School's Out for Summer!
Posted by perfect-to-stay
06/05/15 - 10:45AM
Hello hello, Luna lovelies! Hope your school years are coming to a smooth conclusion (assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere~)

The theme for June was Original Stories, and here are your picks:

Hit me… I must be dreaming by BehindTheMask (Romance, et. al., 17+)
A Song, or The Lizard Story by agelade (Supernatural & Horror, et. al., All)
He Was Such a Sweet Boy by Murder-chan (Fantasy, 17+)

July’s theme is Summer Reading! Any story in the Books category is eligible. It doesn’t have to be summer related, but bonus if it is. If you’d like to nominate a story for featured, head over to the backup forums.

If you recall, last month’s featured challenge was Vivacious, Victorious, Vital Villains, and we have some participants! Woo! Check out their stories:

The Devil in Me by tsula (Far Cry 4, Adult)
It’s Perspective by Chellendora (The Avengers/Thor, Adult)
Thoughts in the Dark by jozerr (Death Note, 13+)
Kiss at gunpoint by boboisthabomb (Gundam Wing, 13+)

We’re also doing another featured challenge this month: crazynekokitten’s Fallen Fairytales Challenge. Respond to the challenge itself, and let us know here on the backup forums if you decide to write a story!

No announcements or anything for you this month, so carry on! Hope you have a wonderful June!


I have a ribbon?! I got nominated??! @/////@ Aaaah, thank you so much!
- Murder-chan on 06/06/15 - 10:41PM
- Chellendora on 06/06/15 - 11:06PM