Welcome to 2015!
Posted by perfect-to-stay
01/02/15 - 10:35PM
Happy New Year, everyone!

The theme for January is Best of 2014. Here are your featured stories:

Adventures in Babysitting by Meloxique (Haikyuu!!, 13+)
Keeper of the Gate by Chevalier (Romance, 17+)
Sunshine by WolfWarrior (Fruits Basket, 13+)

Congratulations to you all!

Next month's theme will be Same-Sex Couples!~♥ Any story in which a same-sex couple plays a significant role is up for nomination. You can nominate right here on the forums.

We're pleased to report that the ads and the previous donations to the site are plenty to keep it going for quite a while now. The donation button will reappear when donations are needed again, so rest easy for now.

Because it is a new year, I'll spare you your monthly dose of nagging. :) Have a great month!


Congrats to the featured stories!!! ♥

Happy New Year, everyone!

Glad to hear that previous donations and ads are enough for now! Please keep us updated! ^^
- Hikari Renge on 01/04/15 - 02:15AM
Unrelated comment but that icon of yours is absolutely adorable...

oh and congrats to the featured authors :)
- Zelos on 01/13/15 - 02:24PM
I also noticed that none of the featured stories got ribbons this time- is this accurate or did it just get missed???
- Hikari Renge on 01/23/15 - 05:29PM
Gosh darn it! There are so many things to remember when posting an announcement. I just totally forgot to do the ribbons. Oops. ^_^; Fixed now.
- perfect-to-stay on 01/26/15 - 10:30PM
Um, this is off topic and I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but has anyone else not been getting story or author update emails? I haven't gotten one since sometime in December...
- Kiryn on 01/28/15 - 06:35AM
It could be the same thing that has been causing registrations not to work properly.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 01/30/15 - 04:42AM