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Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
06/01/14 - 10:56PM
This month's theme is Summer Lovin’.

Crush by Phoenix (Hetalia, Adult)
Hello Baby by WolfWarrior (KHR!, 13+)
Summer Skin by DragonSilk (Yu-Gi-Oh, Adult)

Congratulations to the three of you. Next month's theme is Chaptered Stories. Any story that isn't a poem, poem collection, drabble book, or one-shot is eligible. You can nominate here on the forum.

Additionally, those who were nominated last month are keeping their blue ribbons through June because they got them abnormally late due to a moderator error. (“S-So sorry,” Alastair chimes in, crying tears of shame.)

Before we get to your monthly dose of reminders, there are a couple of notes about upcoming events. I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that there will be a queuelock some time this summer when we finish moderator applications. The good news is that there will almost certainly be new moderators. Now onto more good news. There's a possibility that one of the other moderators will be able to run a fic trade, but this hasn't been confirmed yet.

And now for that monthly dose of reminders...

Because it’s summer and we have a fair number of new and seasonal authors and have seen some confusion on the subject, we’d just like to remind everyone that we don’t actually look at the content of a story when we consider whether or not to validate it. We’re only looking at the grammar. In other words, a great story written with terrible grammar won't pass the queue.

That said, a lot of stories come through the queue, so if we see obvious problems like a multiple submission, a bad title (unnecessary special characters or pairing in the title), way more fandoms than chapters, or a bad rating, we will automatically deny it without looking at the content.

The currently active moderators are: Alastair, dark_wing19, DragonSilk, Kerrigan Sheehan, Penguiduck, and perfect-to-stay. You can contact us using the form on our profile pages or by emailing moderators[dot]luna[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you need a fandom added to the archive or a new character added to an existing fandom, the place to request that is this forum thread. Requests elsewhere are not likely to be seen. When making requests, please go to the last few pages of the thread and make sure that what you're requesting hasn't already been requested by someone else since the last post from a moderator stating that categories were added. We don't need three requests for the same fandom.

We’d also like to remind everyone that any on-screen sexual content in the story means that it needs to be rated either “Adult” or “Adult+.” We’ve been cracking down on 17+ lemons because we’ve seen a lot of them lately.

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Indeed, we will be having a fic trade this summer! If you're interested in participating, pop on over here to sign up!


Congrats to this month's featured stories, and happy summer, everyone~!
- aeboe on 06/01/14 - 11:46PM
Thanks for that last note. I was debating ratings when I submitted chapters in April and landed on Adult, but I kept thinking 'but X is 17+, maybe this should be...'
- Gone on 06/02/14 - 01:31PM
When in doubt, always go for the higher rating. We'll never penalize you for rating something too high.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 06/02/14 - 02:24PM
Not to sound impatient, but when do we get to know who made it as new additions to the moderators crew? :)
- Kamisori on 06/02/14 - 07:07PM

There's still another round left to go, which should happen sometime within the next week or two. Then after that there's our final decisions. Don't worry--we'll be sure to make an announcement to let everyone know who our new additions will be.
- dark_wing19 on 06/02/14 - 07:26PM
KS- That's why I ended up going with Adult, as well as the guidelines, but it was nagging at me that maybe I'd rated too high and would miss out on readers because of it. So yeah, the announcement was good to hear.
- Gone on 06/03/14 - 01:50PM