Hello 2013!
Posted by DragonSilk
01/01/13 - 07:31PM
Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and a new month, and that means it’s time for our monthly announcements. Let's start off with the featured stories! The theme this month's featured stories is Best of 2012.

A Risky Engagement by Mozart (Sherlock (BBC), Adult)
Awesome Peppy Sunshine Hill by Rockinmuffin (Silent Hill, Adult)
Blue Pineapples Are The Best by Rinnu500 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
Don’t Worry ‘Cause You Ain’t Alone by animecrazypanda (Durarara!!, 17+)
In Hora Mortis by Little Raven (Original Fiction, 13+)
Right To Life by Mentality_Project (Bleach, 17+)

Congratulations to our featured authors!

The theme for next month’s featured stories is Forever Alone, and you can nominate stories in this thread on our forums.

Onto our friendly reminders~

When you email any of the site's moderators, remember to include your username in the email. It's hard for us to answer your questions and help you when we don't know who you are.

Please do not ignore emails from any of our moderators. If you have any questions about the email, just ask the moderator who sent it for clarification. We’re always willing to work with people who want to improve. If you disagree with something, then be sure to respectfully bring it up with the moderator in question. Otherwise, we just assume that you’re ignoring us.

Ignoring rejection emails is especially bad. You will receive a warning for resubmitting chapters that are completely unedited. (This type of behavior slows down the queue for everyone.) If you continue to resubmit without editing, your account will be temporarily locked.

In a similar vein, if you have any questions about grammar in general, always feel free to ask a moderator. There are many different guides to grammar out there, and we're all perfectly willing to point you in the direction of something that will help you out.

There is the possibility that we might run a Valentine’s Day fic trade. Nothing is set in stone yet, and we’ll be sure to edit this news post with any information about it if we do start one.

Thank you for reading all of that~ May you all have a delightful new year!

Edit by Kerrigan Sheehan: According to Sally, there might be a site outage coming up at the end of the month due to bandwidth. Please remember the following:

-Moderators can't look at the queue when the site is down, so complaining that your story has been in queue for a week as soon as the site comes back from a one-week outage isn't going to result in that story being looked at any faster.

-Site outages can cause issues with stories, especially stories submitted to the queue right before the outage occurs, so make sure that you have everything saved to your computer and backed up on a cloud storage service, USB stick, external hard drive, or disc. You should be doing this anyway, but now is a good time to make sure your backup files are up-to-date.


Oh wow! Thanks so much for the feature! It's really means a lot. And congrats to the other features as well! Happy New Year~
- animecrazypanda on 01/01/13 - 09:26PM
*It. It's 2013 and I'm making typos. -_-
- animecrazypanda on 01/01/13 - 09:28PM
i think im gonna cry
- Mozart on 01/01/13 - 10:22PM
Thank you for the feature >w< ! <3
- Rinnu500 on 01/02/13 - 04:29PM
Question! When are the participants of the trade-fic from December revealed? It said the sixth, but I haven't gotten anything yet...
- Pancakes on 01/06/13 - 06:21PM
Authors probably haven't been revealed yet because not everyone has posted. (The fic for me still isn't up.) My guess would be after that last story is posted, authors will be revealed. ^^
- Shade on 01/06/13 - 08:05PM
Penguiduck should be handling that. I know that she sent an email a couple of days ago to the author of a missing story, but I don't know if she got a reply, if the story's been posted finally, or if she assigned a spare. I'm pretty sure she's going to be the one sending out the reveal email sometime after the last story/spare is submitted.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 01/06/13 - 09:36PM
Unfortunately, we have one participant who is having some difficulties with getting her story in due to personal problems. I'm giving her a few more days to post that submission, and I'll reveal everything after we get that final story in. :) Sorry about the wait, everyone!
- Penguiduck on 01/08/13 - 06:07PM
Oh no-- not replying to rejection e-mails is seen as a bad thing? I feel horrible now, I had no idea-- I don't mean to ignore the moderation, I've actually been trying to work on my errors so I can resubmit.

I usually don't reply to those e-mails because I figured replying for the sole sake of saying "Ok, I'll fix that!" Might be seen as spam.

Wow, I feel so bad now T____T
- Vosska on 01/21/13 - 10:34AM
Vosska, replying to rejection emails isn't necessary (unless you have questions) and nor is it bad/spammy. When we say “do not ignore rejection emails”, we mean when you resubmit your story, we would like to see that the errors we pointed out—and those we didn't, which shows you've proofread—are fixed. So as long as you've done this, you should be fine. (:
- Alastair on 01/21/13 - 11:05AM