January Funding Levels
Posted by Sally
01/05/14 - 12:51AM

Here's our funding update for January:

Ad Revenue:$65.00
Server Payment:-$129.00
Current Balance:$1,181.13

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: So how is advertising revenue generated?
Answer: We utilize an advertising service called Project Wonderful. Project Wonderful places your ad spaces into an open auction, allowing advertisers to bid for the chance to advertise on your site. Whoever has the highest bid is the ad that displays. The number of ad views is displayed to bidders, so the more views the more people may be willing to play the auctions.

Q: What determines what ads display?
A: I hand-pick every ad that displays and thus, all advertisers have to have my permission before their ad displays. I allow literature; art; education; webcomics; graphic novels; arts and crafts; hobby sites; video games; reference material; and writing tools and software. All must be safe for work (and humanity) and easy on the eyes. If the ad is annoying in any way, it doesnt go up.

Q: You promised funding levels would be displayed somewhere, when is that happening?
Soon. As in Sally-ism soon. (Sorry, Sally-time is different than time measured by other mortals. ^_^;;)

Q: You also promised something special for donors. *poke, prod*
A: Sally is a slacker.

Thanks to everyone who donated!

EDIT:Oops, wrong numbers in wrong columns. ^_^;;

EDIT 2: Attempting to fix my funky math


Are those donations since the last update? Wow! So there's like around $2000 now?
- Asula on 01/05/14 - 02:02AM
You seem happy as ever now that you have the help! Thanks again Sally! It's great to see this working out!
- ReinAbel on 01/05/14 - 02:21AM
@Asula, I think these are totaled with last times announcement. So we only have $1,106.72 now and not $2,000. (: But maybe I'm reading this wrong.

Nevertheless, I'm so happy the donations have remained steady! As long as I can keep seeing how much we have and when we need more, I'll be sure to donate. I'll try to set up a monthly donation thing this month around my usual mid-month payday. (: That way I won't ever have to worry about it again! XD Thanks for giving us a second chance, Sally. I'm so happy~ And take your time with everything. I'm sure everyone understands you have a life and you'll set up those things you said when you get the chance. (:
- KarenaWilliams on 01/05/14 - 02:46AM
Thanks for the FAQ! That got all my questions.
- Crimsoncat on 01/05/14 - 06:16AM
I think you subtracted the add revenue. I'm coming up with a total of $1236.72.

Either way, it's great news. Happy New Year!
- UP2L8 on 01/05/14 - 10:44AM
Yeah, I probably did. ^_^;; Even though I'm a software developer by trade, math and I have never been on the best of terms. As soon as I get back from getting groceries, I'll redo my calculations.

And yes, this isn't in addition to last month's total, but what's currently in our Paypal balance.
- Sally on 01/05/14 - 11:58AM
Agh! Which set of numbers are right? Something's still funky...
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 01/05/14 - 06:32PM
I'm so happy Luna is staying. ^^ I have to wait until after my car gets fixed ($800 fix -sigh-) But I WILL be donating.
- Tenshi No Mizu on 01/05/14 - 06:44PM
Thanks for the update! ^_^
- Hikari Renge on 01/05/14 - 08:58PM
This is great! I'm so relieved that we have such solid funding, which will last us for most of 2014 if my math is correct!
Just a quick question: I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what's up with the coding on my profile description. I have a small section of my profile dedicated to stories that I'm currently working on and whatnot, and I've hyperlinked those with an HTML code that used to work perfectly fine up until recently (instead of redirecting to the link I've pasted into the section of HTML, it's redirecting weirdly with '' in front of the link, even for photos). Just wondering whether that's an error on my part or if the site's acting funny, because I've noticed it's happening with a few other author profiles I've visited.

Either way, thank you for the update and I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
- Dolente on 01/05/14 - 10:54PM

That's something that happened to a lot of profiles at some point last month. If you go into your profile and edit all your links, they should be okay afterward. I believe something was updated in the coding and it caused any link on the site to have that added to the beginning, but I'm not sure. But I fixed the links on my profile a few weeks ago, and they've been fine ever since.
- DragonSilk on 01/06/14 - 10:57PM