Assassino! No, un Moderatore!
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
07/01/13 - 01:25AM
Happy July, everybody.

This month's theme of the month is Unvalidated Authors. Yes, every story listed here was written by an author who was not validated at the time of this announcement. These stories were each picked by a different moderator. I've included who nominated what because our nomination process was behind-the-scenes. (Usually, if you want to see who nominated something, you can just go to the nomination thread in the forums.)

Adventures of a Dragglehoof by Sioranth (Warcraft, 13+, nominated by Kerrigan Sheehan)
Happily Ever After by Hetalian (Axis Powers Hetalia, All, nominated by Alastair)
Megabytes, But I Bite Harder by LavenderMagik (Yu Yu Hakusho, 13+, nominated by dark_wing19)
Stages of Affinity by Khepri (Tales of Vesperia, 13+, nominated by perfect-to-stay)
The Player by Viska Vatten (Yu-Gi-Oh, 13+, nominated by DragonSilk)
Warm Woolen Mittens by ShayInWonderland (Original Fiction, 13+, nominated by Penguiduck)

Congratulations to all of you. Next month's theme of the month is small fandoms. This time, we're limiting the nominations to stories from fandoms with less than fifty stories total. You can nominate here in the forums.

There's also a fic trade going on in July. The signup thread is here in the forums.

Now...onto your scheduled monthly nagging...

  • Moderator Emails: Don't ignore moderator emails. I really shouldn't have to say this two months in a row...but if you resubmit your story without any editing, it will be denied again with a warning. If you keep doing it, your account will be locked. We really do mean this...
  • Multiple Submissions: If you aren't validated, don't submit multiple chapters of the same story to the queue. We don't always look at things in the order they were submitted, and when one chapter has an issue, the other is likely to as well. If you submit multiple chapters of the same story, all chapters in the queue are subject to automatic deletion.
  • Extra Categories: Your drabble books should only be listed for the categories they actually contain, not the ones you'll "eventually get around to writing." If we see a submission in the queue with more categories than chapters, we will deny it. If it's already validated or you're a validated author, you may log on to find the extra categories removed from the drabble book in question, and we may or may not send an email about this.
  • Category Requests: Please check if a category already exists before you request it. This also means checking other places where it might be. We generally put categories under the original medium, so a lot of movies and TV shows are listed under books or comics.
  • Character Requests: Please don't request more than 25 characters for a category at a time. The maximum number of characters that the site lets us add to a given fandom at a time is 25. Please also check which characters are already in the category before you request more.
  • Backups: You are responsible for keeping a backup copy of your story on a thumb drive, cloud service, or other form of storage. Websites get attacked or go down. For those of you who aren't validated, this is doubly important. When a story is denied from the queue, it is deleted from the site completely. We can't recover it for you.
  • Assassin's Creed: Some of you may have noticed that your stories were moved in the past few days. Thank you for your patience. The Assassin's Creed category has now been split into four categories by protagonist because the category as a whole was getting rather unweildy. Revelations stories containing both Altar and Ezio can either go in Ezio's category, which covers his whole trilogy, or in both categories as you see fit. Desmond stories can be posted under any game where he appears, though they should be categorized based on location and companions if possible. If you have any questions about the category change, ask here, send me a PM on the forums, or use my "Contact Author" form.

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for nominating my story, DragonSilk!! What a great surprise~ : D
    - Viska Vatten on 07/01/13 - 01:55PM
    oh my god, AC organization, that's so exciting~
    - ctrlaltdie on 07/02/13 - 10:58PM
    It's good to see soemthing about drabble books with excess categories. I always get so excited for a drabble for someone, and then they're not actually there yet >:

    Waaa~ People should go nominate for their favorite small fandoms! Nominations are going so slow. . . >:
    - Murder-chan on 07/04/13 - 03:16PM
    The nominations aren't going slow at all...we usually only get 4 or 5 nominations for any given theme, 6 if we're lucky. The problem this time is that people haven't necessarily read the rules, so a lot of things that are nominated are redundant, so they won't be featured. (We'll generally only feature one per fandom and one per author...the only exception would be if we got less than four nominations after fandom was taken into account.)
    - Kerrigan Sheehan on 07/04/13 - 08:42PM
    Oh, really? D: Hmm. . . I feel like I should go in and change my nomination, then, ahah. But I really stand by the story I picked, so . . . u-u;

    - Murder-chan on 07/04/13 - 08:50PM