Keep Your Faith in Beautiful Things
Posted by Penguiduck
02/08/15 - 12:28AM
Welcome to February! Fun fact: In Old English, February was called ‘Solmonath’ (mud month) or ‘Kalemonath’ (cabbage month).

Let's hope our February is a little more eventful than mud or cabbage!

The theme for February is Same-Sex Couples!

Unfortunately, the forums are down right now, so we can't fetch the featured stories for you. :'D Be on the lookout for February's featured stories as soon as we can snag them!

Next month's theme will be An Affair to Remember~! Since Febrary is An Affair to Remember Month, any story featuring some sort of infidelity or betrayal up for nomination. A link shall be provided as soon as the forums are available. Meanwhile, start thinking!


Oh! So, that is why; I tried to visit the forums a day ago and wondered why it didn't open. I initially thought there was something wrong with my connection, but then I saw your news and that cleared things up for me. Thank you very much! uwu
- Bologna on 02/08/15 - 02:56AM
Oh man, I was visiting the forums a lot before they went down. I wish I could remember all the stories that were nominated. I know there were three last time I checked. I know one of the nominations was "Love, Be Silent" a Fire Emblem oneshot by cherno alpha. Another was an Ouran High School story; I think it was "All the Things She Said" by Cookie. But the third one I can't remember for the life of me. I want to say it was a KHR story but I'm really not sure.

Either way, I hope the forums come back soon. And thank you to all you mods who work so hard to keep this site running smoothly! :)
- Rockinmuffin on 02/08/15 - 08:45AM
Any idea when the forums will be up again? No rush, just curious. ^_^
- Chellendora on 02/15/15 - 04:38PM
I honestly have no idea! D: I'll let you know asap when I hear something, though!
- Penguiduck on 02/15/15 - 10:46PM
Hello. Hi. My friend is having some trouble making an account and since the forums are still down I was hoping someone here could help us.
- OnyxbirdGrace on 02/24/15 - 10:31PM
OnyxbirdGrace: Please email me or one of the other mods. We'd rather not have a tech support session in the comments section. :)
- Penguiduck on 02/24/15 - 11:31PM
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