Posted by Alastair
05/02/14 - 03:09AM
ITíS GONNA BE MAY. (Click the link for a stupid joke brought to you by Alastair.)

A-Anyway! Hahaha. Happy May, everyone! This monthís theme is New Beginnings~

The Game of Love by SubtleQuirk (Naruto, Adult)
Once Upon A Caterpie by Kamisori (Pokemon, Youth)
Stop by Siruru (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

Congratulations to you three! ♥ Next monthís theme is Summer Loviní! Any story that takes place during the summer is eligible for nomination! (Bonus points if thereís some summer romanciní~) Nominate over here in the forums~

This month, our only other announcement is that moderator applications are closed. Thank you to all those who applied!

And thatís about it for this month! Hope youíre all doing well~ (And to those of you who are in school, good luck with finals coming up!) Take care, everyone!


Amen to that. Hope ya'll do well in finals. Remember either study ahead of time or remember to purchase a lot of monster so you can cram the night before.
- RandomAnnie on 05/02/14 - 07:35PM
Wow! I just realized that two of my stories have been featured stories in the last two months! Thank you guys! ^∆^
- Kamisori on 05/04/14 - 05:13PM
Kamisori: I didn't even realize that they were both yours until I filled out the form for Once Upon a Caterpie. They were both stories that I thought were well written and fit the categories nicely. :)
- Cloudy Luminosity on 05/04/14 - 05:20PM
Errrmmmm is it just me or is the Donate button gone? I can't find it... DX
- SacredTear on 05/10/14 - 08:00AM
There was a small issue with the Paypal account. Sally took the button down while she sorts it out. It'll be back soon!
- perfect-to-stay on 05/10/14 - 10:07AM
Hello, I don't mean to bother, but I was wondering why the blue ribbon wasn't showing up. Thank you!
- Siruru on 05/30/14 - 02:24AM
Siruru -- Ugh, sorry Fabi. It's my bad. I completely spaced out and forgot to take off featured ribbons and to put them on and. Ugh. MY BAD. I FIXED IT RIGHT NOW BUT. MY BAD MY BAD MY BAD.
- Alastair on 05/30/14 - 03:41AM
Thank you very much!
- Siruru on 05/30/14 - 10:22PM