Queue Open!
Posted by Alastair
08/13/14 - 07:12PM
Hello everyone~♥

The queue is officially open for submissions again! Thank you so much for your patience as we cleared the queue and trained our new mods~

That being said, as usual, please try to take it easy on us with the number of submissions you make in order to keep from flooding the queue. For a couple weeks, please try to limit yourselves to one or two stories per person. Itíll help prevent the queue from clogging up again, and things will go much more smoothly~

Once again, thank you very much for your patience! Have a wonderful rest of the month~


Yee~ Great job, mods, and thank you very much! :3
- Frankly on 08/14/14 - 06:47PM
congrats on emptying the queue, and thank you for your hard work in dealing with what is probably a crazy number of submissions flowing in!!
- cherno alpha on 08/16/14 - 09:21PM
thank you for your hard work
- MagicCase on 08/19/14 - 02:09PM
"For a couple weeks, please try to limit yourselves to one or two stories per person. "

Ah, perfect, an excuse not to update everything immediately.

I mean, I totally have those chapters ready to upload, I'm just delaying it to do you a favour
- Gone on 08/21/14 - 02:19PM
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