Opening Moderator Applications!
Posted by dark_wing19
04/17/14 - 10:42PM
Hello you wonderful members of the Lunaescence Archives!

Got some spare time? Ever wish you could be a bigger part of this lovely community? Do you want to be the very best like no one ever was?

All Pokémon jokes aside, we are, as promised, opening up moderator applications! But don’t be fooled! Being a moderator is hard work. We are looking for people that are mature and able to handle member inquiries, able to sort through the queue, have a general understanding of the English language, and are willing to dedicate their time and effort to Lunaescence.

Still interested? Here are the basic requirements:

• You must be a validated author or currently eligible for author validation (at least 5 stories or chapters with at least 5,000 words total, and no denials in the past 60 days) to apply.
• You must also be a member of the site for at least six months and be a minimum of 16 years of age, 18+ preferred.
• Please also consider that you will be asked to read outside of your fandoms and will be asked (within reason) to read content that you may not like, such as lemons, original fiction, and OOC stories.

Think you have what it takes? Then please send us an email at moderators.luna[at]gmail[dot]com with “Moderator Application” as the subject title and include the following information:

• Your Lunaescence username
• Roughly how much time you realistically feel you can dedicate to moderating and when you’re available
• What you think the biggest problems with stories on the site are
• Links to 3 samples of your writing that you feel are your best work

“I really want to help out, but the only times I’m available are during summer and winter. I guess that means I can’t apply...” Having this thought? No worries! You are still more than welcome to apply for a moderator position. Although year round coverage is ideal, we also understand that life gets in the way (we completely understand--really). That’s why we are also offering part-time positions. We just ask that you please state you are only available during those specific times. After all, it never hurts to have a bit more help during the busiest times of the year!

The deadline for applications is May 1st. We ask that you all remain patient and respectful during the moderator process. And as always, we thank you for your cooperation and support.

We hope to hear from those who are interested!


When mentioned the stories, do you mean you must have at least five or more that are 5,000 words or can you also just have five or more? And, uh... stupid question, you mean days of the week, right? Or literal times? Sorry, I just needed to ask! >___<
- Naokosama559 on 04/18/14 - 11:53AM
You must have 5 chapters or stories total that add up to at least 5000 words.
-5 chapters of 1 story would work.
-5 stories with 1 chapter each would work.
-A story with 2 chapters and another with 3 would work.
As long as they add up to at least 5,000 words total. (5 drabble chapters that add up to only 525 words total wouldn't count, though.)
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 04/18/14 - 12:57PM
As for your second question: We were mostly thinking of months, like if you're only available June-August or something. But days of the week work, too, like if you're only available on weekends or every other Thursday or something. We're not looking for specific times. ^_^
- perfect-to-stay on 04/18/14 - 01:03PM
Biggest problem with stories... when you say that, do you mean you want us to state what problems are... grammar-wise? ... or quality-wise?
- xXxYinandYangxXx on 04/18/14 - 07:49PM
We mean grammatically. As a moderator, we can't control the quality of a story. We can only make sure that the mechanics are up to par. (i.e. horrible comma use, inappropriate ratings, big blocks of text--that sort of thing.)
- dark_wing19 on 04/18/14 - 07:57PM
Mus' be a memba' of da site for a' leas' six months, huh? Darn. Oh well... maybe next time. (hehe)
- JayBird on 04/19/14 - 12:48AM
That's actually Sally's rule, which she put in place because there was an issue, a very long time ago, where someone who was brand new to the site applied to be a moderator, then, as soon as they became one, started deleting stories because they contained smut, even though it's allowed on the archive in most categories, because this person had a problem with smut. Usually, if someone has been active on the archive for six months, the moderators have some clue who they are, especially because the default status of members is unvalidated, meaning that the moderators have seen their stories in the queue.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 04/19/14 - 10:25AM
Sorry to bother you but is the story validation queue really backed up at the moment?
I submitted a story a week ago and it got a view but no signs of validation.
- Jasminerva on 04/21/14 - 07:49AM
The oldest stories in the queue are nearly a month old, and there are a little less than 100 stories in the queue right now. This is about average, really. We don't take requests to look at specific stories unless they've been in there at least two weeks. We don't moderate in order of submission, so sometimes it's just luck of the draw when a given story gets seen. If it's really long, someone may have clicked on it and decided to come back to it later or run out of time while they were looking at it. Borderline stories also tend to get views without decisions, so it's always a good idea to look it over and see if there are errors that you may have missed when you submitted it.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 04/21/14 - 09:17AM
Thank you! I guess it was the length, then, because it's over 3000 words.
- Jasminerva on 04/21/14 - 02:50PM
When you say to link a sample, do you mean stories or chapters?
- Cherezsa on 04/22/14 - 11:38PM
Cherezsa, either! Pick a story or chapters of stories you feel are your best work, work that reflects your current skills. (Though let's say for example that you started a chaptered story back in 2012 and your skills vastly improved as you continued to write. You can link us to chapter six (for example) of your story and just make a note in your application that you'd like us to look at that chapter specifically and onward.)

Basically, the main thing you want to do is link us to things that show us your current writing and grammar abilities, haha.
- Alastair on 04/23/14 - 01:13AM
Oh, okay, I get it now. ~ :)

Thank you for answering so quickly!
- Cherezsa on 04/23/14 - 01:37AM
Hello! About the story examples, do they have to be works on Luna?
- Kasidy92 on 04/23/14 - 03:16PM
Hi Kasidy! :D While they don't necessarily have to be works on Luna, I think in general we'd prefer they were. (So we can see how you deal with elements of writing usually found in fictional writing, like dialogue and verb tense consistency and all that jazz~)

Just to be safe, though, if you link us to works off-site, perhaps give us three samples of your work on Luna to fall back on.
- Alastair on 04/23/14 - 09:24PM
Small question! When you ask how much time we can give, do you mean actively moderating stories, or just being active the site? I wrote hours/night for reading stories on my application, but that said I can have the site open to check for spam and issues pretty constantly.

Also, I gave around the minimum, absolutely promiseable hours I could do, rather than the probable longer ones. That was probably a bad idea. I'm not sure if that's a question or just a regret.
- Relocation on 04/29/14 - 03:31PM

Something like that. We basically would like to know when you are available to mod. You don't have to be specific with times, but it would be nice to know at least what times of the year/months/weeks/days/etc that you have open. If you listed it by hours, that's fine too. Either one is acceptable.
- dark_wing19 on 04/29/14 - 07:58PM