A Few Quick Notes
Caraina and Diamond April
Posted by Caraina and Diamond April
12/13/15 - 10:33PM
Hello all~
Just a few quick notes:

After a lot of hard work, the queue is now open! That's not to say we've seen all of the stories in the queue, but we have worked down the number of stories in the queue to a manageable amount.
That being said, please go easy on us as a number of the mods are wading through finals during this time of year (as are a number of you, I imagine).

We also wanted to remind everyone that, while the main forums are working, they are still buggy and in need of repair. You all are more than welcome to post in the main forums, but the moderators will not be checking them until we've been given the all clear to move back over there. In the mean time, if you have any need to get in touch with us about category requests, author validation, or really, anything you would need to talk to a mod about, please bring them up in the backup forums. Its free and easy to make an account! You are also always welcome to email any of the active mods (listed at the end of the last announcement).

And finally, we appreciate your continued patience with the registration glitch still on going. We are trying to get a hold of Sally so that we may have some updates for you on the various fixes that are still being worked on, but in the meantime, hang tight! We know how frustrating it is for you guys and we are beyond grateful for your understanding.

Thanks everyone and happy holidays!