The Year...It's All...New...
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
12/31/13 - 10:00PM
Happy 2014, everybody!

This month's theme of the month is "Best of 2013."
A Blind Man's Heavy Gaze by Jury (Zero Escape, 17+)
Brightest by Straw (Iron Man, 17+)
Echo by Silver-Serenade (Star Trek, 13+)
Into the Zion by Kenway (The Last of Us, 17+)
No Use in Being Useless by LegatosServant (Hunger Games, 17+)
Under Duress by KarenaWilliams (South Park, 13+)

Congratulations to all of you.

In February, we're going to have a Free-For-All. This means that any story on the site that has never been featured before can be nominated. What are you waiting for? Go nominate something.

It wouldn't be a monthly news post without your moderators nagging you about something.

Please use a spell check before you submit your story to the queue. If your word processor and browser both lack English language spell check, you can always use a free spell check online. (We don't care if you use British or American spelling, just that you're consistent with which one you use.) Seriously, if there's one thing we shouldn't have to deny stories for, it's spelling because it's the easiest thing to fix.

You're responsible for backing up your work. Websites crash, and computers break. When we deny things from the queue, we delete them completely. We cannot recover them for you. Do yourself a favor and save your work to an online service like Google Docs or Dropbox, save it to to a USB memory stick or a disc, or simply email it to yourself. Your future self will thank you in the event that your regular working files are lost.

And, since January is as good a time as any, here's a list of currently active moderators:
  • Alastair
  • dark_wing19
  • DragonSilk
  • Kerrigan Sheehan
  • Penguiduck
  • perfect-to-stay


My heart leaped out of my chest when I saw that little blue ribbon next to my story! Thank you so, so much xoEmmaxo for the nomination, and to the mods for featuring it! Happy New Year, everyone ❤
- Jury on 01/02/14 - 09:59PM
Ahhhhh! I really, really can't believe it. It's been a dream of mine to get a story featured for a "Best of [Year]" month since I joined. ;w; I'm so very grateful. Thank you so much!
- Straw on 01/05/14 - 03:31PM
Congratulations to the Featured Authors! ^_^

I have a question- last month on the announcements there was an issue with the coding and paragraphs for stories in the queue; is that still an issue? Since it's been so long, I assume it's been fixed but I thought I'd ask and be sure.
- Hikari Renge on 01/05/14 - 09:02PM
Thanks much to everyone who voted for me! What a lovely way to ring in the new year :)
- Silver-Serenade on 01/05/14 - 10:46PM
@Hikari Renge: Thankfully, it's only an issue on the moderators' end. Currently, no, it hasn't been resolved, but there is a loophole that we found so that we aren't accidentally denying stories because of this detail.

However, this does not mean that stories are not submitted with actual paragraphing errors. Always remember to click the "preview" button before submitting a story to make sure that all coding is closed and that there are clear indications of paragraphs. There is nothing more straining to the eyes than having to read a story where all the paragraphs cascade into each other.
- dark_wing19 on 01/06/14 - 06:56PM
@dark_wing19 Gotcha! Thanks for responding! :)
- Hikari Renge on 01/06/14 - 08:03PM
Hi... just wanted to say that my ribbon for a featured story disappeared. I know this is a common bug that happens time to time and I'm just letting you guys know. Also is there a thread for this? Because I see a lot of people reporting this problem in the newest monthly announcements.
- ShadowQueen1815 on 01/20/14 - 11:21PM
@ShadowQueen1815: Which story? Yes, this is a common bug. Usually if that happens, you can just shoot an email to any of the moderators and we will be more than happy to give it back.
- dark_wing19 on 01/27/14 - 11:35PM