Love For People, Love For Pizza
Posted by Caraina
02/01/16 - 01:47PM
Be it for another human being or for your precious self, February is the month of love!
Reflecting that, the theme for this month was Storybook Romances. Our nominations were:

Our Last Dance by KarenaWilliams (Harry Potter, Adult)
A Single Thought by Blubeeny (Free!- Iwatobi Swim Club, All)

Congratulations, you two! For March, the theme will be Introductory Stories or the stories you read that introduced you to a fandom or to Luna. To nominate, click here.

We also had several responses to our featured challenge, The No Dialogue challenge.

Movement by Mozart (Star Wars, 13+)
Hold Me by fireofblood (One Punch Man, All)
Privacy by Tree_Of_Life (Star Wars, Adult)
Damning Evidence by Bleu Wales (Star Wars, 13+)
Undulate by brittle blossoms (Star Wars, 17+)

Nice work everyone! The featured challenge for February is the Subtle Love challenge, which can be found here.

This month's Event of the Month is an Interactive Story project with no shortage of romance. Click here to visit the post.

And thatís about it! If you have any questions, feel free to email us or ask on the back up forums.
Have a lovely February!


Hey, so are the regular forums still for writer validation? I've been busy for a while and working on my writing and plan to try to get validated once I get enough new writing done and submitted...
- Konekochan07 on 02/18/16 - 08:09AM
Nope! The mods are not using the main forums for anything whatsoever. The main forums are still a bit buggy, and we don't want to take any chances when it comes to official business regarding the site. When we do move official business back to the main forums, we will absolutely make sure you guys know what's going on, but until then, all the mods can be found ONLY on the back up forums.

Here's a link to the author validation request thread on the backup forums when you feel like you're ready!

Take your time preparing, and good luck!
- Caraina on 02/18/16 - 11:40PM
Thank you for the info, Caraina!
- Konekochan07 on 02/25/16 - 07:36PM
Any time!
- Caraina on 02/25/16 - 10:06PM