Welcome to 2016!
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
01/01/16 - 06:28PM
Welcome to 2016, Lunaescence!

January 1st is the beginning of a new year in many places in the world, so if you’re celebrating it, Happy New Years!

The theme for January was all about giving or receiving second chances. Check out the nominations below:

Reconfiguration by Byakko-chan (Dragon Ball Series, Adult)
Paradise Lost by SacredTear (Bleach, 13+)
Oh My Dear by Straw (Marvel Comics, Avengers, 17+)

In honor of Valentine’s Day – commonly observed the 14th of February – the current nomination theme is Storybook Romances! This theme is all about romances that seemed to have leapt from the pages of a fairytale. Click here to nominate.

We’ve got a special new Featured Challenge for you: No Dialogue. The challenge is to write a story that doesn’t utilize quotation marks.

The Event of the Month for December 2015, Story Wonderland, was a huge success. A big thank you to all the writers who participated. For January’s Event of the Month we’ve got an exciting fic trade planned. Stay tuned for details!

Edit: Fic trade is now open for registration! Click here to sign up!

Happy 2016!


Where do we go to sign up for the fic trade? The back up forum or the main one?
- Chellendora on 01/04/16 - 09:29PM
jkladfads I can't believe someone nominated that story I am cry. ;w; Thank you! Also, I'll just be keepin' my eye on this here thread so I can find out about the fic trade to.
- Straw on 01/04/16 - 09:36PM
Always always the backup forums. We will make a huge deal about it if we are ever on the main forums as we do literally nothing there right now. Sorry about the confusion you guys! (and I love that story too much, Straw. You deserve it :P)
- Caraina on 01/04/16 - 11:18PM
I should really be around here more often! I'm definitely going to take part in the fic trade. :D
- Symphonic Fantasia on 01/23/16 - 11:35PM
EDIT: Whoops, it looks like I'm too late. I hope you all have fun! <3
- Symphonic Fantasia on 01/23/16 - 11:37PM
Awww I was nominated! Thanks for nominating me, Liatris! ^_^ Congrats to the other winners too! :D
- SacredTear on 02/27/16 - 04:20PM