We Come Bearing Gifts!
Caraina and Diamond April
Posted by Caraina and Diamond April
12/01/15 - 01:50AM
Hello Luna lovelies!
Announcements are a touch longer, so please bear with us and read to the end!
Your December announcements (and the announcements from now on) are brought to you from your new Community Moderators!
As a quick note, both of us (Caraina and Diamond April) are really excited to get to work, so please email us or send us a PM on the backup forums with your non- validation questions, ideas, dreams, aspirations, or whatever else.
Of course, you can still talk to the other mods about these same things, but as this is now our job specifically, they may lovingly pass your comments to us so that we can get back to you as quickly as possible.

To be clear, neither Caraina, nor Diamond April have the authority to validate anything, stories or authors.

Now, on to business!
Last month's theme was something that showcases what the holidays feel like to you, and here is our nomination:

The Distance of Forever by Isis san (Bleach, 17+)

The start of a new year is a chance for a fresh start, which is why the theme for January is Second Chances. You may nominate your favorite story as well as learn more about this theme over at the backup forum.

The Queue is not yet open, but we should be opening it soon. Just wait for us to announce it. Your patience is appreciated!

In the mean time, if you've ever wanted to collaborate with other writers on a story, now's your chance! There's a winter themed Round Robin going on over at the forum. As a special 'thank you' for participating, every participant will be receiving a special Holiday Gift on behalf of Lunaescence's Moderators. Click here to learn more and sign up.

Not interested in participating this time around? That's fine, because we also have a new featured challenge for you. Check out the Black is White and White is Black challenge by Vanilla over at the forum.
Unfortunately, no one replied to the Scented Candle challenge from last month.

Again, we have four new additions to Lunaescence's Moderating Team. The current moderators are:
Diamond April
Kerrigan Sheehan
Ruby Spice

Enjoy the rest of your December and see you in 2016!