Moderator Applications!
Posted by Penguiduck
09/20/15 - 12:22AM
Hello, Lunaescence Members!

As noted in our last announcement, we are opening up moderator applications!

Unlike past applications, however, we are looking for community moderators alongside our regular moderators. Our regular queue moderators will be helping out with keeping the queues down and educating members on grammatical/technical issues pertaining to submissions -- this is not to say that they cannot be involved in community activities as well because all of our moderators are welcome to pitch in when it comes to bringing Lunaescence members together. Community moderators, in particular, will be responsible for drafting announcements, running fic trades and challenges, maintaining categories/character requests, and addressing member issues and concerns about the site itself.

Realistically, we are looking for people who have time to dedicate to Lunaescence. We tend to be busier toward the ends/beginning of months since we're opening up new challenges and writing out announcements. The queue generally also moves quicker during these periods of time since we want to finish cleaning out older submissions.

For our queue moderator positions, we are looking for people that are mature and able to handle member inquiries, able to sort through the queue, have a solid understanding of the English language, and are willing to dedicate their time and effort to Lunaescence. If you are interested, here are the basic requirements for those who are interested in becoming a queue moderator:

� You must be a validated author or currently eligible for author validation (at least 5 stories or chapters with at least 5,000 words total, and no denials in the past 60 days) to apply.
� You must also be a member of the site for at least six months and be a minimum of 16 years of age, 18+ preferred.
� Please also consider that you will be asked to read outside of your fandoms and will be asked (within reason) to read content that you may not like, such as lemons, original fiction, and OOC stories.

Requirements for community moderators are much more slack, but we do ask that you fulfill the time and age requirements from above. While we will not be screening you for how well you can find, correct, and explain grammatical errors and concepts, you will still need to have solid writing skills to represent the staff in communication with the members of Lunaescence.

If you are interested, please send us an email at moderators.luna[at]gmail[dot]com with �Moderator Application� as the subject title and include the following information:

� Your Lunaescence username
� Whether you're applying as a queue moderator or a community moderator (you can apply for both)
� Roughly how much time you realistically feel you can dedicate to moderating and when you�re available -- what responsibilities/commitments do you have that could interfere with being able to regularly help out?
� What you think the biggest problems with stories on the site are and what could be done to address them
� Links to 3 samples of your writing that you feel are your best work (only if you are applying as a queue moderator)
� Do you have any experience moderating or working with people within a tightly knit community such as Lunaescence? This can be through online or in real-life interactions.

Should your responses meet our requirements, we will be sending you another application for Round Two of this application process.

The deadline for this application is October 1st. We ask all of you to remain respectful of the moderation process. Thank you for your cooperation, support, and patience.

We look forward to hearing from those of you who are interested! Again, if you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to me (Penguiduck). My contact information can be found this month's announcements.