Migration complete and advertising
Posted by Sally
02/09/13 - 10:42AM

If you're reading this message, you're on our new server! ^_^

I'm beginning the process on placing advertisements on Lunaescence to offset the server costs. I can't avoid it any further; it costs $130 a month to run the site now. For more information and to weigh in on our advertising choices, please visit the forums.


Cool beans. Good luck, Sally.
- Polymorphic Code on 02/09/13 - 10:48AM
I'm very much excited to hear your absolute devotion to this site, Sally, and I admire your determination to continue making it a better home for all of us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to upgrate this amazing site! :3333
- Ruby Spice on 02/09/13 - 12:24PM
Glad you gave us a heads up so I can turn off the adblockers for this site! Thanks, Sally!
- Straw on 02/09/13 - 02:09PM
The only one of those ad places that seems anything near obtrusive is B, and that's just because it pushes the stories down a bit. Otherwise, they're not bad at all. Thanks for keeping the site going!
- Reiana on 02/09/13 - 04:40PM
Oh wow, that was fast. :) I think that you shouldn't worry too much about the ads, all of us are just happy that Luna is what it is. A few won't change our love for it.
That said, I admire your dedication to the site and how you work so hard to make Luna be one of the best writing sites out there.
Thank you so much!
- Liatris on 02/09/13 - 05:50PM
Ads are fine by me. You've always done so much to keep the site going you deserve some reprieve.
- Crimsoncat on 02/09/13 - 07:34PM
Thank you, Sally!! ♥
- Chellendora on 02/10/13 - 02:24PM
Yes, thank you for all of your hard work! The ads will take some getting used to, I'm just glad to see Luna up and running again. :)
- dragonfly on 02/10/13 - 03:19PM
Yay~ Thank you Sally for doing so much!!
Ads? I really don't mind them as long as they aren't those that suddenly covers up your page or are those that takes you to an "ads page" with a little button at the top that says "Continue in # seconds...." and has to reach zero before you can return to the page you were on.....
BUT YOU'RE GREAT!!!!! Please keep Luna running, and keeping it an awesome place!
- RyuseiStreamGirl on 02/10/13 - 07:28PM
Honestly I'm surprised you kept this site going without ads for this long but these aren't even that bad - mad props
- Zelos on 02/11/13 - 06:34PM
Thank you for all of your hard work, Sally!!
- Khepri on 02/15/13 - 11:49PM
The ads are good and non distracting, and I can't believe how long you kept without them. Good job and thanks for keeping the site up.
- Relocation on 02/16/13 - 12:48PM
Glad to see Luna is back in action and the ads I've noticed, are in a place that aren't distracting or annoying. Thank you for your determination and general awesomeness. ^-^
- Nefertiti on 02/16/13 - 02:37PM
I just noticed on the "Pink" skin that the "Recently Added" section is being forced over. Didn't know if that was a result of the ad-adding or not.
- Chellendora on 02/18/13 - 03:18PM
And just to add, Luna has been added to my small list of sites where adblock is turned off :)
- Relocation on 02/18/13 - 04:07PM
Thank you, Sally. There are no words to express my gratitude to you. You are an amazing woman, and your kindness to us is unbelievable.

My best wishes to you, and may God bless you for everything.
- UltraVioletSoul on 02/19/13 - 04:48PM
Thanks!! Adds aren't a problem, and I'll try to donate when I can with paypal. ^^
- DrawnCherry on 02/22/13 - 02:04PM