Nature is All Aglow
Posted by Penguiduck
10/01/14 - 11:58PM
And so autumn is here! Happy October, everyone! I hope you are reaping the benefits of the harvest, and enjoying the chill in the wind and the soon-to-be gold in the leaves!

This month’s theme is drabble booklets.

Sinbad by Gaarasgurl666 (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, 13+)
As The Years Go By... by Zecrea (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)
Together Forever by Elsaa (Soul Eater, 17+)


Next month's theme will be fluff. Any story that contains something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside is eligible! Nominate here on the forums.

Next, we have a few notes we’d like to make!

Backups: We strongly encourage you to backup your stories -- it is your responsibility. If you are not a validated author and we delete your story from the queue, it is gone forever. There is no way for us to get it back. Even if you are validated, the server could go down, and no one will have access to your writing, so please backup your stories on a jump drive, your own computer, another device, etc.

Also, please note that the mods are people, too! We’ll get to your email eventually if you choose to contact us, but allow a few days for us to respond! Bombarding us with emails day after day isn’t exactly productive…

Just out of curiosity, we’re wondering if Luna’s members would be interested in grammar/writing workshops. This is something that is still a WIP, but we’re thinking about hosting these workshops every few months or so, probably on a Google Doc, at various times and on various dates. These workshops are especially targeted at those who are aiming for author validation, but anyone is welcome. If you like the idea, have any questions, or would like to provide feedback, feel free to comment on this post or even contact a moderator directly!

Have a great October! :D Enjoy the fall and the apples/pumpkins/candy/delicious goodness that comes with it!


I would be interested in a grammar workshop. :)
- SunnyStormGuardian on 10/02/14 - 12:37PM
A grammar workshop would be great for aspiring writers looking to improve their skills! I would be interested.
- Kalucer on 10/02/14 - 02:41PM
A grammar workshop sounds like a good idea.
- ReinaKitty2854 on 10/02/14 - 05:37PM
A grammar workshop sounds amazing ;; I so want to improve my writing.
- ArcaneAnima on 10/02/14 - 08:50PM
When will there be another fic trade?
- Chellendora on 10/03/14 - 01:31AM
A grammar workshop would be awesome, even for validated authors whom are seeking for improvement.
- HatedLove6 on 10/03/14 - 03:21PM
Chellendora - October has typically been my fic trade because I'm the one who's into creepy stuff. This year, I just can't manage it. My husband is in the military, and things are just crazy for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, one of the other moderators will be able to do trades for Christmas and Valentine's Day, but I won't actually be able to manage a trade until next summer.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 10/04/14 - 01:16AM
I'm interested to know who would be running such a workshop. Would it be a collaboration of moderators or of validated authors or someone else entirely? That being said, it sounds like a great idea! :)
- Jacquie on 10/04/14 - 11:07AM
Jacquie -- The idea's still a WIP, of course, but we were thinking that at least one mod would be present to facilitate the workshop! But having validated authors around to chip in their two cents sounds like a great idea, since we all have something to bring to the table, moderator or not~ And like HatedLove6 mentioned, validated authors seeking improvement are welcome too! It's important to remember that writing is a process, and just because you reach a certain "status" (validated author, moderator, etc.) doesn't mean you know everything or stop learning. (:
- Alastair on 10/04/14 - 04:35PM
I hadn't meant at all to infer that validated authors or mods didn't need improvement, so please don't get me wrong! :( I was just wondering if anyone had suggested a process for planning and engaging such a large community? Or perhaps if there were some writers on the site/outside the site who had experience running such workshops? I know I for one would be thrilled to contribute.
- Jacquie on 10/06/14 - 07:57PM
I'd also be very interested in a workshop. :)
- ChameleonEyes on 10/07/14 - 12:03PM
Jacquie -- Oh no, you're totally fine!! That last sentence from my previous response is just part of a (much longer) rant that I've been telling anyone who'll listen, hahaha. (Mostly it's the English major/writing tutor in me, lolol.) So totally nothing aimed at you! My bad, my bad. Haha.

But yeah, hmm. We mods haven't really discussed any of those details you mentioned yet (again, 'cause it's more of an "idea in progress" than a "work in progress" lolol). But we're totally open to suggestion and brainstorming!
- Alastair on 10/09/14 - 12:49AM
Maybe we could open a forum discussion for people to bat ideas around? Just so I don't keep spamming your 'comments' section? lol.
- Jacquie on 10/09/14 - 10:40PM
I am terrible at keeping my verb tenses constant, a workshop sounds great!
- Liatris on 10/21/14 - 08:19AM
Jacquie -- Definitely! (Ugh, sorry it's taken so long to reply. Got reaaaaaalllly busy. ;A;) If it hasn't been created in the forums, I could create one! (Unless you wanted to do that, which is also totally fine~)
- Alastair on 10/21/14 - 07:02PM