Hot, Hot, Hot!
Posted by perfect-to-stay
08/01/14 - 09:13PM
Hey guys! Happy August!

This monthís theme is One-Shots~

69 by Sacred Tear (Bleach, Adult)
Aftermath by Raicho Kurubi (Dragon Age II, 17+)
Casual Affair by Dishrag (KHR!, 17+)
Helping Hand by Ria (Saiyuki, 13+)
A Horizon to Chase by Penguiduck (Legend of Zelda, All)

Congratulations to all of you~ Septemberís theme is school. You can nominate any story that takes place in a school setting, whether thatís elementary, middle, high school, or college. Nominate here in the forums.

Now, to answer the question youíve all no doubt been wondering about: the queue is still closed as of this announcement, but we are a little over halfway done with emptying it. We plan on reopening the queue soon, though, so donít worry.

Next! This monthís announcement is mostly a link masterpost for your convenience~ Here are the threads we have in the forums for certain requests:

And here are links to things that could help speed up your storyís time in the queue:

And thatís all for August! Thank you all for being so patient with us, and we hope you all have a great month~♥


Aieeee! I was nominated again? DX THANK YOU SO MUCH, DESOLATEBANSHEE!!!! *hugs* I'm certainly not so deserving -^^-

Also thank you so much for those links! It'll help trying to search for everything XD

Congrats to the other nominees/winners/whatevers! :)
- SacredTear on 08/02/14 - 09:39AM
Aw, thanks for the nomination! <3
- Penguiduck on 08/06/14 - 08:34PM
In other news, any news on the donation button? I know there were quite a few funds in there but I don't want them to drop TOO low :c It's been down for awhile. Any updates on that or funds or anything?
- SacredTear on 08/07/14 - 08:25AM
SacredTear - We don't have any news, unfortunately. That's all up to Sally, and she's very difficult to reach when she's busy at work.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 08/08/14 - 07:40AM

I'm just...I'm just gonna go Things.

(I'm so happy right now. May delicious things rain down upon the beautiful soul who nominated this college-drained hermit. ♥ )
- Raicho Kurubi on 08/13/14 - 07:29PM
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