Lunaescence Back Online
Posted by Sally
10/21/13 - 12:04AM

Lunaescence is back online.

So what happened? $5 in donations, $70 in ad revenue, for a grand total of $75 this month to pay $130 in server costs. I just paid it out of pocket. But I had to wait until my bills and groceries were paid for.

This isn't working, guys. I'm going to be very frank: I can not afford this website. I really thought I made that clear when we moved to the larger server.

After much consideration, I have decided to keep the site going through this month and then for November, but we will be closing December 6th.

Thank you so much to everyone for sticking with us for all this time. Thank you to all the mods for their hard work and dedication in keeping Lunaescence alive. Thank you, all of you, for all the great times.



Thank you for giving me a place to meet people who have become my closest friends. I'm incredibly sad that Luna will be closing in December; I've been here for so long! I wish there was some way to help you, Sally, but I can't. I don't have the funds either. A chapter in my life, and plenty of other Luna users', is closing now. I better go save my favorite stories now into word while I have the chance, lol.
- Aphrodite on 10/21/13 - 12:29AM

Thank you for making a safe haven for my stories here on Luna. I can never express to you how much I am truly grateful to this site. I really wish that I could donate money, but life sucks. I understand why you cannot keep going with this. $130 for a site to keep going is a very, very steep price. I do not hold any bad feelings towards you for your decision; in fact, I understand it even though I am pained by it.

I just want you to know-- and all the mods to know as well-- that I am truly grateful to all of you for what you have continually done for us. Thank you for giving us until December. That will give me enough time to inform my readers where I may be moving to, and to collect my stories.

Again, thank you! I hope life treats you well, Sally. Take care.
- KarenaWilliams on 10/21/13 - 12:34AM
But... My whole life is here. I have grown so much in the years I have been online. I would like to help. I mean I just got a job so it will be a week but I really don't want such a huge part of my life to disappear....
- AlchemicBeauty309 on 10/21/13 - 12:41AM
But... My whole life is here. I have grown so much in the years I have been online. I would like to help. I mean I just got a job so it will be a week but I really don't want such a huge part of my life to disappear....
- AlchemicBeauty309 on 10/21/13 - 12:42AM
I am sincerely sad to say this because I feel like I was punched in the gut. However, I will sincerely miss Lunaescence. I was never truly an active member, but I've always went to check and see if it was still there and living. I guess in some ways this kept me going because this community was like a safe haven at times.

I hold no ill will towards anybody in this matter. I can only be happy that you're moving on Sally, because I understand that this is one choice you cannot willingly give yourself to.

Thanks for everything you've given us. Thanks for holding up this fort for so long. :)
- Kimo on 10/21/13 - 12:43AM
Oh, I understand. I understand that is really difficult for you keeping this site up and running-- not to mention the cost of it.
I admit these news struck me really hard and it took me a while to take them in. I think I should thank you for the great times, Sally. You made the dreams of so many writers possible and I won't deny that it's hard to let go of them but I still thank you ;__;
Thanks to the mods, and for their awesome work to make this site reach the position it now holds.
It's time to say goodbye. I will save the stories I love now that I still have time.
Thanks for everything, everyone! It was fun and beautiful while it lasted, but nothing lasts forever.
- UltraVioletSoul on 10/21/13 - 12:44AM
I didn't know the site was in trouble! I may not really have the funds myself, but I would be happy to donate ten dollars every month to keep the site going! That's like only two cups of coffee or one meal eating out. I would rather go without do that this site can remain afloat for all those who call it home.
- Ame-dono on 10/21/13 - 01:30AM
Just tried to donate $15. Are donations closed?
- Ame-dono on 10/21/13 - 01:35AM
I am really sorry to hear this. I would be happy to donate if it would keep this site afloat, but I completely understand that sometimes taking care of yourself is the most important thing.

I have had so many good times on this site, and loved writing stories here. It is the best fanfiction site I have ever been a part of, and I will miss it very much.

Thank you for creating this wonderful community. I wish you all of the best in your future endeavors.
- Silver-Serenade on 10/21/13 - 01:38AM
That is really depressing. Fosff has been deleted (and made into a new site) and now Luna is closing down.. That's only going to leave the new really, as we've kind of lost all the original (good) fanfiction sites now that we are losing this one. And I haven't yet completed my studies to create the site I've been planning. :(

If I had the money I would have been donating.. but college is so damn expensive. TT^TT I feel like crying honestly, I have been with this site so long and it has always been such a wonderful place... but I do understand. That is just way too much money to have to put into running it.

Thank you for deciding to keep it open until December. That way I will have time to save my favorite stories from here and hopefully the new fanfiction site will turn out well so that we will have somewhere to go... though nothing can ever replace any of the sites that we have lost. TT^TT

- Tsula on 10/21/13 - 02:45AM
Sally, please send me an email. I may be interested in taking it over. Luna could be classified as a nonprofit organization which means donations (and server costs) would be tax deductible, once it is legally classified as a nonprofit and has a tax ID number.

Thanks so much for your hard work. :)
- Cake on 10/21/13 - 03:06AM
Thank you for having a place for us to relax and to have an oasis during the frantic times of life. I will truly miss this place...
I wish I had money to contribute to the cause...T__T
- Yukichan on 10/21/13 - 03:07AM
No, please, no!!!! I'm a member since only a few months and I really really love this page!!!!! Is there any other solution?
- Kaileena on 10/21/13 - 03:11AM
I make sense why made you decision Sally. Thank you for all you work.


To writer/author and reader (GHOSTS OF THE VANGUARD)

other sites

others (Freedom of Speech)

P.s sorry if this seem like advertisement, since lunascence not be here where going have find somewhere else to read
- NewStranger on 10/21/13 - 03:48AM
It make sense why made you decision Sally. Thank you for all your work.

Sorry for bad grammar early
- NewStranger on 10/21/13 - 03:50AM
No!! >.< But I suppose, it is too expensive for a website. DAMN.
- Cazyi Kylia on 10/21/13 - 04:07AM
I haven't been active on Luna for quite some time, but I've been checking the site for updates and this is probably verging on heartache for me.

I greatly appreciate everything you've done, Sally, especially with all the effort you've put in to keeping the site running. This has been a great haven and I am so happy that Luna was created.

And on the same vein as Cake, would it be possible for the site to be handed over to someone?
I'd like to help anyone in that endeavor (or take it on myself) if that's possible.
- Unsocialite on 10/21/13 - 04:39AM
Most importantly, thank you for Luna and doing your best to keep it running. Everyone on the site appreciates it and loves you for it.
- Unsocialite on 10/21/13 - 04:41AM
I just...don't know what to say. This site has been my home since 2006. I was thirteen when I joined. I'll be twenty-one in November and I just can't imagine a day when I won't be able to log on to Luna. So many Fanfiction sites have come and gone over the years, but Luna was always there, like a stable haven. Is it sad that I'm about ready to cry over this?

Thank you so much, Sally. You gave me a place where I could be myself at a time when I felt like who I was wasn't good enough. I have met so many people over the years, made so many friends, and read so many wonderful stories. In my mind, Luna was like it's own world, full of people and characters from all over the multiverse; and the fanfiction was like a collective of folktales and myths and mythologies that we told each other in order to understand one another. Sounds whimsical and hopelessly romantic, but that's what this place has been for me. I've never really felt like I belonged anywhere else.

I'll miss everyone when this place goes down. But I hope that maybe the Mods might keep the Facebook page up like they did over at JamlyFics. I'd hate to lose contact with everyone.
- Raicho Kurubi on 10/21/13 - 07:25AM
This is such sad news. I loves this site so much! I write reader inserts, which don't seem welcome on most sites. This place was just so amazing...

I've never really frequented the forum but is there a place I can rally people? I mean it only takes 13 of us to pay $10 a month to keep this place up. I recently got a job and wasn't aware the site was still hurting otherwise I would've donated :( So can I post there and see if others would be willing to pay a bit per month? Sally, wouldyou vbe willing to keep the site up if you had help? I know you've asked for help before but my topic I'd make would make sure those helping aren't just donating. Like they'd be trustworthy enough to be counted on to pay every month. Would you be willing to do that or are you just done with the site overall? Please let me know.

Otherwise are there any suggestions on how to inform my readers where I may move to? I guess I can update all my stories but that's a lot lol Dx

In any case. Very sad news but I respect your decision. Thank you for providing us with a wonderful site that we can share our work. I have made wonderful and ever lasting friends because of this site. And I will never forget that. Thank you for everything :)
- SacredTear on 10/21/13 - 07:43AM
I've been going to this site for a long time, years actually. I'm so sad to think of it gone, it's meant so much to everyone here, it's more than a fiction site in my opinion.

I know it's expensive, it shouldn't have to cost that much.. There is server site,, that provides servers and everything (the whole set) for $10.00 to $3.99 a month for a whole year. I hope you can see this message, ^^;
- Rinku on 10/21/13 - 07:49AM
Aww man. Have you tried :c

Thanks for everything!
- purpurastar on 10/21/13 - 08:07AM
Thank you for everything. I've never submitted anything but i've been a reader for almost over 5-6 years and this is probably one of the best fanfiction sites. The quality of the work that's put out and the dedication of the staff makes it so. I think we all understand the decision you had to make, and it's completely reasonable.

However, I'm like the others I was wondering if you'd be able to pass it to someone so they could continue to keep the site running? It's really heartbreaking to see it go. Or, will you be willing to give another trial run maybe a month or so for us to donate?

If you can, Thank you, if not then Thank you anyways. :)
- StinaxSays on 10/21/13 - 08:28AM
I was not aware that the site was in so much trouble, if so i would have gladly donated to keep it running! I'm sad to see it go, I've had so much joy from reading the stories that are here and get to talk to the talented people who write them. If there is a possibility to keep the site up i would gladly contribute!

If not, then thank you so much for giving us all a place to relax and enjoy ourselves!

- Lyis on 10/21/13 - 08:33AM
Thank you so much Sally, this place has been my home for so long and one of the only places I've felt that I belong. You and the mods have done so much, all I can feel is an immense amount of gratitude for all of you.

I am starting a decent--soon to become VERY good--job soon, I could donate much more regularly now that I actually HAVE a job again. I saw a few are interested in taking over and, due to my work, I could too since I have the funds to pay for a site this large. I would enjoy donating much more, but I hate to see this site go and would do anything to keep it up. I would also hate for you to go through any sort of stress do to this. I hope everything becomes resolved soon!
- LegatosServant on 10/21/13 - 08:33AM
Sally and the mod team, thank you for giving me a home and a place to feel like I could be myself through the toughest years of my life. I've grown so much on Luna, and I feel that I owe all of you a huge thank you for keeping me afloat through even the toughest times. I'm not ready to say goodbye for good, but I understand your decision. If there's anything at all that we could do to save Luna, I'd do so in a heartbeat. I just had no idea that donations were so scarce. I wish I had known. Best of luck to everyone. I love you all

- Jury on 10/21/13 - 08:56AM
Most importantly, thank you for Luna and doing your best to keep it running. Everyone on the site appreciates it and loves you for it.
- on 10/21/13 - 09:45AM
This is a sad day.
I hope all the authors that I've come to love won't stop writing though, and that I'll be able to find them again.
- CloudySky on 10/21/13 - 10:04AM
I want to say that I'll be sorry to see Lunaescence go, and that I'm glad to have had a place to read such wonderful stories and have such wonderful readers.
- Murder-chan on 10/21/13 - 10:06AM
Sally, I understand that it's difficult to keep up with costs but I really do hope that, if this is your final decision, you will consider handing the site over to somebody in hopes that we can keep it up ourselves.

I'd like to ask you to reopen |Donations so people can at least pay back what you spent out of your own pocket on this site.

I'm incredibly disheartened to see this site go. :(
- Believer on 10/21/13 - 10:13AM
I didn't even know this site ran on donations. Maybe we can pull something together quickly and put up a clear link to donations? I'm sure with everyone reading this now they'd donate something to help.
- HitmanReborn on 10/21/13 - 10:22AM
I also was not aware that Luna was in such dire straights. I was under the impression that the ads were there to cover the cost, and have kept them running on my computer. I have a job, and could definitely manage to donate at least a small amount (like, $5-15) a month for at least awhile, since I won't be graduating for another year, and I'm living at home. I love this site, so it would be worth it.

I know we've been told time and time again that Sally is in charge and that's not going to change. And if that remains the case, I'll respect that decision. But if there ARE people willingly and capable of taking over, would you not consider it? Perhaps there could be some testing, like there is for mods.

That being said, I'll be very upset to see this site go. I'd go more into feelings, but...I'm at work. Thank you at least for giving us time to get our fics backed up and-or elsewhere.

Does anyone know of a good site to post reader inserts? I know that doesn't allow them. I tried FOS but didn't much like it, and Quotev is just...not really doing it for me. ):

For now, goodbye and thank you to everyone that has made this site a wonderful experience for me. My writing has bloomed in the years since joining and I have learned so much. I owe so much to Luna.
- Straw on 10/21/13 - 10:28AM
I knew Luna wasn't doing great, but with the talk of redoing the site and everything I thought things were getting better. I would have donated, but my hours at work have only recently just picked up enough to do so. The last few weeks I've been struggling to put gas in my car to even MAKE it to work. :(

For anyone interested, FOS is now Ghosts of the Vanguard, and opened its submission pool this morning. Old validated readers (that they know of and that are signed up) are going to be re-validated over the process of a week. If your name is on the list they have, they are going in alphabetical order, otherwise you'll have to request to be re-validated after they finish.

As for other sites, I don't know. Aside from ficwad, a few stray LiveJournal communities and AO3.

So, besides GotV I guess I'll start using my LJ more. I'll update my profile.
- Rei on 10/21/13 - 11:46AM
Had I known how desperate thins were I would have donated the full myself..I've been on and off with the new school year but I honestly hope there can be another solution to this or someone else can pick up.

If not..Im not sure what eldse to say but I apologize and wish everyone luck.

This has truly hit me in the chest.
- ReinAbel on 10/21/13 - 01:05PM
Thank you so much for this oppurtunity so many beautiful stories and people coagulating together to make such a beautiful and fantastic home.

I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication.
- ReinAbel on 10/21/13 - 01:08PM
I have my stories on another site but still :( I've had so many memories reading all the fics on here and enjoying them all! This is so sad. I wish I could help pay how much the site costs, but I don't have the money :(

And for those of you wondering about other sites, I do know of another one that allows fan fictions :)
- littleart425 on 10/21/13 - 02:07PM
I'm really not sure if it's a good suggestion, but would it be something to be considered on keeping the donations open for another month and perhaps explaining the financial state of the website a bit more?

I, personally, never understood the severity of the money needed to keep the servers up.

I think, if more people had an understanding they'd be more willing to donate to the website because it's needed.

I'd be willing to donate some more money now that I know the financial situation, though it is understandable if you'd much rather not keep the website open or try to open donations again.
- Chesire on 10/21/13 - 02:43PM
I'm really gonna miss Luna. It's been nice here. Will the site be closed like no one can post any stories or will it be shutdown completely?
- Marinatheweird99 on 10/21/13 - 02:48PM handles servers and everything for about $10 a month

Bah, I hope luna doesn't truly shut down

I'll be so sad . _ .
- Rinku on 10/21/13 - 02:53PM
I haven't posted anything on Luna, and now I really wish I had! Hearing the news is really heartbreaking, because I used to always come here to read my fan fictions (even before I signed up). The fact that I've only been on this site for such a short time makes me sad also. I'm gonna miss Luna so much!
Nonetheless, I understand why you have to shut it down. Money is always tight, especially if you have to pay for a website every month.
Although the possibility is low, I really do hope you can find a solution, and Luna doesn't close for good.
Thanks for all the fun times :)
- AnimeLover563 on 10/21/13 - 03:13PM
I haven't posted anything on this site but I have spent a lot of time reading and lurking. Going on Luna always made me very happy especially through some tough moments. Now that it's closing I wish I contributed more.

I understand why the site must close since $130 is quite a steep price to pay monthly. Although I do hope there is a way for Luna to stay open, it is Sally's website and she has a right to do what she wants with it.

This site has brought me a lot of joy and I am sure it made many other people happy too. It was a good run.
- rainingbows on 10/21/13 - 03:53PM
This is so saddening. Lunaescence have tons of wonderful writers and that's hard to see nowadays. Maintaining a website is really a pain and that's why I'm sad about this news. T_T
- SkylarkVIP on 10/21/13 - 03:54PM
I'm truly shocked at the news and feel guilty for not donating to this site. Although this place has been a safe haven for me, I have been pretty blind to the price tag that comes with running this site.

Sally, would you consider opening back up the donation page so that we could, at the very least, help pay back what you had to take out of your own pocket? You've been incredibly kind to this community for all these years, so I hope we don't part on bitter terms.

However, I'm crossing my fingers that an alternative solution will be found! If Luna does remain open, I think we need some sort of counter for the cost so that we're all aware of the urgency of how much we owe, as a community.

But in case this really is the end, thanks everyone for all your lovely stories and efforts. I've always been inspired by all the talented authors here.
- PaperDaggers on 10/21/13 - 04:18PM
I'm going to be sad to see Luna go....I wasn't as active on here as I would have liked to, but I always had a great time reading a lot of wonderful stories on here.

I wish there was another solution than to shut it down, but I know the probability isn't very high, but one can hope, but whatever decision is made, we'll accept it.

It's been a pleasure reading all of the wonderful stories on here and even if Luna does get shut down I hope to find another site that offers wonderful stories like the many on here ^^
- Marshmallow-Chan on 10/21/13 - 04:19PM
I really don't know what to say. I've never come across a site like this - with such talented authors, such kind reviewers and such a great moderating team who really care for the site and its users - and I don't think I'll ever be able to find another one quite like it. This is truly sad, sad news, and I never expected a site like this to go under after all the long, long years it's been running. Even though my time at Lunaescence has been short and brief, I felt like I finally found a place with impeccable standards and brilliant people, and I'll never forget the time I spent here. Honestly, I felt like this site would always go strong, never falter and never break. Now that the worse has happened, I feel lost again. I don't know where to go - not when I felt so at home here. I am truly grateful for the wonderful people I've met here, the stories I have had the pure enjoyment of reading and the memories I have created. I feel like a part of my life is being destroyed, but at the same time, Sally has probably made the right decision.
- redraposo13 on 10/21/13 - 04:40PM

I know I'm not that active here on luna as a writer but in my stay here for two years, I could say that this site has grown on me.

Sally, and all of the other mods, I would like to thank all of you for making my stay here on luna worthwhile.

This site has made me laugh, cry and kept me on the edge of my seat every time I write the fanfictions posted here. Since the time fos-ff got shut down, luna has been my only source of fanfics like what the others have said.

As much as I hate to see the site to be shut down, I fully understand why you have no choice of doing that. I may not know how hard it is to manage a site, but I could tell how difficult it is when it comes to money matters.

Thank you for giving us until December to give luna our last goodbyes, Sally. Finding this site has been a really awesome chapter in my story. And I bet everyone else's.
- Silverthread on 10/21/13 - 05:53PM
This is heartbreaking to read, but I do understand that a site this large costs lots of money. I have no job, but I have money saved and I will happily donate to keep it running for longer than December if it is an option. I love this site so much and I'm just not ready to let go... I'm crying so loudly it feels like I'm waking up the entire country.... But I'm just not ready....
Please, please, give us a chance to donate...? It might not be much, but I can donate up to $30 a month since the Swedish Krona is a bit stronger than usual this year.
I love you so much for keeping this site alive for so long-- I might not remember when I first fell into this place, but I have never left. This is my home; full of love and creativity and acceptance. I love it so much and I always will. Thank you..
- Anrui no Ketsueki on 10/21/13 - 06:03PM
I don't think Sally is likely to let anyone else take it over because the name of the site is very, very personal to her.

One of the issues she mentioned to the moderators was that ad numbers weren't matching up to visitor numbers, meaning that users with ad-blockers enabled on the site have been reducing the ad revenue the site gets through Project Wonderful. (Project wonderful is mostly ads for peoples' crafts and webcomics. They're not heavily animated. They don't have sound. They're safe for work. Advertisers bid on traffic in different regions...the more traffic, the higher the bids usually go...and whoever wins the bid has their ad displayed on the site for the traffic for that region for the day.)

I've mentioned this before, but a lot of people don't know this about me: I was not allowed to write as a child. It was a forbidden hobby. It took many years for my family to accept. This has always been one of the few places where I feel normal, so it will be a great loss for me. I've tried other sites, but the only ones that really stuck were Luna and Fan Nation. The others either just don't accept original fiction, have already gone offline, or just don't really fit. That said, if someone here does start up a site to try to give us all somewhere to go, I will likely follow.

I am honored to have served as a moderator the past few years and will miss all of you very much.

- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/21/13 - 06:28PM
I'm going to cry, I haven't been a member long, but even before I became a member it was my favorite site to read fanfic and stories. Seeing normal people write awesome stories made me think that I could too. Other sites that I looked at didn't have the quality or personality that Luna does.
I wish we were given just one last chance, I wasn't aware of the cost and even though I don't have a job I would have taken the time to donate money.
Now that people are aware and seem to be as in love with this site as I am, if at least half of us donated between $1 and $10 dollar every month, we would be all set. This community is huge and everyone would just need to contribute a little to succeed.
I also realize that it's not worth the expenses to keep it up, there's always hope for something to happen to make it through but even if there isn't, I'd like to thank all of you, readers, writers and people like Sally for this wonderful community.
- Unopooh on 10/21/13 - 06:53PM
Nooo! I love this site it has all my favorite stories on here. This is one of the few sites left that have amazing stories! I'd be willin to donate 50 dollars every month!!
- lunarmoon16 on 10/21/13 - 06:56PM
I understand if the decision is final...but it seems we already have a good number of willing monthly donors, should Sally be willing to be swayed to keep this home alive. If we could at least try until the new year, making it very clear and prominent on the site that it runs via donations with a clear donate here button, perhaps not all is lost.

I hate to sound like I'm harping, but this news completely blindsided me and I hate to have to give up a site that has most likely saved countless lives without a fight. I'm a college grad living at home with a single parent...I have my own part time job that gives me a little extra money...and even though I have a London trip to pay for...I'd gladly give up going out to eat once a month to help keep this beautiful creation alive.

Please...let us fight. Even if we fail, I am thankful you're giving us to at least December 6th to say goodbye.
- Ame-dono on 10/21/13 - 07:16PM
I am truly grateful for this site and it's years of enjoyment.

However, forgive me, but I don't understand why it has to close. Obviously there are plenty of people willing to donate and others willing to help out or take over. There are other routes that can be taken before closing. Keep the site up and if enough funds aren't gathered for that month, let the site go down and announce it. If we don't know and understand where things stand money wise, we don't donate.

I understand the name of the site means a lot, but I hope that the willingness of others is taken into account and that the site doesn't close completely.

This is a great community and as the past has shown, when the site is in need, we band together and make it through.
- ChibiChi on 10/21/13 - 07:38PM
@ChibiChi et al - The trouble is that one-time donations aren't going to keep the site funded. Every time Sally asks for donations, there are enough to run it for a short period of time, but they fall off very quickly. If the ad revenue stays stable at $70 per month, the site requires $50-$60 per month in donations to stay open because Sally needs it to pretty much pay for itself.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/21/13 - 07:46PM
I was wondering, what if there was some sort of annul fund raising, if the site costs 130 a month to run then it would be 1560 a year. I'm not sure if there's tax with that but, if there was a fund raiser and it got the site paid for, for the entire year there might not be worry about not making the bills so to speak.
- Eoria on 10/21/13 - 08:06PM
If the one time donation doesn't work, it's usually lack of communication. Most times if there is no announcement then people think there is enough to go around or that someone else will donate.

If things do open, amybe adding in the monethy updates that come around anyway, put the total money currently sitting the paypal account so that people can be aware. Obviously there are many willing to donate, but if they think that there is enough funding, they may pass of that five bucks to something else.

That is not just if Luna stays, but if someone wishes to open to a new site and follow a donation path. The masses can and will help, but without the right information we are as blind as bats to the need.

All other feelings have been said by others; it will be sad to see the site go after years of such dedication. But all good things ultimately come to an end. At least Luna will die a hero, and not see it's self as the villain.
- Empty_Lies on 10/21/13 - 08:23PM
>.> Stupid phone

*maybe adding in the monthly
- Empty_Lies on 10/21/13 - 08:24PM
I am so sad to see this site leaving. I've grew up with this site and it...

Sally, dear, thank you for making this site for us to enjoy wonderful written stories. I'm going to miss it..
- RosyGem on 10/21/13 - 08:25PM
Luna has been here for nearly my entire fanfiction lifetime and I'm sad to see it end, but the memories will help Luna live on.

I just want to say thank you very much, Sally, for all that you've done. $130 a month is expensive, and it's easy to see why you're doing what you're doing. I hope things work out for you. Best wishes!
- Kiseki Lin on 10/21/13 - 08:30PM
Ah, I had no idea it cost that much to keep the site up :/ I'm so sorry, I really didn't know.
I would gladly help if you opened up the donations again, knowing this. I haven't been on this website for too long, unlike many others, but I think it's wonderful. However, it's entirely your choice what happens, I fully understand.
Thank you for everything. :3
- Riceball on 10/21/13 - 08:47PM
I really want to cry! I love this site and to be honest I don't want to this site to shut down at all because I love going here to read various of awesome stories! I would gladly donate to help this site open! I am sad! T^T
- Hachie1990 on 10/21/13 - 09:11PM
I can donate some money to it now that I have some. I had been meaning to for a while. Can you put the donation thing back up and gives us another chance? I wanted to donate quite a bit of money...
- Alchery on 10/21/13 - 09:29PM
I have been on here for years. It started when I fell into a depression- and after finding this site my mood lifted a bit. I'm a bit happier now, and it's mostly thanks to Lunaescence. This is really hard for me to say (how unbelievable that this is closing!) but goodbye.

Thank you Sally, moderators, and Lunaescence members. I feel connected to you all despite not knowing you personally. It was in these fanworks and reviews that I found happiness, and I will never, never forget you all. I love you. I really do.

It's understandable that you are closing since even my family is having troubles. Thank you for keeping it up this long and helping us all to connect with new people! I regret nothing, and sincerely hope to find you all in the future on another site. Take care Sally (and everyone).

I'll miss you dearly! :'(
- Passerby on 10/21/13 - 09:58PM
I'm so heartbroken right now, I don't even know what to write. Thank you Sally, mods, and everyone else who helped make Luna what it is. I'm going to miss this wonderful site.
- Cherezsa on 10/21/13 - 09:59PM
Wow, this hit me hard.

As for donations, are they closed or something? I'm willing to donate too.

Thank you Sally, mods, and members. I gained lots of experience here. I'll miss this site and you guys ;__;
- versatility on 10/21/13 - 10:13PM
Even though I haven't been on Luna as long as others have, the heartbreak is still the same. However, I would definitely like to thank you for starting this site up in the first place and for doing your best to keep it alive.

Thank you to everyone - Sally, moderators, and all of the other authors and members. This site has truly given me memories and emotions that I will not forget.

Well anyways, thank you once again for everything, and also for giving us another month to treasure our time on Lunaescence Archives. You will be missed :')
- Anzushi on 10/21/13 - 10:28PM
Honestly, I wasn;t even sure before the school year started about Lunas financing. I had never saw a donation box with a goal or anything so I assume many people thought we were ok, especially with these new ads. I thought it was something that would help alleviate the struggle!

If I had seen the $5 under what the monthly donations were, I would have COMPLETELY donated. Not even kidding. And I honestly think that goes for every one here. There's no way that if you put the amount of needed and a date by and that $5 dollars was next to the bar that 22,500+ members wouldn't get you the money needed. 5 dollars from EACH of them would have paid for years!

I really hope you give this method a chance and let us fight.
Or at least hand the site over.

This may seem selfish, but please don't let 6 years worth of progress, friendship, magic, educating, and home-making go like this.

Atleast know that we appreciate you and your decision whatever it may be.
All I ask is for a fair fight. And I know we've had chances before, but there has to be some alternative.
- ReinAbel on 10/21/13 - 10:54PM
Hello, Sally! (And to any other mods, if you are reading!)

I just wanted to say that I'm so humbled and grateful that you've all worked so hard to created such a wonderful site to host a multitude of stories on. Though I've only known of Luna for a year or so now, it's been great. I've grown to love this site, and even though I haven't been able to be as active on here as I'd like, I'm grateful to all of your hard work.

As a mere high school student with no source of income aside from her parents, I can't offer much aside from my moral support and signal boosts. I wish I could pitch in with monthly fees and whatnot, seeing as this site is precious to not only me, but many other individuals. I had been under the impression that the addition of the ads, which didn't really take away from the overall experience of the site, had been covering the costs of running Luna every month. I think that the communication gap between us members and what truly goes on in the background of running this website was what led to the lack of donations.

It must've been a hard decision for Sally to make, as I've heard that this site and the domain both mean a lot to you. We could possibly get a Kickstarter going, or something similar, so that we could earn enough funds to keep the website running a bit longer until something else can be arranged.

It breaks my heart to see this site go, and I wish I could find a more meaningful way to give my thanks to all the wonderful moderators and Sally herself for running this site so beautifully and creating such a warmly-welcoming home for both me and the other members of Lunaescence. Before the site does close down, I was wondering if it was possible for any of the moderators or Sally to suggest other similar sites that offer good quality work and a nice environment to post stories on? I've never found anything quite like Luna, and I was just hoping I could get another account up and running to transfer everything over before December.

Much love and warm regards,
- Dolente on 10/21/13 - 11:07PM
I would be happy and willing to donate money to keep this site up. I have a job but still still live with my parents. This money is making a hole in my bank account. Please, let me donate $20-$50 each month to help. Please.
- OnyxbirdGrace on 10/21/13 - 11:11PM
I really hope that you are reading these comments, Sally. We appreciate and love this place you've built for us, and many of us, myself included, didn't know how much donations were needed. I ask you as someone who's been on this site for a few years - enough of my life that I will feel a void at its absence.
Please allow the members to donate more or to try making a Kickstarter.

I understand if you just can't do it anymore, but we love this site, and we don't want to see it go. I hope that you see how much we care from these comments.
- thewallyoubuiltforme on 10/21/13 - 11:26PM
From all the comments I've read, it looks like I'm not the only one who doesn't want this site to end. There are so many things I love about this place. It's the only place I can find GREAT fanfiction, and the reader-inserts are incomparable to anything else I know. I'm afraid I can't donate - I'm underage without a job or credit card - but I hope you've read all the comments here and seen all the people willing to donate to keep this site going. If this was a collection of petitions, you can count this review as my "signature" to keep this site up. Thank you so much for your hard work. I know it's been tough, but please don't give up. We're willing to help you. We love this site, and we don't want to see it go. You need only ask.

Once again, thank you very much for giving us this site. Please don't give up on it, because we certainly haven't.

Yours truly,
- mia826 on 10/21/13 - 11:28PM
It's sad to see this site close down, but I understand the circumstances. I would love to donate, but even I am struggling to pay for groceries and get caught up with bills.

It has been good coming on here for the past couple of years and I will surely miss this place.
- Flameheart10204 on 10/21/13 - 11:54PM
I admit that I don't get on here as much as I used to. But after reading all the comments I'm saddened to hear that you're closing down the site. If you would let me. I'd be able to help pay for the full cost of the site. If you wish to keep it going that is. I would love to help keep the site going. But if not it's understandable. If you want to keep the site going just send me an email at
- VeraLai on 10/22/13 - 12:09AM
I'm a little heartbroken, all the writing on this site is absolutely amazing, and I've never read better stories on any other site than on this one. I've been a member for a short time, but I've been reading for months, and years. I'm hoping that this site will magically stay available until the end of time, but I understand how difficult it must be to pay for. I wish that this could eventually be solved, but if not, then I'd be completely satisfied with everyone knowing how important this site has been for me (and many others as well). I'm thankful, and will savor the short time I have left to enjoy the writing on here. (:
- thecabbagelife on 10/22/13 - 12:18AM
It is sad to see a good site go but I understand what you are going through. Thanks for all the years you let me put up my stories, and others, who knew we could share with everyone without too much worries. I wish you the best of luck and once again thanks for everything!

- Stormy-fire on 10/22/13 - 12:32AM
For anyone that isn't sure about GOTVG yet, and is worried about finding somewhere to host their work, consider sending it to "". It's meant to be a directory for reader insert work until everything in the RI world gets settled. It's just starting out, but a couple of sample stories are up so you can see how it works.

I hope we don't lose Luna, but I really hope we don't lose anyone's work.
- thewallyoubuiltforme on 10/22/13 - 12:52AM
So sad to hear this...I'm a lurker myself but some of the stories I've read have honestly been better than published novels. There is so much talent here. I'm so sorry for the strain Sally and the other mods had to go through- like many have stated before, maybe a counter or something would have been helpful so that members would be more conscious as to what was needed to keep the place running...Put a little fire under the members so to speak.Not a lot of good it does now but perhaps if there's a way to keep the place it will be something we could use in the future...
Nevertheless, it is incredible the responses this has gotten and the support of the community here. I would also be willing to donate-at least allow us to pay back what Sally paid out of pocket like someone suggested. Its honestly the least we can do.

This place is truly lovely and I'd hate to see it go. But you gotta do what you gotta do and if there's no other way, I guess you have to call it.We understand.

Thank you mods and Sally for all your hard work and dedication, you guys are rockstars, truly.
- briarmeetrose on 10/22/13 - 01:38AM
Um, I've never really spoken to anyone in this site before and I've never posted a comment like this, mostly because I was always in fear of sounding stupid or something like that... but this is something I couldn't keep quiet about, even if I'm only posting to say goodbye.

In my opinion, Luna is the best place to go for fanfiction. It's here that I learned writing-related things that apply even to non-fanfiction fiction (haha). The amount of inspiration I've gotten from this site will never be beaten and I'm very happy to have been part--even a very minor and insignificant one--of this.

My words may not hold much worth, but thank you very much for everything until, Ms. Sally :)
- FunkyEatingEagle on 10/22/13 - 04:31AM
*everything until now, mods and Ms. Sally.

(can't believe I got this wrong =.=)
- FunkyEatingEagle on 10/22/13 - 04:32AM
I'd like to start my comment first off (well...THIS comment as I have commented before) that if the reason you, Sally, don't want to keep up the site is anything other than money then we all understand. As I said in my previous post I know you were under a lot of stress. But if it's strictly money related please here us out.

I have a feeling Sally's response to all of this is that this has happened before , which is why the ads and donation box is even there. However, and I think I speak for most of us, judging by the other comments I've read, that we had no idea the site was under financial struggle. Yes this has happened before, yes she asked for help. However I admittedly don't come to the site every day or even read the news all the time. So the last I had heard Sally was happy because the site could go on. So to see there are financial problems comes as a shock to pretty much all of us.

As you can see PLENTY of us are willing to donate. And not only that but also contribute to a monthly fee. This should be MORE than enough. And I also like the idea of showing how much is donated. That way if there is only $5 in there we'll know to toss some more in. Plus I had no idea (or maybe forgot) that the site was $130 a month. That might be good to post under the box as well so we can see how close/far we are to the goal.

So I beseech you to please consider your options. If the reason you're leaving is stress related or something similar, then by all means I respect your decision. But if it is fund related, please please PLEASE give us another chance. This came without warning. It wasn't like a "Help, guys we're going down." And you're upset no money came in. It's more like "Yay! We have ads so the site can go on!" Then suddenly "Well there were no donations. We're closing." It's just like...what?!

So can this be our warning please? Let us donate and help. This site means a lot to many of us and we'd hate to leave. Please just give us a chance now that we know... :(
- SacredTear on 10/22/13 - 05:56AM
SacredTear's comment SECONDED!
- versatility on 10/22/13 - 06:48AM
Let this be our warning. Let us donate and help you now. Please
- OnyxbirdGrace on 10/22/13 - 07:56AM
I'm not good with words, but, as with others, this news came to me as a punch in the face. I've been reading on this site for years, and I know I can come here when I'm feeling down. Such amazing stories and authors from this site helped me through the depression that came after my father passed away, and this is the only place to read quality reader inserts (and fanfiction in general). I feel as if there's a hole in my heart, and this site will forever hold a place there. I'm going to miss it dearly. I, too, am underage and without a job, or else I would be all over donating to help keep Lunaescence up. But I guess all good things must come to an end. I love all the stories, talented authors, and caring mods. This place is a home and a family, and I wish everyone luck in life. Thank you Sally and everyone else who worked so hard on this site. I really, really hope there is a way to keep it up. Goodbye )':
- DesolateBanshee on 10/22/13 - 07:57AM
I third sacredtear's points. We can all make this work. If we would have known the goal we needed to reach, it could've helped.

Also, a lot of other websites do contests/give aways. Where when you donate you are entered in the contest. A small small portion of the money goes towards the gift give away and the rest goes toward paying the site's bills.
- ChibiChi on 10/22/13 - 08:00AM
I just found out that luna is closing, this is a big shock to me (I'm physically sick and crying over this) I had NO IDEA that it cost $130 a month to keep the site up, had I'd known before how bad the money problem
was I would have donated. I agree with SacredTear's comment, please please please PLEASE let us help you keep the site up!!!!!!!!!!!! or maybe if you don't mind letting someone else take over luna, about 3 other people have asked, or if you had it set up to where members have to pay 5 dollars (because the site has 22635 members a $1 a month would work to) to use the site then you won't have to worry about money. Please sally give us another chance, you have no idea just how much luna means to not only me but everyone here.
I really REALLY hope you reconsider keeping luna up
- on 10/22/13 - 08:41AM
OMG! This is sad I love Lunaesence =( I totally agree with ChibiChi. You can consider having someone take over or atleast start charging us members. I dont want this website to go down D=
- InaSaoriNeko on 10/22/13 - 10:49AM
ScaredTear gave a great idea. I'm sorry to hear of Luna's situation, but I'd be more than willing to donate if the option became enabled again. Like SacredTear's comment, I think showing the status could be a great solution and it would give us members a visual indication each month how Luna is doing financially.

Other than that, I would like to thank you, Sally, the mods and all the members for making Luna a treasured gem of a site.
- dragonfly on 10/22/13 - 11:08AM
I second what SacredTear wrote. I'm broke as I am a student with no job, but had I know the situation the site was in I would have tried to scrape together a couple dollars..
- CloudySky on 10/22/13 - 11:44AM
I am going to agree with SacredTear on this. I am a nursing student with 2 jobs - I don't exactly rack in the green but I make enough to get by on my own. I wasn't aware the site was in such distress - I was under the assumption that it was alright because nothing was really said until now.

If this is something I can help with - I am willing to donate AT LEAST $20s a month, possibly more once I get my side debts out of the way. This is something I can guarentee. Would you be willing to test this out so we can see how this works. If after 6 months this site is unable to sustain itself, then you can close it.

I've been on this site for a looong time, and though I've been frustrated with it at times, the last thing I want to see is it shut down.
- Poison Girl on 10/22/13 - 05:30PM
I'm really quite sad.

I'm a new member to this site, but I must say, I love it. The moderators work so hard to create polished stories that are finally adequate to read, along with pushing the skills of every author to get better and better. I have improved so much on this site because of that, and I'm not willing to let that go.

However I'm only a student with not even a buck to spare for donations. Instead, I ask that even if you must delete this server, that you can run it somewhere else that will be easy on you and you alone. Even if a new Luna is not even close to par with this server, it'd be absolutely horrifying to see my new home go.

Thank you for all you've done. I hope the messages of all these other lovely souls of have offered donations and ownership can help you change your mind. None of us are rich, but if we all pitch in, then we can definitely make it work.
- cythereanCallipygous on 10/22/13 - 06:05PM
But yes, along with other words, if the reason you decide to shut down the site is something other than money than we all understand. Stress, depression, or anything other than happiness is agony to deal with. But please, give us a chance.
- cythereanCallipygous on 10/22/13 - 06:08PM
I may not makenthe big bucks like Sally said Iam willing to donate in order to jelp keepnthe site up. Please dont leave us hanging let us know what we can do. I may not be a writer but I read stories and make sure to review. Dont worry we have your back in whatever decision that you make
- Kayuka on 10/22/13 - 06:44PM
First of Iíd like to say that the time Iíve spent here. Reading because trust me I am a bad writer....i love reading and am to start studying next year a to become a librarian, I have found the highest of quality in fan fictions. And my heart is breaking.

second... May I suggest a temporary solution that is free... A Deviantart group. Its free member ship and making the group is free as well. I know its "Deviantart" but it could be a place top post up the stories as a perhaps save files.
Is not the best solution but it a solution.. Unless you of course decide to pass on the site to someone else.. Or find a other option to keep this life chaning site going.
(in that case whoho!! Yay)
You could contact me and I could set it up within a day maybe..

- Prosit on 10/22/13 - 09:11PM
I will admit, I'm a lurker on here. I've been coming to this site for years and have fallen in love with many of the stories. If the reason for the site shutting down is financial, I can't just sit on the sidelines anymore. I'm completely willing to donate as much as I can. This site has been a place to escape reality for me and I'll help in any way I can to keep it from going under.
- Kittia-chan on 10/22/13 - 09:32PM
Guys - I'm pretty sure that Sally has made her final decision. If the name of this site means a lot to her then it is clear she won't let someone else take over. There's also the option of creating a new website, inspired by Lunaescence but with a different name and a new, fresh start.

Money-wise, and I hate to say it, but we all should have known. How many times did this site go down? Because of limited bandwidth and lack of funds. Despite the fact that so many of us are willing to donate now, it's too late because we failed to see these realities sooner.

Please stop begging Sally about keeping the site open. In the end it is her decision and maybe we will be lucky, and she will give it another chance or allow donations to come through. But try to understand that sometimes things just have to end, even when we don't want them to.

To Sally and the moderators, my fellow writers and amazingly awesome readers, I love all of you and am grateful to have been part of a wonderful website for so long! Farewell. We'll meet again someday. :)
- apples4ryuk on 10/22/13 - 10:01PM
I am all for what @apples4ryuk just said. If it really were just a financial issue, I'm sure she would've just made a news update asking for donations because she's in a bind right now. The fact that she skipped over that and decided to close the site speaks volumes.

She might have a lot of stress going on in her life. She may not even have time for the site anymore or for its maintenance. It can be a lot of things all rolled into one on top of her financial situation. I understand you all want the site to stay open but begging for her to find other options isn't going to solve anything or make her feel better. She's clearly thought very long and hard about what options were available to her and her only conclusion and solution would be to let the site go.

And we all need to respect that. Honestly, I think the constant begging would do more harm than good. As you may be making her feel bad and/or guilty about doing something she has to do to make her life easier.
- Crys-chan on 10/22/13 - 10:53PM
I am sad that this site is going down, I really am, but your reason is understandable, Sally.

I've been reading fanfics on here for a while now and I just made an account on here today to say thank you. Thank you for this wonderful site. (Which is waaaaaaay better than Fanfiction.Net.)

Thank you so much for the wonderful place for reading Sally. Thank you so much. I will never forget this site.

P.S. If anyone is looking for a site to use if this one gets shut down, I'm willing to give out the link to FanFicUnderground, my home site.
- SinKitty on 10/22/13 - 11:06PM
I knew that topic would come up, which is the whole point of my post. Yes, most of us know this has happened before, many times. However the POINT is that as far as we know (at least for me) we thought things were finally fine. Any time the site went down I had no idea it was due to no payments. I don't frequent the FB page or any other page that Luna has updates on and perhaps that's my fault. But as I said, I thought things were finally okay, as that was the last piece of news I had received. Yes it happened many times before, but just because that's true, it doesn't mean it constantly will still happen.

I apologize that this might be tough for Sally but I just want to say that this struck without warning. Perhaps we should have expected it, but there were NO recent news updates saying the ads and donation boxes weren't helping. I literally had no idea. I don't even remember seeing the donation box, honestly.

If Sally has made her final decision then I respect that. And of course if it is stress related then all of our posts mean nothing and anyone bugging her should be ashamed of themselves (if they are bugging her after knowing it's stress related, of course). However, as I said, if it is purely money related and the stress COMES from the money issue, then let us help you. Let us be the monthly payers. You said you will give us through November, but can you let us try paying for December? If it fails utterly then yes, we failed to pull through and you can close on the new year. But what is frustrating about it on our end (again I speak for myself, but for many others as well by the looks of things) is that we didn't know the financial issue was STILL an issue, which is why the donations became slim perhaps. I certainly had no idea.

That's all I'm trying to say. We were well aware it had problems in the past. Don't get upset at us for not going ahead and assuming it was still an issue.

I'm sorry if this is making it difficult for you, Sally. Whatever your final decision is, we will all respect it. I just want to give our side of the story.
- SacredTear on 10/23/13 - 08:43AM
There aren't enough words to describe how grateful I am to Sally and all the mods who have dedicated so much to this website just so that we can enjoy and share our writing with one another. This really is one of my favorite sites and it is heartbreaking to hear it's going to be gone for good.

I also agree on the point, that if there are other reasons Sally doesn't want to run the site any more and wants to close it, then that is her decision and it should be respected.

BUT if it is solely due to financial issues, then I know I would be more than willing to pay. If everyone on the site donated just a dollar we'd be set for many months to come and I know there are many people on the site willing to pay in order for this community to continue to grow and flourish.

Of course, I've also noticed the paypal donation button is no longer on the sidebar where it used to be, so it may be a moot point now.

Either way, no matter what it comes to, I just want to reiterate how happy this site has made me in the past and how grateful I am to all who made it such a wonderful place.
- Rockinmuffin on 10/23/13 - 11:13AM
Sally, mods, and everyone: I want to thank you so much for being a part of my life these past 4 years. You all have made a big difference in my world and I will never forget you.

Sally: I respect your decision to close the website and cannot thank you enough for all your years of service. I feel sorry that my past donations were not enough to help you to where you needed to be, but I am grateful for everything you have done for us. If you change your mind due to any of the above posts, I wanted to mention I would be willing to donate $5 a month membership fees to help keep the site going. I'd simply need a reminder email about dues. :) If your decision is final, I want you to know I am so glad to have had luna in my life and support your choice.

For those looking for a new fanfiction website, I know still bands CYOA/Reader Inserts. I will be posting my reader inserts on: (18+)
-Ghosts of the Vanguard

Also, if we get a deviant group together, somebody please post it in the comments. I'd love to join.
- Crimsoncat on 10/23/13 - 11:21AM
*bans. I swear I can spell/
- Crimsoncat on 10/23/13 - 11:22AM
This is an excellent website and really deserves to stay online. I would be more than willing to pay the monthly fees.

Who wants to make a Kickstarter campaign?
- Schmelon on 10/23/13 - 09:07PM
First of all, thank you, mods, and all staff for all your hard work. Even though I understand and feel the same way with other users who would like to keep the website running, I believe that you have made the best choice and financial problems should always come first.

For sure there are many of us who are willing to donate but I can't help but feel painfully aware that you had to use money out of your own pocket to pay for the website. Too bad there wasn't a counter to inform us but that doesn't change anything now.

Thank you so much for the memories and inspirations.
- ChocoChiharu on 10/24/13 - 12:24AM
SacredTear has described my (and many others) side of the story perfectly. Can't describe any better how I felt when I read this.

Still, I would still like to let Sally know that we are here to support her. : )
- ChocoChiharu on 10/24/13 - 12:32AM
I want to cry.
- Chellendora on 10/24/13 - 02:57AM

is a reasonable site. from the once i've seen

that and

they both support reader insert fiction as well as oc's...
- Prosit on 10/24/13 - 07:20AM
I've been a part of the site since I was a sophmore so -does the math- it's been about six years, give or take a few months.

I really liked this place. I've changed my name a lot because of things that have happened but I never left completely. (Even though I said I would. Multiple times.) The admins here have seen the worst of me, through my horrendous teen years to budding adulthood and I was hoping it'd be there for even longer. I kept saying a lot of things, like I'd keep writing or finish this story before starting another one and I'm pretty sure Luna itself was chuckling at me.

But it was still here. Even when drama ensued and people fought, Luna was still a haven and almost like a forgiving relative- someone who let you rant and whine and throw a tantrum, but never held it against you.

And now it's going down, tired after fighting for so long, and I feel awful for not understanding how dire the situation was.

I won't beg for another solution- I might have the same feelings as the others and want it to stay, but... everyone else has already said anything I might want to.

I'm rambling now, but I just wanted to state my feelings on the matter. Even if I didn't know them myself and just let my fingers type and type and type.

I'm very happy and grateful to have been a part of such a site for so long, to have seen some of the changes from beginning to end.

And I'm very honored to have met so many of you. (You might not recognize me, but I remember you all. XD)

Don't take this as a moment of utter desolation- but use what you learned here, writing and friends and all the problems and joys that came with them, and apply it to your life. No one said friendships had to end or that you had to stop writing.

Besides, no one said we can't try another place. It's not Luna, no, and it never will be.

But we can try, and fall back on the memories. ^^

Thanks for everything, everyone.
- Hikari Renge on 10/24/13 - 10:49AM
Ah, I apologize if I seemed like I was giving unwanted advice or anything rude.

I really just wanted to give my feelings on the matter. ^^U
- Hikari Renge on 10/24/13 - 10:52AM
I am going to miss this site. I only joined recently, but I've been a lurker for a long time. I adore many fanfics here, and I admire many of the authors. This is one of my favorite fanfiction sites.

And many have already said this, but what if we could try donating to keep the site alive? There are a few sites I go on that do require donations once a month (optional for all members though), and the quota is filled pretty quickly. If there are other reasons you wish to close the site though, then I'll leave it at that.

Luna is a wonderful place, and has so many brilliant works. Regardless of what happens, I hope you and everyone here have a wonderful life, Sally! Thank you, all the mods, and everyone here for being such wonderful people! *hugs*
- BrokenData on 10/24/13 - 11:58AM
I contributed with ads. Seems like it didn't help. :| Alas, best of luck since it seems there's no chance in changing your mind.

For those looking for a safe haven/new place to post fic:

FOS-FF is now gotvg:

Also for Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and Free! authors, deviantART seems to be a pretty safe haven for reader-insert authors.
- Melodea on 10/24/13 - 10:22PM
I am not a writer, or even really an active member, but I have been coming to this site inconsistently for a time longer than I thought I have, and I just wanted to say that it has been an absolute pleasure. I have never, in all of my time as a reader, come across a site quite like this. It is professional, and classy, and just all around amazing, and I am just so astonished and proud and happy that I ever got a chance to be apart of this.

This place became a sanctuary to so many people, me unknowingly included, and I can't even begin to thank you enough for what you, and the mods, and everyone else here really, have created. It is downright amazing and I just want to let anyone who reads this to know that they have made something beautiful and special. There is no place, and there will never be a place, that can really compare that what was created here.

I also want to apologize. If I may be frank as well Sally, I feel like we have failed you, no matter how unintentional it was. You gave birth to such an amazing place, and we couldn't help you through the growing pains that came along as we go older and bigger, and for that I am personally sorry. I'm sorry if we let you down.

I know so many of us want to try and fix this very badly right now, but I also understand if it is coming a little too late. You have given us chances before, and regardless of what happened in the past, this is where it has led us. I respect your decision 100%, and while I do hope that you hear our pleas for another alternative, I completely understand if you ultimately do close down the site in December.

In the end though, what I really want to say is that you were wonderful. The moderators were wonderful, the writers were wonderful, the readers where wonderful, and this site was wonderful. Just thank you so much, everyone. This place has created great joy, and sadness, and unforgettable memories and none of it would have been possible if it weren't for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I wish you a safe and happy journey from now on, and I hope the future holds great things for everyone here. Although we are unsure of what lies before us, I can say that it has been a great run so far. Once again, thanks to everyone who has made this possible. It was so special and precious and I am happy I got to be here for it.

I really do love this place.
- The Sundancer on 10/26/13 - 06:36AM
There are more than enough active member on Lunaescence to keep this site going, we can all pitch in and donate. Please allow us the chance to do so now that we know what position Luna is in.
- Hanako-Chan on 10/26/13 - 07:37AM
There are more than enough active member on Lunaescence to keep this site going, we can all pitch in and donate. Please allow us the chance to do so now that we know what position Luna is in.
- Hanako-Chan on 10/26/13 - 07:37AM
Thank you for making this site. Though I have recently become a member, I will remember it for years to come as being a place where everyone's work can truly be appreciated. I would like to request that this just be a warning, or that perhaps you could give the site to another person to take over, but I'm sure that you've considered these possibilities. I would also like to apologize for my lack of donations. I had no idea Luna was in a financial bind. Thank you so much for keeping this site going.
- Violet5512 on 10/26/13 - 10:51AM
I'm sad to see this amazing website go, I understand why. Thank you, Sally, for giving me a place to go where I can read amazing stories from brilliant authors, and for inspiring me to start writing as well. I love this website and want to thank you for keeping it up for so long. I wish, after being a member for so long, that I could've donated to help keep this place up and running. Again, thank you.
- TheDoctor on 10/26/13 - 02:01PM
i know someone else mentioned that they'd like to take it over, if that doesn't work out i am also interested :)
- Halogen on 10/26/13 - 05:20PM
I could have sworn one of the other moderators mentioned this already...

There's a public google doc for ideas for fund raising. Anyone can edit. You don't need a google account. PLEASE don't use it to do shout-outs or ask moderators to look at your story. We all get off-topic, but it's not the place for poking moderators. If you need to shout out, do it on the announcement. If you need a category, character, or story validation, go to the forum. If you need to otherwise poke the moderators, use email.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/26/13 - 08:39PM
Thank you so much, Sally, for creating Lunaescence! Even though lately I haven't been here as much as I would like, the site has been such a big part of my life. I've made friends here and my writing has grown because of it. It's been so much fun. Thank you so much for the opportunity for me to do that. :) I wish you all the best, take care!
- Chevalier on 10/27/13 - 05:38PM
I understand your decision, but I am still sad. I've been a member on this site for 3 to 4 years, but I've been reading things from here for a little while longer.

Thank you for creating such an amazing site for so long, and I'm sorry that it has to end this way. We will all miss this site.

Again, thank you Sally!
- Masa-chan on 10/27/13 - 08:46PM
Thank you Sally for consistently providing all the members of this site with a place where we can write til our heart's content! I, like many others, have grown up with this site and am very saddened to hear that it will be shutting down.

I know that Sally has made up her mind but I would definitely be willing to donate the necessary funds to keep this site alive, as I have a great attachment to it.

I'm not sure if someone has mentioned this already (or if it has already been implemented), but perhaps a donation box that shows how much has been donated would really help! And maybe a counter that shows "($$$ amount) in donations have been made to keep the site going for (however long)" would certainly motivate viewers/members to continuously contribute to keep the site going!

Thanks again Sally for everything you've done!
- Mizu_Kitsune on 10/29/13 - 07:07PM
Oh no! I never knew Luna was in such dire trouble :( all the great people and stories on here I've spent the last 6 years reading, it hurts my heart to know soon Lunaescence will be gone. I know how it is with financial concerns but if it helps ease the pain of paying so much and helps keep my favorite fan fic website up, I'm a working student and I can afford to put some money aside each month for Luna :) I hope you reconsider shutting down if everyone was able to chip in some money to keep her running as long as possible!
- ninka on 10/30/13 - 04:12PM
I've been lurking on this site for a very long time, and I know that it's had the occasional financial issue from time to time. Since it's such a terrible issue at the moment, I would very much like to donate to the cause, but I can't seem to find a single link to donate...

Is it just me? Or is there some secret way to go about it that I don't know about? ): I'd like to give some money to fund a site that I've been a part of for such a long time.
- Miathyi on 11/01/13 - 08:42AM
I Cant post my stories for some reason
- Erin Devlin on 11/01/13 - 03:28PM
I know I haven't been really active on this site for a while or even written fanfics in years but when I heard this site was to close I suddenly felt like I lost a good friend.

You have your reasons and I respect that. I hope everyone will have a good life filled with happiness.

Thank you for creating this site in the first place and I will remember it fondly in years to come.
- ToonyTwilight on 11/02/13 - 10:07AM
I don't know what to say. I really, honestly don't. But, I suppose a "thank you" would be a great thing to start with.
Thank you. Thank you for all you've done for us, for keeping Lunaescence Archives up for as long as you did. The length is something I don't know; I haven't been a member for even a year yet. At least, I don't think I am. I lost track, but it's felt like a long while. I think it's because I enjoyed myself on here so much. So many stories to read, so little time. And yet, every single story I read has affected me somehow, so I know that those stolen minutes reading a new chapter or oneshot was absolutely worth it. But now that might not be the case anymore.
I'll say it straight: I can't donate like some of the members on here can. But I'm so scared of December 6th; I don't want Lunaescence to end. If there's anything anyone can do - and they can do it, the comments above me obviously care enough to actually do something to keep it up and running - please consider. But if you truly honestly can't, then I will respect your opinion. I really will.
Lunaescence is one of my homes away from home. I can immerse myself in the stories I read and relieve some of the tension and stress that I feel on myself everyday. It might come to an end, and even if this isn't the first time there were financial issues, just give us another chance, please?
But if not, Lunaescene will always be one of my favorite places to be.
- SolitaryFeather on 11/02/13 - 04:05PM
I'm not really good with words so I'll make this short. But I'm sad to know Luna is shutting down, and I really have enjoyed my time here reading the fanfics. And thanks to the mods and Sally for making this site one of the best around, will miss being on here :( .
- on 11/02/13 - 04:20PM
Thank you to the mods and Sally for such a wonderful site. Had I known you were having financial troubles, Sally, I would have helped by donating. :( But if this is really your choice, I will respect that.

I'm super sad but thank you so much for making a site I could grow up with. I've learned so much from the awesome community of authors here. It has been an awesome run.
- key on 11/03/13 - 03:20PM
I'm really gonna miss Luna. :'(
Thank you to everyone for making this place amazing. <3
- Aemrics on 11/04/13 - 12:06AM
Oh man, I look forward to coming on this site almost everyday out of the week if I didn't have to go to my classes or work and just sit back & relax... Now to know that it's going to closing down in December, makes really sad and I know that times are hard so I under stand, Sally. This place has giving me a lot of memories, laughs, tears, and anything else that it could give me in the process, this site will always be my second home and will forever be in my heart... X3 Love you, Lunaescence Fam!
- Yuurei_Thanatos on 11/04/13 - 01:00AM
I already made a forum topic about this, but since you're unable to pay for the site.....wouldn't it make sense to pass the site on to someone willing to take the job?

I'd gladly take over the site Sally! I've run two fanfiction archives (that used efiction) so I have experience. I hate to see Luna if it helps keep this site alive, I'd gladly take over the site.
- BrokenSunshine on 11/04/13 - 06:54PM
Gents, It has been an honor working with you all. *starts playing violin* I'm pretty sure this marks the death of the only respected reader insert site to boot. :(
- MarsAltera on 11/07/13 - 08:34PM
I haven't logged in in forever; life (in particular school) has taken me away from everything. Now that I finally have time and interest to come back, inspiration to write things, Luna was the place I wanted to come back to. I didn't do as much as I could, but I still loved everything about this place, Sally, and remember the days even before it. Do I know the difficulty in trying to keep something going. This was the last real connection to the old days. I know it's all sentimental, but there are a lot of things I don't want to remember, but you, Jass, Crim, and Ook are people I don't want to forget, even if now I only have contact with two of you. I am so proud of you and what this place has become, and all these people who've contributed and care. I wasn't around much, but I am going to miss this place deeply.

If Luna really does have to close, I am going to give out one last shameless self-promotion: simpletype -> Luna has an awesome crowd, and if I can help it, I don't want to lose contact with anyone else. This was the last place we really had, even if we weren't around much.

xo Hillary/Hal/Lily, however you knew me.
- on 11/08/13 - 01:51AM
thank you so much for all your hard work, sally (and the mods!)!! i'll miss lunaescence like crazy! i know some folks are working on alternative solutions, including opening luna up for donations. i'd be totally willing to contribute in any way i can and i'm sure other folks would too!!! that being said, what happens to luna is entirely your decision, and i respect that either way. thank you again!
- Real Lightning on 11/10/13 - 08:55AM
I've noticed several others have expressed interest in providing funds (at the very least to make back your out-of-pocket expenses), as well as alternative server suggestions- or interest in taking over the site.

I have been a reader of this site for years now, and finally made the plunge to create an account just to express my willingness to help keep this site alive, in any way possible. I'm not exactly tech-savvy, nor am I particularly wealthy, but I do have some spare change to toss around every third week, and I have three days "free" (more or less) every week... If there is a way to keep the site going, please, do not hesitate to contact me!

In the meantime, I would like to extend a heart-felt thanks to Sally and all of the wonderful mods who have made this site- and my experience on it, literally the best anywhere on the web. You created an amazing haven for more people than you realize. Thank you, for everything you've done. <3
- Harlow on 11/11/13 - 02:57AM
Although I'm relatively new to this website and never had much time to grow with the wonderful authors and mods on here, losing this website would be a major loss to the writing community--- heck, I fled Quizilla because they had too many rules that constricted creativity T.T

I understand the financial restrains, and I never knew the gravity of this setback until now! If it's not too late, I'm more than willing to pitch in! But anyway, I'm grateful you dedicated your time and energy to this website. Take care, and thank you!
- Tiramisu on 11/11/13 - 01:58PM
Does anyone know if the donate button is working? Someone said it wasn't but when I clicked it brought me to a place where it said I could pay with Pay Pal... I'm on my phone so I couldn't keep clicking but does anyone know if donations are back open? I'd like to donate some money (potentially the full $130) but I want to make sure it'll actually help and I'm not just paying that much to get a front seat to Luna's death on the 6th :(

I once again make a plead to give us another chance. Judging by the comments hardly anyone knew the financial problems still loomed. We thought the ads had fixed it. I don't mean to keep pestering but I'm just giving our side of the story that it kind of feels like a blind side as it had been like a year since we last heard of problems. So can we PLEASE prove ourselves through December before a final decision is made? :( I do apologize for being so forward but even going to Ghosts of the Vanguard I feel the mediocrity flooding. No site is quite as high quality as this and I just really want to fight for it :(

But...yeah. Like I was originally asking. Is the donate button working? Are we given a chance and it just wasn't announced? Or does it stop working once you say pay with Pay Pal?
- SacredTear on 11/14/13 - 12:31PM
Regarding the donation box, it was previously closed, yes. Sally hasn't made an official announcement regarding her choice yet, but we ask that everyone be patient for just a little bit longer. We promise that there will be some sort of notice in the near future regarding the site's status. :)
(As for the donation box, I believe that it is currently open. Don't quote me though. I'm terrible when it comes to Paypal Dx)
- dark_wing19 on 11/14/13 - 05:48PM
The donation button IS working. I can confirm this from both ends because I was talking to Sally while using it.

Sally put it back up a couple nights ago. She said she'll adjust positioning and write an announcement when she gets a chance, but she's willing to try more donation reminders/openness.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 11/14/13 - 09:45PM
Donated! Thank you Sally!
- Cake on 11/15/13 - 03:09AM
Okay so I CAN donate and it won't go to waste right? I'll wait for the official announcement then before I know for sure. But phew! What a relief! ^^ Is there someway to post how much money is in the box (like a counter that keeps up and keeps track) so we'll know if we're dipping lower than we should? I really don't want this to happen again! :(
- SacredTear on 11/15/13 - 05:58AM
Correct. Donations won't go to waste.

Right now, the only way for the moderators to tell you how much the site has in the box is to ask Sally. I'm not sure what, exactly, she's going to do with the info graphic, only that there will be one. I'm not sure when the ads pay out or if they pay out in a lump once a month or in small amounts over time. The mods have a preview of her announcement. All I can say is that there will be reminders about ad-blockers and funding levels and that there will be donor incentives. She has an announcement mostly written, so "soon" has gotten a bit shorter.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 11/15/13 - 11:30PM
I've been watching this unfold and even though I don't frequent the site as much as I did when I was younger, I felt a pit in my stomach when I heard the site was closing. It was such a huge part of my high school experience and what kept me going through my turbulent home life. I'm relieved to see that Sally is wiling to give us another go. Many other webmasters wouldn't have bothered and this more than ever shows me that she's willing to compromise. So thank you, Sally. From the bottom of my heart. I won't have any free money until next week but I'll definitely donate some then. That being said, finally seeing how much Luna means to me has given me the initiative to be more active. Funny how some things work, huh? :)
- petite gateau on 11/16/13 - 10:38AM
rl has been such a crank lately that i couldn't really spend my time anywhere else but tumblr, and when i prepared my drafts to update a story on here and i came back to see this announcement up, i pretty much nearly lost my marbles. this place is such a sanctuary, both creatively and mentally. the minute i get my paycheck lined up i'm going to be donating to keep Luna afloat.

even though i haven't been updating, i still lurk around and read and review-- knowing that all of this could be gone induced such a feeling of loss even though nothing had even actually happened yet. Luna's one of a kind.
- Bluewaters on 11/16/13 - 03:46PM
Thatís honestly great to hear. I was direly hoping that we could reach some sort of alternative and as such I held off on writing a hasty goodbye to everyone in case there was some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. I really think that with minor adjustments we can avoid another incident like this and communication is the key! So long as weíre all aware of how Luna is doing with finances Iím more than certain there will always be people ready, willing and able to contribute in some way in order to keep this site alive as itís clear that no one wants to see it go.

Iím afraid that I donít have a job to be able to donate, but Iíll be sure to frequent the site as much as I can to help out with ad revenue until Iím able to do more for Luna.
- Honey and Milk on 11/16/13 - 05:53PM
Donated a small amount for now. Awaiting announcement so I know for sure it will be running again. ^^ Thank you, Sally!
- key on 11/16/13 - 05:58PM
Speaking of ad revenue, can someone explain how that works, exactly? I mean you can't just 'spam' it by coming to the site and alternate between here and another site to get more hits, can you? Or is it a once a day thing? If it's something simple like that I'm sure we can all visit once a day just to get some more ad hits lol
- SacredTear on 11/16/13 - 10:45PM
On Project Wonderful, Advertisers bid for a spot. If they win the bid, their ad goes up for as long as their ad is the top bid.

More traffic will equal higher bids, usually. The problem Luna is having is that a lot of people are using adblockers, which means that the site traffic as recorded by the host is much higher than the site traffic as recorded by Project Wonderful.

In other words, it doesn't pay by clicks the way most other advertisers do.

Some Information
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 11/16/13 - 10:59PM
This site has literally been my home away from home. I was so devastated after hearing the news about the shutdown, but I must say that I completely understand Sally's reasons. However, I'm so ecstatic to hear that we've been given another chance!

I managed to scrap up some money and donated it just a few seconds ago. Hope it helps!

A big shout out to Sally and the mods for keeping this wonderful site afloat after all these years. It's been a complete privilege to be a part of this group for the past five years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- GuardianAngel07 on 11/17/13 - 12:20AM
Donated $10 for now. I can only afford so much, with my tiny paycheck and Christmas coming up. But I'll help when I can.
- Clara de Morra on 11/17/13 - 07:56AM
If everyone active here gave one dollar. Luna would run for couple of months. I will when i get my money. If Luna falls. Archive of our own.
- Ananas on 11/17/13 - 05:47PM
Oh wow. I went on a writing break for a few months and logged in to see this. :(

This is heartbreaking news. I've never been an active writer here in Luna but this site has always been my go-to place for great stories and I'm devastated to find out that it will shut down.

However, I do understand Sally's predicament, it'll be unfair to expect her to shell out $130 every month to keep the site alive.

I feel like I've got nothing else left to say except "thank you". Thank you to Sally for providing a home away from home for all the writers and readers that frequent Luna. Thanks to the mods for everything that you guys have done. Thanks to all the wonderful writers whose stories have entertained me, moved me and inspired me to become a better writer myself.

I hope that life treats you all well, you have my best wishes. Take care.
- Liatris on 11/18/13 - 02:03AM
Ten dollars in the box. I'm thinking of doing a recurring $5 a month if the site stays open. I hope that is what happens.
- thewallyoubuiltforme on 11/18/13 - 02:54PM
This seriously makes me sad. I know I haven't been on in months at a time, but this like getting a slap to the face. I enjoy this site so much. But I totally understand that keeping a site up like this takes a lot of money. I would take over myself if my funds weren't currently tied up at the moment. If I can make more money on this, maybe I'll help take over. I really don't want to see the site go. =( But I'll do what I can to help out, too.
- Nefertiti on 11/18/13 - 04:13PM
but this is like^ sorry for the grammar mistakes.
- Nefertiti on 11/18/13 - 04:14PM
I just donated $15.

Hopefully I can donate that monthly when I get a job January (possibly) and if the site is still here.
- miss_serendipity on 11/18/13 - 09:22PM
Yeah I'm more than capable of donating to keep this place alive. I'm glad that Sally is reconsidering. A chart/graph/whatever to tell us how much the site needs is an excellent idea.
- Bailie-chan on 11/18/13 - 10:21PM
I will be donating when I get paid this Sunday.
Please keep this website alive.

I've definitely grown an attachment to this place.

There are so many good writers here; not only just that but, just awesome people in general!

Keeping my fingers crossed that the site stays open; and spreading the word to help with donations!

Thanks for everything, Sally!
- daschainsaw on 11/19/13 - 09:25AM
Just donated $5 it's not much, but it's all I've got. I'll pay more when I get the chance.
Let's keep Luna going!
- Violet5512 on 11/19/13 - 10:22PM
I don't have money to donate, but I didn't know that this site had funding issues. Had I know, I would've turned off adblock a lot earlier. I do use adblock, but I always turn it off on websites that I think really need the ad revenue and that don't have obnoxious ads. I don't go on here terribly often, but when I do I will have adblock off from now on.
- effulgentenigma on 11/19/13 - 10:38PM
Here's hoping we stay open... How man ad dollars would we need to bring in to keep the site running without Sally having to pay? We should shoot to hit that zone, and until then, we can all donate at least a dollar. If 130 of us donate a dollar a month... well, even without the ad revenue, we'd be able to keep Luna alive!
- Fyre on 11/21/13 - 06:41PM
Just put my money where my mouth is: donated $7. I just started my first job, at minimum wage, so it was all I could afford...
- Fyre on 11/21/13 - 07:04PM
I just want to point something out about PayPal...130 $1 donations won't equal $130 in the site's pocket. Paypal does take a cut, so, realistically, it will take a bit more than that.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 11/21/13 - 10:14PM
I was able to donate $15 and I hope it helps.
- Hachie1990 on 11/22/13 - 09:07PM
I'm willing to donate $10 as long as the site stays open or there's some kind of confirmation that it'll stay open before the 6th...
- evafan24 on 11/24/13 - 12:31PM