Featured Stories and Announcements
Posted by Alastair
12/06/12 - 01:04AM
Merry December, children of the interwebs! The theme for this month is “Apocalypse Stories” in honor of all of the 12/21/2012 paranoia~

The Real Survivors by Lucky107 (Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, 13+)
Remains by Helios (The Walking Dead, 17+)

Congratulations to both of you! Next month’s theme is “Best of 2012”. You can nominate here on the forums.

There is a fic trade this month. The deadline for signups is December 10th. You can sign up here on the forums.

Now, for a few friendly reminders from your neighborhood mods~

(1) Fanfiction doesn’t belong in any of the original stories categories. Because original fiction is defined as fiction (plot, characters, etc.) that is created entirely by you, it cannot be fanfiction; you can’t have both at the same time, except for drabble books that actually contain some of each.

(2) Speaking of drabble books, if you’re working on a drabble book that involves multiple categories, please only add a category when you post a chapter for it. We shouldn’t be seeing drabble books with six chapters and thirty-six categories. This just places it in categories it doesn’t contain. It’s attention-seeking, and it annoys potential readers when they find that the fandom they’re looking to read isn’t actually in the book yet.

(3) Please save yourself some waiting time and preview your stories. Paragraphs should be evenly spaced, preferably with a line of space between each paragraph. Clumping your paragraphs together with no space makes your story look like a wall of text and hurts our eyes. Make sure you’ve closed your HTML tags. Also, you’re better off learning HTML and doing it manually than using the document uploader. The uploader frequently causes problems, such as removing spaces between words, that would cause your story to be automatically denied.

(4) Any form of taking someone else’s story and passing it off as your own is considered plagiarism. This includes taking canon material and inserting OCs directly into a canon plot just as much as it includes taking another fan’s fic and changing the names. All plagiarism is, of course, banned from the archive for obvious reasons.

Sally’s Announcements

We’re changing the way we handle submissions from unvalidated authors. Previously, we’ve asked that you submit only one chapter or story at a time. When too many chapters are posted at once, a rejection letter is sent out asking the author not to submit more than one at a time. If we reject one chapter, there’s a good chance there are problems with the others as well.

Unfortunately, as the archive grows, many authors are either ignorant of that rule or choose to ignore it, which causes a backup in the queue for everyone who is following the rules.

Unfortunately, we’re not the archive with under 100 authors and less than 1500 stories anymore. In just two weeks, we can easily have 200 submissions and 100 new members. At certain times of the year, those numbers can easily double or triple. Repeatedly telling authors they can’t submit that many things at a time isn’t working.

Moving forward, unvalidated authors will be allowed to submit only three things at a time; these three things must be from three different stories. Once three things have been submitted, the archive will ask the author to wait before submitting anything else.

Is this number perfect? Probably not. What is the right number? Not a clue. I ask you to bear with us as we figure out where our sweet spot is.

Hate the queue? Hate being limited to only a small number of submissions at a time? Improve your writing. Authors who consistently demonstrate they have good writing can be nominated to become validated authors. Validated authors can post as much and as often as they wish, without waiting on the queue. Know someone you think deserves to be a validated author? Nominate them here.

Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful December~

EDIT: I've fixed the flood control! Sorry about that folks! ^_^


Hi, can I ask a few questions? :)

-By three at a time, what do you mean? Like, three times a day/week/x or you should only have up to three submissions in the queue?

-Do fairy tale/legend retellings count as 'fanfiction' or original fiction? (i.e. the book Tigerlily by an author was a retelling of Peter Pan)

-Last, I tried submitting a story a few hours back, but a message said

"You already have 0 submissions in the queue. Please wait before submitting any more!"

Thank you! :)
- Liatris on 12/06/12 - 03:29AM
First, you will only be allowed to have up to three things in the queue at any given time. However, this rule does not invalidate the rule stating that you cannot have more than one chapter per story.

Second, fairy tale retellings/reimaginings would be okay for original fiction (as long as it is your own work). However, for safety's sake, anything related to a popular story (like Peter Pan) should be placed under fanfiction. (Peter Pan might have recently fallen into public domain, but I'm not sure, and we have a category for it under fanfiction anyway.)
If you're not sure about a specific story, it's always best to just ask one of the moderators directly.

Third, thank you for alerting us to that problem! A new code had been added to the site, and we might end up having some problems with it. I've alerted Sally to the problem and it will hopefully be resolved shortly. (Most likely not tonight though.)

I hope that I managed to clarify everything!
- DragonSilk on 12/06/12 - 03:58AM
I think I'll just put my retelling of Robin Hood under fanfiction, just to be safe. XD

Thank you for answering my questions! :)
- Liatris on 12/06/12 - 04:04AM

Um, when I go to submit my story under 'Add a new story' on my profile page, it tells me that I have 0 submissions and to wait before I can post anything.

- Re-Fate on 12/06/12 - 05:54AM

I have already addressed that error two comments above yours. We're working on it, but it might be another day or so before it is resolved.
- DragonSilk on 12/06/12 - 06:18AM
Awesome to know the new stuff! Thanks for all the hard work. :)

Also, rather than saying the 0 Submissions, I got that the cue was closed again. No rush or anything, just thought I should mention it since it was something different. :P

Good luck with the new codes, Sally and mods! ^^
- WhimsicalWanderer on 12/06/12 - 06:23AM
Then again, it might've been closed again to address that previous mentioned problem... if that's the case, never mind? XD Sorry, it's 4:23am and I'm not as coherent at this time.
- WhimsicalWanderer on 12/06/12 - 06:23AM
Oh, yeah. I just officially re-closed the queue so we wouldn't get a swarm of bug reports. I've already asked someone to test the bug for me and it was showing up for both new stories and chapters so there's no reason to keep the queue open anyway.

I can't make any official announcements, since I'm basically the only one on right now, but I do think this will be resolved-ish shortly. Sally does have work and whatnot, so I wouldn't expect anything official until the afternoon, but we'll at least have some news by then I think.
- DragonSilk on 12/06/12 - 06:29AM
No problem! Thanks for clearing that up, I'm in no hurry, honestly. :) Everyone please take your time!
- WhimsicalWanderer on 12/06/12 - 06:39AM
It will have to wait until I get home. I don't really have access here at work. Sorry folks!
- Sally on 12/06/12 - 09:03AM
Thanks for all the hard work. =)

And take your time, don't rush yourselfs. We can wait for the queue to officially re-open again.
- Wolkentaenzer on 12/06/12 - 09:23AM
Whoa! Thanks a bunch for the feature - this is such a warmly welcomed surprise! Even though there really wasn't much competition, it seems, just knowing that my story was nominated gives me an extreme sense of happiness. Thank you very much! And congratulations to Helios, as well (who has one of the best pen names EVER)!
- Lucky107 on 12/06/12 - 10:25AM
Alastair, that is an amazing Dino icon that you're using. ♥
- flatsandsharps on 12/06/12 - 10:28AM
It should be open this evening once Sally gets a chance to check the code for the submission limit.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/06/12 - 10:53AM
@flatsandsharps: He's dumb, really. He's almost never that sexy in reality. :x (...okay I lied. He is.) He's just so obviously posing in the picture~ tsutsuntsun. But...

Dino tilts his head back as he laughs, and then he looks at you, sienna eyes warm and melting, the corner of his mouth quirked. Strands of too-long hair fall into his eyes, and as he leans forward, the light catches on gleaming shades of gold in his hair.

Grazie, flatsandsharps~”

- Alastair on 12/06/12 - 11:24AM

dayum. XD
- Alexei on 12/06/12 - 11:33AM

*Chokes* W-what the-?! NOOOO I REFUSE TO BE PULLED BACK INTO THE KHR FANDOM. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME. *Quickly tries to distract self* You're powers of persuasion will never work. :I

That aside, I have to admit that was awesome. It deserves a touché. *Does so*

- WhimsicalWanderer on 12/06/12 - 11:43AM

Damn, this is what happens when I type too fast and have to leave like... right now. >:I

BYE! Good luck with the changes! and Thanks Sally!
- WhimsicalWanderer on 12/06/12 - 11:44AM
LOLOL. B-Blame Dino. It's him trying to tell me to finish his story and me being tsuntsun. Kekeke, WhimsicalWanderer, it's the ones that try to escape that always get pulled back, don't you know~
- Alastair on 12/06/12 - 11:53AM
OAO crap. I'm doomed. It's all your fault. XD (Is cheating and checking this at school.)
- WhimsicalWanderer on 12/06/12 - 12:31PM
I have to say even though the changes are a bit annoying because I haven't been validated yet, I think it might help.
One quick question, when will the queue be open again?
- Marinatheweird99 on 12/06/12 - 12:47PM
@WhimsicalWanderer: Naughty, naughty~

@Marinatheweird99: The queue will open once Sally finds time to fix the code for the submission limit (tentatively, this evening).
- Alastair on 12/06/12 - 12:52PM
@Jess Alastair *totallydidn'tjusthaveissues*

That comment was enough to make me want to get INTO KHR... *cough* I have finals girly! Hold the sexy mens away until end of next week. ._.
- Shade on 12/06/12 - 01:33PM
I don't really comment on the news updates but I think that three is a good amount for unvalidated authors to submit at a time. :3
- Vally on 12/06/12 - 02:47PM
I have a question regarding the categories. Ummm..does that include warnings? Like if I, for example, submit a story 17+ with mild adult situations or something, but they haven't happened yet.--if that makes any sense :/

Anywho, yeah. That's it.
- littleart425 on 12/06/12 - 04:43PM

By categories, we mean specifically the fandom categories. So like, if you have a oneshot booklet, but it only has something for Harry Potter so far, we'd like you to hold off on putting it in the Kingdom Hearts category until you actually have a oneshot for Kingdom Hearts.
This is because people often click on oneshot booklets expecting to find something from a specific category (because the booklet is listed under that category) but then they often don't.

As for warnings, it's really better to be safe than sorry and put all applicable warnings on your story up front. It's a slightly different matter entirely.

So really, we just mean the fandom categories. I hope that clears up any confusion!
- DragonSilk on 12/06/12 - 05:30PM
@Shade: LOL, Ri, s'cool. Kat (DragonSilk) has similar problems~ *coughcoughlikewhenwewerequeuinglastnightlolol*

Nya~ It's just a sign you should get into KHR~ :3 Dem sexy men do not wait.
- Alastair on 12/06/12 - 05:49PM
@Alastair: I suppose that's what christmas break is for, no? ;P
- Shade on 12/06/12 - 05:51PM
I don't know what you're talking about, Alastair (see~)(lol, like it's an accomplishment when your name is right in front of me xD). I have no issues~

You will always be Jess to me~ (Except now I feel the strange urge to start a serenade...)
- DragonSilk on 12/06/12 - 07:04PM
@Shade: Indeed, indeed~ :3

Pfft, whatever makes you feel better, Kat~ You should totally drive out to mi casa to serenade me under the moonlight. Kekeke~ I'll put out balloons with Kaiba's face on them so you know which house.
- Alastair on 12/06/12 - 07:23PM
@DragonSilk: she will always be Jess to me too~

Jess~ I want to serenade you too~ D: or give you sexy tiems with magnus in exchange for jou fluff what, who said that? ;P But seriously~ I've missed you! :'(
- Shade on 12/06/12 - 09:49PM
Nya~ I'm open to serenading from anyone and everyone~! :'D (The more, the better~) ♥ A-And sexy times. They are always welcome. :'3
- Alastair on 12/07/12 - 12:51PM
Three is a good number. I agree on this. Completely.

And no, I do not find these changes annoying or hindering. It's the holidays now and people will, undoubtedly, be busy. (Mods included). Having a way to limit the flow of the queue and make it easier (and faster) for the moderators is anything BUT annoying.

It's brilliant, dare I say. Bravo. :)
- Crys-chan on 12/07/12 - 03:31PM
I keep looking at the KHR stories I never finished. And KHR songs keep popping up around me. And the icons. And fan art. and- you get the point.

DARN YOU, ALASTAIR. LOOK WHAT YOU DID. XDDDD I refuuuusseee!!! *Shakes fist*
- WhimsicalWanderer on 12/08/12 - 10:35AM
There are no amounts of 'thank you's that I can say that will properly express how happy I will be if the notes about drabble stories are actually read and followed.
- Relocation on 12/08/12 - 03:14PM
@ Relocation - We mention it when we deny things.

Besides driving readers crazy, it also stretches out the boxes for *every* story in the queue because it auto-formats every box to match the longest title and most categories, which, of course, makes the queue look far longer than it is.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/08/12 - 05:14PM
So... where can we report drabble books that have too many categories? *clicked on 3 in a row tonight*
- Shade on 12/09/12 - 09:33PM
We don't have an official place to report those. (We don't want anyone who has been reported to know who did it on the off chance that they want to retaliate or something. Most of our members are very mature, but it's best to err on the side of caution.) However, you can send an email to the group moderator email: moderators[dot]luna[at]gmail[dot]com

(Alternatively, you can email any of the moderators directly, but the group email is probably the best place for reporting stories with too many categories.)
- DragonSilk on 12/10/12 - 03:01AM
I know it's early days, but I wanted to give everybody some good news: The queue seems to have reached a length and stabilized.

What do I mean by this? Well, initially, a lot of people posted what they had written while it was closed, and it grew quickly right after we unlocked it, but it stopped at a certain point, where it has stayed since, thanks to the restriction on how many stories each person can have at a time. Currently, it's between 40 and 50 stories, so around half of the old average of 100 and far from the enormous swells of over 200 stories.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/10/12 - 09:36AM
@ Kerrigan Sheehan Yay! It's working! ^^
- WhimsicalWanderer on 12/10/12 - 11:42AM
@ WhimsicalWanderer - That's the hope. The real test will be if it explodes over Christmas break. (That is, provided the site doesn't go down due to the extra traffic...)
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/10/12 - 12:29PM
@ Kerrigan Sheehan

I see. Well then, I'll keep my fingers crossed! ^^
- WhimsicalWanderer on 12/10/12 - 02:30PM
YAY!!! The queue is open!! :3 thank you a lot, you wonderful people!! Just as I was expecting to upload a fic to the site and... just my luck! ^^
Hopefully the site won't go down D: *crosses fingers*
- UltraVioletSoul on 12/10/12 - 05:44PM
Well... not sure if this has been pointed out to the Mods. Basically, I am lazy person and sometimes do not want to log in my account to review, so... this is what I read everytime I try to leave a not signed review:

"You have triggered our spam filters!
Due to frequent abuse, all messages are now
checked for common spam words and sites. This
includes recent offenders and Please try again.
Error Code: 0002-review"
It won't allow me to review, and I'm sure many writers would be losing precious comments by users that don't have an account on the site. Or is it just me the one who's having this issue?
By the way, thank you for your hard work people! ^^ and double thanks for validating me as an author :) it was unexpected since *Adam Jensen style* I never asked for it xD
- UltraVioletSoul on 12/11/12 - 10:50AM
That's....a new one...definitely. Could you email me (kerrigansheehan[at]yahoo[dot]com) the review you tried to leave so I can forward it to Sally? She'll want to know if there was something in the review itself that might have set off the spam filters. If you don't remember, that's OK. She can still take a look, but if she knows what might have set it off, she's more likely to be able to tweak things so that it doesn't happen again.

And about validation...the moderators sometimes spontaneously validate people who generally show that they follow rules, submit regularly, and don't have tons of serious errors. Not everybody realizes that they can ask, and sometimes, people who should ask don't.

Generally, we look for the "freshest sample," so to other words, something in the queue, so if you have asked and haven't submitted in a while, you're way more likely to be checked for validation if you submit something. People who ask and then don't submit anything because they're "waiting for validation" almost never get validation.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/11/12 - 01:10PM
Sorry! ; A ; I have to study for an important test on Friday and.. I just wanna cry...
Uum. I don't exactly remember the review... but do not worry! It has been solved! ^^ I just typed a totally different one and that's it :D
I'm sorry I have bothered you for nothing T_T
Oh, I see how validation works :) I thought one had to ask for it... and I was thinking 'okay... I'll just have to patiently wait in the queue' xD seriously, you people made my entire week... I think my whole year... it's the best Christmas gift xD
- UltraVioletSoul on 12/12/12 - 10:22PM
I never really comment on news, but I think three's a good number for the queue control!

I'm mostly lazy 8D unmotivated, and I usually update my most important ones (Opposite Worlds and Oboeteiru no deshou), so that is a perfect number!

Good job! I applaud the mods and Sally for all their hard work <3
- Red Vengeance on 12/13/12 - 02:25AM
I just wanna say thank you for the new rule about drabble book categories. I can't even count how many times I've gone through a search looking for a specific type of story only to click on something that does not in fact meet my specifications.
- powerful tenderness on 12/15/12 - 05:11AM
I wanted to ask where/who do we inquire about becoming a validated author? Do we send a message to a moderator?
- Zelos on 12/21/12 - 06:31PM
1) Three submissions in the queque is a great idea, even for validated authors, as I don't have to read about when the queque will be closed, and thus a less likely chance the stories I read will be updated as soon as it could be.

2) THANK YOU for addressing the multiple categories thing, especially for one-shot/drabble/cross-over books! I agree--wait until you have something from that category before adding it in. It's fun writing one-shots, and even I have plans on writing and publishing more, but listing all the categories I plan on writing in would be way counterproductive, and I know it would annoy people.

3) I have a question, and it's about number 4 in the reminder section of the announcement. What if the plot, with or without OCs, follows the originaly canon media plot? There would bound to be copying of character's dialogue and actions somewhere. At what point would it be considered plagiarizing, besides from the blatantly obvious that there are absolutely no changes to the original story whatsoever?
- HatedLove6 on 12/21/12 - 08:26PM
Zelos: Here is the forum for author validation requests:
- Penguiduck on 12/21/12 - 08:57PM
HatedLove6 - It's handled on a case-by-case basis, but most stories like what you described fall on the side of plagiarism because we have to be super cautious about it. If we consider inserting one canon's characters into another canon's plot and dialogue plagiarism, we'll likely consider something like that plagiarism. We're generally a bit more forgiving when someone starts a story with the end of an episode or something, and using a character's catchphrase wouldn't be considered plagiarism.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/21/12 - 10:37PM
How do we request categories? Luna lacks a category for The Hobbit.
- Fledermaus on 12/22/12 - 07:54AM
You can usually request things like categories/validations etc on the forums- they're fairly simple to use. The link to the forums is on the navigation list on the top left.
- WhimsicalWanderer on 12/22/12 - 03:21PM
The Hobbit, however, would go under "Lord of the Rings," which is under "Books." We already have that category. Someone has already requested Hobbit characters to be added to that category. They should be added soon.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/23/12 - 04:00PM
Yay for new features! :D I think 3 is a good number for the unvalidated, but then again I don't know anything about the running of this website. All I know is that I want it to keep running! (:
- Chellendora on 12/29/12 - 03:17PM