Featured Stories for February~
Posted by Alastair
02/01/14 - 08:24PM
Happy February, everyone! This month for featured stories we have a Free-For-All.

Aqua Pura by loki (Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, Adult)
Barriers by Spirit Archer (Axis Powers Hetalia, Adult)
Loyal Dog by Suki-chan (Fullmetal Alchemist, 17+)
Shadows of Time by WindsOfSolitude (Legend of Zelda, 17+)
Snowy Love by lunaticxluuna (Hakuouki, 17+)
Unacceptable by almond-milk (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

Congratulations to all of you~!

Marchís theme is Completed Stories. Any story that has been marked as completed by the author and has never been featured in the past is eligible for nomination! Nominate here in the forum.

As usual, a couple of reminders from your mods~

Firstly, please remember to save and back up your work. Whether it be to your computerís hard drive, a thumb/flash-drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, or any other method, it is important to save your work to a place where you can easily retrieve it. The site is not responsible for lost content. To those of you unvalidated authors, when your story is deleted from the queue, it is gone. Permanently. We will not be able to retrieve it for you, so remember to always keep a copy of your work to prevent any mishaps.

Next, please make sure to always run your work through a basic grammar and spellchecker. Microsoft Word has a built-in one, but for those of you who donít have MSWord, there are some online proofers you can find here, here, here, and here.

Additionally, if you need any more help, we suggest tracking down a beta reader! Luna has a section of the forum dedicated to finding beta readers, and of course, the site has a list of beta readers that can be narrowed down by going to a specific category and clicking the link that says ďBeta ReadersĒ at the top of the page.

Thatís all for now, everyone! I hope you all have a supremely fabulous February!


Wow, I had no idea why I was getting reviews randomly. Thank you so much for featuring my story and congrats to the other authors! Happy February everyone!
- Suki-chan on 02/05/14 - 12:01PM