"Orbs" Belong on Magic Staffs
The Moderators
Posted by The Moderators
04/01/14 - 07:04PM
It is our deep regret that we will be banning the word "orbs" from the archive when used in the context of eyeballs. Quite frankly, it makes the moderators roll their eyeballs when they see it. It's not cute, and it's not funny. It's really getting staler than Mary-Sue. You have 60 days to remove all instances of the word "orb" from your stories or you will receive a temporary ban that lasts exactly 2.56 seconds.

Thank you.

-The Moderators


I almost fell for it. Almost.
- UltraVioletSoul on 04/01/14 - 09:30PM
I kinda wish this had been true. >.>
- Tsula on 04/05/14 - 08:08PM