Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Posted by Penguiduck
11/30/14 - 11:57PM
Its finally December! Whether or not you celebrate the holidays, it sure is a busy season!

The theme for December is Non-Reader-Inserts.

Even if I Dont by NineTailedFoxDemones (Fullmetal Alchemist, 13+)
Kiss by CuratioLethe (Loveless , 13+)

Congrats to Decembers winners!

And for the month of January, we are asking you to nominate the best of 2014! Any story that had its first chapter posted in the 2014 is eligible for this theme! To nominate and for a more detailed breakdown of the rules, please go here on the forums.

Now for some general reminders:

Please do not submit multiple chapters of the same story to the queue. We will delete them automatically, which wastes our time and yours. The reason why this is is because if one chapter is not validateable, the rest of them are likely not either. Also, with multiple mods working on the queue at a time, we may not validate them in order, which is problematic for obvious reasons.

Also, please do not add multiple categories to drabble/one-shot booklets unless the category has already been addressed. Otherwise, this only clutters categories and misleads readers.

Since were not running a fic trade for the month of December, we thought wed present another activity. We will be having our first Featured Challenge: Winter Wonderland by Aquamarine Shadows.

If you choose to participate, please feel free to post your entry in the comment section for the members of Luna to enjoy! As per the challenge, any fandom or character is welcome. Also, if you are an unvalidated author and need us to take a look at your story in the queue, please contact one of the mods. We'll be happy to help.

Have a wonderful December, everyone!


I'm doin' the challenge!
- perfect-to-stay on 12/01/14 - 11:30AM
And here is my entry!

Click here!
- Penguiduck on 12/01/14 - 12:14PM
Question about the challenge. What if the world you want to base the story in doesn't have things like 'shoveling the driveway' or 'baking cookies'? Can I just use other winter-esque ideas? Thinking about doing this for Avatar TLA.
- Shiawase on 12/02/14 - 04:53PM
I think that's a wonderful idea! :D Do whatever you'd like! Maybe instead of shoveling the driveway or baking cookies, you can think of similar events that would take place in the Avatar world, such as digging out of a cave/getting out of a house after a snowstorm or baking loaves of bread for another wintry holiday! Use your imagination. :) I look forward to see what you create!
- Penguiduck on 12/02/14 - 10:18PM
Hello. I want to enter the challenge. So []here is my entry.[/url]
- PlatinumTheHitgirl on 12/03/14 - 12:02AM
I am also doing the challenge. :)
- Hikari Renge on 12/03/14 - 12:09AM
Here's the link to my series for the challenge - it currently has one one-shot in it, but more fandoms and characters to come shortly! :)
Sugar, Snow and Mistletoe
- Jacquie on 12/03/14 - 03:41PM
Here's my response!
- Shiawase on 12/03/14 - 04:01PM
I also responded to the challenge. ^^ Here you go~
- EverStarDream11 on 12/04/14 - 02:34AM
I also responded!
- Chellendora on 12/06/14 - 03:17AM
Thank you so much for featuring my story! (I wasn't even aware I was in the running...)
- NineTailedFoxDemones on 12/07/14 - 02:19PM
Can we get an update on funds pertaining to the donations for Luna?

Also will we still be getting a banner or some widget that will give us this information?
- StinaxSays on 12/28/14 - 07:06PM
There we go, I finally got my story in. XD
- Tsula on 12/30/14 - 01:49AM