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Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
05/29/13 - 05:35PM
Happy Ju- Oh wait! It's not quite June yet. Happy Almost-June, then.

This month's theme is "Underappreciated Stories." In other words, stories that have surprisingly few reviews and just need more love.

One Hundred Demons by Linyah (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
Something in the Silence by slr2moons (Ghost Hunt, 13+)
Tales of a Death Knight by Clara de Morra (Warcraft, 17+)

Contratulations to the three of you.

July's theme of the month is Unvalidated Authors, but there's a twist. Because authors can't view the validation status of other authors, there is no nomination thread. Instead, the moderators will choose the features from our favorite stories written by people who, as of the feature, are not yet validated. Think of it as a surprise.

There is a fic trade going on this month. Signups are open until June 6th and can be found in the forums.

The other exciting news is that the queue is now open to submissions again. Thank you for your patience while we gave our new moderators a crash course on the mechanics of the queue.

Now, the painful bits. While emptying the queue, we discovered a few issues that we'd like to address:
  • Inappropriate Ratings: Please rate your story correctly. If it has swearing in it, it should be 13+ or higher. If it has explicit sexual content (yes, this means you, lemon writers), it should be Adult or Adult+.
  • Inappropriate Content: We don't allow Harry Potter or real-person lemons. We also don't allow lemons involving children. (These rules aren't new, and we don't want to censor you. We just wanted to remind everyone to cover our butts.) We also don't accept fanfiction for certain properties where the original copyright owner has explicitly banned fanfiction. (It's not personal. We swear. We're just covering our butts.)
  • No Means No: When a moderator tells you that your story is not appropriate, that your rating needs to be changed, or that you need to fix certain errors, please do it. (Please also look for more errors of the same type. We typically only list a few.) If your story was denied once and is resubmitted without editing, it will be denied again, and it slows down the queue for everybody when we have to deal with the same story with the same issues two or three times.

    Yays~ Congrats to you all. =D
    - Rickey McPiff on 05/29/13 - 09:24PM
    Oh my goodness, thank you for the feature! I just... can't words right now. I'm actually speechless!
    - Clara de Morra on 05/29/13 - 10:00PM
    Uhm...well, wow. Thank you for featuring my story! I sincerely didn't expect it [scratches back of my neck nervously]. I extend my congrats to Clarra da Morra and slr2moons. :)
    - Linyah on 05/30/13 - 12:14AM
    A thing that's bothering me, though: can you please fix the spelling of my screen name? It's Clara de Morra, not Clarra da Morra.
    - Clara de Morra on 05/30/13 - 06:03AM
    Sorry about that. I'll go fix it. This is what happens when my cat tries to "help" with the announements. He turned the features line (which has more HTML than the rest of the announcement combined) into mostly gibberish standing on my hands, names included. I thought I'd fixed everybody's completely. (There were originally about 16 r's in there...)
    - Kerrigan Sheehan on 05/30/13 - 11:41AM
    It's alright, and thank you! ^^ Oh cats. Their version of helping almost always the complete opposite.
    - Clara de Morra on 05/31/13 - 06:39AM
    !! Oh wow, I was just swinging by to check my stats and saw this. O.o I had no idea my story was even nominated! Thank you so much!! Thank you to who nominated me, as well. ^///^ I'm pleased you liked my story so much. Congrats to my fellow featured authors Clara de Morra and Linyah!
    - slr2moons on 06/03/13 - 01:10AM