March Onward!
Posted by Alastair
03/02/14 - 06:35AM
What?! Itís already March?! I couldíve sworn it was only February two days agoÖ

A-Anyway! This monthís theme is Completed Stories!

Alike by SacredTear (Bleach, 17+)
Camaraderie by Mozart (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
The Cranapple by Burning Cannoli (Original Stories, Youth)
For our Futures by dragonfly (Dragon Ball series, 17+)
Unintentionally Intentional by Mrs_Anonymous (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Adult)

Congratulations to you lovely blue ribbon winners~ Next monthís theme is April Antics! Any story marked under the genre comedy or humor (or both!) that made you laugh ó whether it be a quiet chuckle, a full-belly laugh, or even a HELP I CAN'T SEE IíM CRYING BECAUSE IíM LAUGHING SO HARD laugh ó is eligible for nomination. Nominate over in the forums~

And thatís it! Look at how short that announcement was, wow. JUST LIKE HOW SHORT A MONTH FEBRUARY WAS. *flails* H-Have a great March, everyone~!


Awwww, I've never been nominated before!!! ;~; I...I...I could cry! Thank you so much for the nomination, DesolateBanshee! XD First time on the board~! Hooray! ^^ Congrats to all the other nominees as well! :D
- SacredTear on 03/02/14 - 08:42AM
Am....Am I reading this right? I was nominated? {spazzes} THANK YOU SOOO MUCH BYAKKO-CHAN~! ♥ Thanks for making me feel special and lifting my spirits! :'D Congrats to all of the beautiful nominees and their beautiful stories too~!
- dragonfly on 03/02/14 - 11:42AM
Hey, so dumb question (to which there might not even be an answer), but do you have any idea when we will be getting a funding update? I'm not concerned with "prizes," so much I just want to make sure that everything is cool as far as that goes. It's easier to keep people donating than it is to announce that donating needs done ASAP (or so I would assume). But probably Sally is the one with that information, and I know she's an adult and hard to get ahold of at times. I was just wondering if anything had been heard. Thanks!
- Straw on 03/04/14 - 12:01PM
Straw - You'd be correct in assuming that Sally is the only one with that information. The last I heard, she was a bit extra busy, but if I see her, I'll ask her if she can give an update or just quickly give the moderators the current numbers.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 03/12/14 - 11:56AM