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Posted by Penguiduck
08/02/15 - 02:22AM
Hello, August!

Here are our nominations! The theme for August is Friendship!

Like the Old Days by Symphonic Fantasia (Yu-Gi-Oh, All)
Jacob Have I Loved by cherno alpha (Fire Emblem: Awakening, 13+)

September is National Honey Month, so let's go with something sweet. Any story that has melted your heart or has given you those good feels is eligible for nomination! Head over to the backup forums to give us your nomination: Right here!

Our Featured Challenge for the month is Summer Sweethearts. Here is our one completed entry!

Reunion by Mozart (21 Jump Street, 13+)

We also want to give an honorable mention to Tsula, who made a noble effort but was unable to finish:

Absolution by Tsula (Castle, 13+)

This month, we have our August Fic Trade 2015. Fic Trades have always been very popular, so we thought we'd bring them back! Feel free to join! Click here!

Just as a final note, our active mods are:

Enjoy your August!


WOW oh my god?! i've been so unprofessionally flaky on this site that i'm kind of legit floored jdsdfsd!! thank you lazykitsunechan for nominating me, you are a darling and a half ♡♡♡
- cherno alpha on 08/03/15 - 01:37PM
Aaaaaaaaah, oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the nomination! ;w;
- Symphonic Fantasia on 08/05/15 - 06:38PM