March Madness~
Posted by DragonSilk
03/01/13 - 09:52PM
Happy March!

Hopefully youíve all been keeping up with the recent news posts about the site. We have a few more important announcements for you guys, but first, the featured stories! This monthís theme is ďForever AloneĒ.

Home by YOSHINA (Sherlock (BBC), All)
Wicked Games by Kelly Renee (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Adult)
Words of the Wise by Crys-chan (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 17+)

Congratulations to all of you!
Next monthís theme will be "Long Stories," and you can nominate a story in this forum thread.

Now, onto the important news!

Weíve recently become aware of a few validated authors who have become lax. We are going to start sending out warnings to authors who arenít keeping up with the siteís standards, but if you see a story that you donít think is up to the siteís standards, please donít announce it publicly. In order to avoid drama, weíd prefer it if you sent any reports to the group moderator account at moderators[dot]luna@gmail[dot]com

When requesting a new category in the forum, please include a list of relevant characters. Weíre often unfamiliar with categories, and we donít know what characters youíll need. So if you donít give us a list, there wonít be any characters available in the new category.

This is one that I cannot stress enough. Please make sure that the email address associated with your account is valid. When we canít contact you, we canít let you know why your work is denied (nor can we let you know if youíre breaking any rules, so yes validated authors, this applies to you too). At some point, your account will end up locked.

Since Iím sure many of you have been reading Sallyís announcements, Iím sure youíre all aware of the recent ads on the site. Iíd just like to take a moment to ask that you all disable your adblockers for Lunaescence. I promise that the ads donít flash, they donít make noise, and they wonít kill your computer. So please help us out and allow them to be viewed.

The queue is also currently closed. Last weekend we received a massive influx of stories. As a result, we had to close the queue before it got too large and started slowing things down. We hope to reopen it soon, but we don't have a specific time for that.

Thank you for reading all of that! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment or email one of the moderators directly. (Or use the joint moderator account if you're unsure who to contact.)

I hope you all have a lovely month!


Good luck with opening up the queue! You guys are doing a great job with the site!
- Okami Amaterasu on 03/02/13 - 01:58AM
Good thing you said something. I totally forgot I had ad block running. I'm impressed that the ads aren't too bad at all. You guys made nice choices.
- Crimsoncat on 03/02/13 - 03:37AM
Many thanks for getting a featured story! :3 I should update it... hmm...
- Crys-chan on 03/02/13 - 03:40PM
Hello, I have a question as far as lax accounts go. Granted I haven't read the page yet for more details, but I haven't been able to post as much because of school. Second semester senior year sucks. Is that okay or do you mean something else entirely? Thanks!
- Isis san on 03/03/13 - 08:00AM
@Isis san
We mean validated authors who are posting work below the site's standards. It doesn't matter how often you post, but if you start consistently posting work that wouldn't make it through the queue, we're going to be concerned.
- DragonSilk on 03/03/13 - 11:59AM
Alright, thank you!
- Isis san on 03/04/13 - 11:23PM
How does onebecome a validated author? I would like to post some stories but I don't want to crowd the queues.
- -hikarichan- on 03/16/13 - 09:34PM
How does onebecome a validated author? I would like to post some stories but I don't want to crowd the queues.
- on 03/16/13 - 10:00PM
You cannot become a validated author until you have at least five posted stories and/or chapters and a total of at least 5,000 words written. You also cannot have had anything rejected from the queue recently. We only validate authors who have proven to us that their grammar is consistently above the site's standards.
- DragonSilk on 03/16/13 - 10:36PM
Any news on the queue?
- Liatris on 03/17/13 - 07:29AM
The number in "Site Stats" is incorrect right now. My best estimate is sometime in the next day or so. It's pretty much small enough to open. I just want to give the other mods a bit of warning first.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 03/18/13 - 03:23PM
Oh, okay then. Thanks for taking the time to reply :)
- Liatris on 03/19/13 - 12:34AM