October Already?!
Posted by Alastair
10/01/13 - 02:05AM
Waaah, its already October, everyone! Whos ready to start buying bags of candy for trick-or-treaters but instead eat them all yourselves? I know I am! Hahaha~

Anyway, this months theme is Alternate Universes!

Absolute Surreality by Mozart (Axis Powers Hetalia, 13+)
Breakable by Pepe Le Pew (Bleach, 17+)
Echo by Byakko-chan (D.Gray-Man, Adult)
Romancing the Sword by Bleu Wales (One Piece, 13+)
Shes a Rebel by Rougeberry (Naruto, 17+)
the things we could be by KarenaWilliams (South Park, 17+)

Congratulations to you all~! Now, November is Never-Featured Authors month. Its pretty self-explanatory~ Just nominate stories by authors who have never been featured before! You can nominate a story over here in the forums.

Now, for some good news and a couple reminders~

The queue has reopened! We thank you all very much for being so understanding and patient with us. But now that submissions are back up, please, please try not to swamp us with a crazy influx of stories. We know you guys have been waiting for a long while, but try to limit your submissions to maybe one or two per person at a time, at least until the first couple days of the queue reopening have passed. Were short on hands and spread thin on time for modding, but please bear with us.

Next, there is a fic trade going on this month! Signups can be found here in the forum.

As for reminders! Please make sure to space between your paragraphs. It makes our eyes sad to see huge walls made out of titans of text. A way to avoid this is to manually copy and paste your story into the text box and edit your HTML and formatting from there. Submitting your story by uploading it as a file usually results in your story looking funky, so try to avoid using it. Another way to avoid this is to preview your story before submitting it. That way, there are no surprises!

Thats about it for now! Hope you guys have a wonderful October! ♥


Happy October~! Thank you to the mods for working hard all September to get the queue back up and running. I can't wait to continue posting (at a moderate, acceptable pace)!
- Jury on 10/01/13 - 07:23AM
Thanks for the feature! And congratulations to everyone else!
- Pepe Le Pew on 10/01/13 - 07:32AM
... Reading this consisted of, "reads a sentence" -Looks at Levi- "Reads a sentence" -Looks back at Levi-

8D thanks for all the hard work guys! Please hang in there! (and Levi )
- TheRandomAnon on 10/01/13 - 08:56AM
Oh my gosh! Yaaaay, a feature! Thank you, Choryl! ♥ Thank you, Lunaescence! ♥ This is so magical! :D

I salute you, Lance Corporal Levi!
- Rougeberry on 10/01/13 - 11:10AM
That is good news. I'm happy that this site has active admins.~
- KaraMoonchild on 10/02/13 - 12:49AM
thank you for working so hard! :'D
- Real Lightning on 10/06/13 - 09:46AM
Congrats to the featured~ I just love Rogueberry and Pepe Le Pew!
- Red Vengeance on 10/12/13 - 04:49AM