New Modlings~♥
Posted by Alastair
07/07/14 - 05:57PM
Hey everyone!

So I know itís only been a couple days since the monthly announcement, but we have some exciting news~ We are very pleased to announce two new moderators: Kumi and Ruby Spice! Congratulations to you both~!

Now that evaluation of moderator applications is done with, we mods are now able to focus on getting the number of stories in the queue down. However, as usual, to give our two new modlings time to learn how to queue-nom, we will be closing the queue.

Now, for the next month or so, please don't ask them about stories in the queue. They have been instructed to ignore such emails while theyíre learning how to be mods. If you need to ask about the status of a story, refer your questions to Kerrigan Sheehan, Penguiduck, perfect-to-stay, dark_wing19, or myself. You also have the option of posting in the story validation forum thread. Repeatedly poking the new mods may result in a temporary ban. (So donít do it!) (Though sending them congrats is fine, of course!)

Also, if you have any concerns or questions about our decision on the new mods, please email one of the older mods (previously mentioned in the paragraph above) privately to discuss things.

Thatís it for now, everyone! Have a wonderful rest of the month~♥


You and your free icons make me happy to visit this place again :3
- Kimo on 07/07/14 - 08:24PM
WOW! Congratulations to Kumi and Ruby Spice for the new mod status!!! Thank you in advanced for all your hard work!
- Linyah on 07/07/14 - 09:26PM
yay! congrats, new mods! ♥
- cherno alpha on 07/07/14 - 09:51PM
Congrats to the new mods. :3
- Marshmallow-Chan on 07/08/14 - 12:53AM
@Kimo, hahaha, I'm glad! Tbh, I love hunting for news post icons. ;D It also helps that season two of Free! gives me so much new material. Hehe.
- Alastair on 07/08/14 - 01:09AM
Congratulations to the new mods and best of luck~ :D
- Frankly on 07/08/14 - 03:19AM
Congratulations to you two, and yay in general to more mods.
- Relocation on 07/08/14 - 10:57PM
I have a quick question...last month one of my stories was nominated/won, but the ribbon no longer shows up next to it D: I heard if I change any of the info things it can get rid of it, but all I did was add a new chapter. Is there a way for the ribbon to come back? It's supposed to last longer right? :c

Also, congrats to the new mods! :D lol
- SacredTear on 07/14/14 - 06:23PM
SacredTear, you heard right! But adding a new chapter makes the ribbon mysteriously disappear too. Haha. ^-^" Don't worry, I can add it back on. Which story was it? "Give Your Heart A Break"?
- Alastair on 07/14/14 - 07:33PM
Yes ma'am! :3 Thank you! I also tend to update like once a week or so...will I have to ask each time? DX I don't want to be a burden.

I just ask cuz I've seen others' stories in the recently updated who still have their ribbons. Is it a random thing?

Thanks for the help though! :)
- SacredTear on 07/15/14 - 06:13AM
No trouble! I just added the ribbon again. (: And don't worry, this sort of thing happens quite often. I've just set up a new thread in the forums for ribbon support, haha. You can access it by clicking here! (I go into more detail about why and answer your question there~)
- Alastair on 07/16/14 - 06:32AM
Congratulations new mods! Welcome to a great site. My first fic was recently reviewed and accepted, and I'm really enjoying the positive feedback on here (insert thanks to whoever blesssed me with a pass through) . Hope you two enjoy your stay!
- Oracle on 07/28/14 - 03:17PM