Et tu, Brute?—Then fall, Caesar!
Posted by Alastair
07/02/14 - 01:36AM
Happy July, everyone! (And happy birthday, Cana—) (“Yo guys! My birthday is in 3 days!!” America interrupts, shouting excitedly.) What’s a Hetalia reference.

A-Anyway! Hahaha. This month’s theme is Chaptered Stories!

Give Your Heart A Break by SacredTear (Rune Factory, 17+)
Shades of Bizarre by lilforgetsalot (Marvel Comics/The Avengers, 13+)
Shattered Symphony by Penguiduck (Be My Princess, 13+)
Snapshots by Akira Mokona (Hetalia, 13+)
Words Whisper, Actions Scream by Shade (Pokemon, 17+)

Congratulations to all of you~ Now, in contrast to this month’s theme, next month’s theme will be One-Shots! Specifically, one-shots 1,000 words or longer. You can nominate here on the forums!

And now an important reminder from your mods!

It’s extremely important that you have a valid email address associated with your Lunaescence account and that you check that email regularly. This is the only way we mods have to contact you in case of any problems. If there is another email address you check more frequently than the one associated with Luna, you can have emails forwarded automatically. Click here for instructions for Yahoo!, here for Gmail, or here for Microsoft/Hotmail/Live/Outlook.

That’s it for this month’s announcement~! For those of you in the northern hemisphere, I hope you’re enjoying the summer so far! And for those of you in the southern hemisphere, I hope you’re enjoying the cooler season~ (Winter is coming? lolol.) Have a great month, everyone! ♥


Dawwww I was nominated! I always feel so unpopular so it's such a surprise to see myself on there lol Thank you so much, dragonfly! I love you!!!! -^^- *huggle glomps* congrats to the other winners as well! XD
- SacredTear on 07/02/14 - 05:29AM
I was nominated? #^^# Thank you so much whoever it was.

pst, Jess, you put the wrong rating up for it. It's 17+ ;)
- Shade on 07/02/14 - 11:54AM
LOL, ugh, sorry Ri. Your nominator—particleinabox, btw :D—put 13+ in the forums, but I really should've double-checked. Haha. Fixed! ♥
- Alastair on 07/02/14 - 03:38PM
No worries, lovely~ Just didn't want anyone complaining it was rated wrong. xD
- Shade on 07/02/14 - 10:41PM
I hate to be "that person" but my blue ribbon thing isn't showing up next to my story anymore DX I saw it there before! Did something happen? :(
- SacredTear on 07/12/14 - 08:25AM
SacredTear - if you edited the story summary at all (warnings, rating, genres, characters, the actual summary, etc), the ribbon disappears. Any of the mods can put it back, but idk if they'll actually look at this comment thread. ^^
- Shade on 07/12/14 - 10:52AM
Erm.... I added a new chapter...would that do it? ^^; I didn't change anything else though DX So are the ribbons not meant to last then? How sad :c
- SacredTear on 07/12/14 - 09:12PM