Hey, Hey, Hey, It's May!
Posted by Alastair
05/01/13 - 02:45AM
Oh hey, itís May! This monthís announcements are short and sweet, so letís get right into it!

This monthís theme is ďAll-Time FavoritesĒ.

Fire and Plants by honestlyrachel (Harry Potter, 17+)
On Marriage and Relationships by apples4ryuk (Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers, Adult)
Red Cave Paintings by Chevalier (Original, 13+)
Tribulation by SweetSymmetry (Silent Hill, 17+)
A World of Gray by Fluorescent-X (Anime/Manga, D.Gray-Man, 17+)

Congratulations to you all~!

Juneís theme of the month is ďUnderappreciated StoriesĒ. Stories that fall under this category have an unbalanced review to word count ratio. These are stories that you adore but canít understand why they donít have more reviews! For example, a story that has up to 20,000 words but less than five reviews. Or a story that has 50,000+ words but less than ten reviews! You can nominate over here in the forums.

Now, we have one other announcement: Lunaescence now has an official tumblr! I, Alastair, will be running it~ It mostly features writing advice and articles, funny writing/reading related reblogs, and perhaps in the future, fun activities like writing prompts and weekly events. The mods may also use it as another source for information like updates on the queue, intermittent announcements, and a place to ask questions for those of you who need answers. Though we warn you: donít ask us for love advice or anything related to math. The latter mostly for my sake and yours. Alastair is bad with math. ...But I suppose you can, though who knows how much help weíll be. You can find it by following the link here.

Thatís it for now, and I hope you all have a lovely May! (Summer is almost here, guys! ♥)


Congrats to all the authors!

And yay, a official Tumblr for Luna! I'm gonna follow it immediately.
- CloudySky on 05/01/13 - 08:56AM
Summer? What is summer? We have 6 inches of snow today. 8D

Congrats to the featured authors~!

And yay tumblr~ :3 If they ask math questions, you can pass them to me, Jess~ ;)
- Shade on 05/01/13 - 10:39AM
Congrats to all the featured authors~

And for the record, I'm fabulous at giving love advice. You've got a guy problem? Forget about him and write Kaiba fanfic! ;D
- DragonSilk on 05/01/13 - 11:54AM
At least it makes it easier to believe in Jack Frost, Ri. Also, you should check your tumblr. js. LOL I will definitely pass you the math questions. Maybe I will throw them at you in disgust. Hahahaha.

Kat... that is your default answer for everything, okay. Sad? Write about Kaiba. Happy? Write about Kaiba. Angry? Even better! Write about angry possessive Kaiba to get to Kat's heart. lololol~
- Alastair on 05/01/13 - 12:45PM
Will there be anymore fic trades? And yay for tumblr! (I need to get one) *sweat drops*
- littleart425 on 05/01/13 - 01:24PM
Dear Jess,
Obviously, Kaiba is the answer to all of life's problems. Except when he is the problem. BUT EVEN THEN!

Right now, we're all busy with moderator applications. There may be another fic trade during the summer, but we don't run them during the school year when everyone is busy.
- DragonSilk on 05/01/13 - 03:15PM
What is the tumblr URL? I can't seem to find it! Maybe I'm just being unobservant. That wouldn't be anything new, lol.
- Tiger on 05/02/13 - 08:35AM
Dear Kat,
That is truth.

@Tiger, there's a link up top after the lines that are stricken through, but the url's really just
- Alastair on 05/02/13 - 10:24AM
littleart425 - I'm hoping for June, July, and August trades.

Northern Hemisphere summer is when most people have the time to participate in them. We try to avoid May, though, because most people have finals and/or major projects due in late May or early June. We try to correspond the June signup with finals so that the due dates are around the time most people would be out of school.

There will always be a note in the announcement (or an edit to the announcement) if signups for a trade go up.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 05/02/13 - 04:26PM
Congratulations to everyone <3 :) All great stories and a few that I've yet to have the pleasure of reading :)
- Knight Z on 05/03/13 - 08:36AM
Ehhh?!?! I made "All-Time Favorites"?? Ohhh, you guys ;___; You have made me a very happy woman!! ♥
- apples4ryuk on 05/07/13 - 02:00PM
Tumblr? *instantly follows* I approve. And you reblog useful things. I APPROVE!
- Celestial Sakura on 05/09/13 - 06:47PM
I made All-Time Favourites?! Wow, very shocked! :) Thank you, guys! Made my day :D
- Chevalier on 05/13/13 - 02:33PM