest 2012
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
09/30/12 - 10:36PM
Happy Spooktoberfest.

Here are your featured stories. The theme this month was Lunaescence Spooktoberfest.

A Fisherman's Tale by Purged of Sin (Original, 13+)
Both Sides Now by Firefall Varuna (Warcraft, Adult)
Factual Mythology by Wonderland-Dreamer-x (D. Gray-Man, 17+)
God Bless Zombieland by Mozart (Hetalia, 17+)
My name is Death and the end is here by always a dreamer (Yu Yu Hakusho, 13+)
Tall, Deadly, and Handsome by Wanderer (Harry Potter, 13+)

Congratulations to all of you.

November's theme of the month is event favorites. You can nominate your favorite fic trade story or NaNoWriMo novel here on the forums.

There is a themed fic trade this month. Signups will run through October 7th and can be found here in the forums. (There are some extra notes for some unvalidated authors, so please read the thread thoroughly before filling out your form.)

Now for your regularly scheduled (and, unfortunately, long) reminders:

All users need a valid email address linked to their site account. Authors who are not validated receive emails if their stories are denied from queue. If we get Mailer Daemon responses from your registered email and can't find a valid alternative on your profile, then you won't know if we delete your story from the queue.

Please note that the story validation request thread was intended to be a resource for those authors whose stories sit in the queue for a substantial period of time without a decision, not a way to bypass the queue entirely. Please wait at least 24-48 hours after posting your story to make a request in that thread. Also, please do not copypaste the disclaimer in the thread. Please answer the questions yourself. This indicates that you've actually read what we're looking for.

On a more serious note, we have had several incidents recently where users have ignored no letters from moderators. If we catch you regularly resubmitting stories unedited, your account will be locked. (For those of you who are trying to improve, but still take a few tries to get a story validated, don't worry. You're not in trouble.) Unedited submissions slow the queue down for everybody. When we send a no letter, we expect to see an improvement in the resubmission, not an angry author's note and all of the same issues. If our letters continue to be ignored, we will go to Sally, and she will be displeased.

Now, for the part I shouldn't have to say... We've had some issues with plagiarism recently. If you find a Luna author plagiarizing your work, please send a PM or an email to an active moderator (or to the joint moderator email account) so that it can be investigated and dealt with privately. Throwing accusations around in the forum just leads to drama. The thread is a place for you to warn others when you find plagiarism of Luna authors on other sites.


Wow...I make silly mistakes once in a while when writing (and get confused about dialogue punctuations...), that's no reason to yell at the Mods when your story is rejected due to mistakes. Just fix the mistakes. I've even asked Mods what my mistakes were so I could fix them before. You guys are great! Thanks for all of your hard work Mods! ~Koneko
- Konekochan07 on 10/01/12 - 10:26AM
You're definitely not someone we're worried about. Asking a valid question or fixing things but still taking a few tries for validation isn't a problem and never will be.

Thankfully it's a relatively small number of people causing the issue.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/01/12 - 01:35PM
Oh whoops, didn't see that 24-28 hours tag. My bad :3
- Nia on 10/03/12 - 10:54PM
It saddens me that every month the announcements have to be mostly about the same things as previous months. I wish everyone would just take the time to read the rules. :/
- Chellendora on 10/05/12 - 10:52PM
Thank you for the nomination! It was such a lovely surprise that certainly made my month! Thank you so much Dragonsilk!
- always a dreamer on 10/09/12 - 08:07PM
It was really no problem always a dreamer. I've always liked your writing and that title was practically begging for a Halloween nomination. :D Congrats for the feature!
- DragonSilk on 10/10/12 - 04:08AM