Changing the Seasons
Posted by Caraina
03/02/16 - 12:05AM
Okay, Lunatics! Welcome to March!
The theme for this month was Introductory Stories, or stories that introduced you to a fandom or even Luna. Our nominations were:

The Keeper of Flame and the Master of Ice by UltraVioletSoul (Mortal Combat, 17+)
Monkey in the Middle by ElmireDolores (Star Wars, Adult)
Face Value by Jasminerva (Haikyuu!!, 17+)
Awkward Silences by Hakkyou Kaosu (Saiyuki, 17+)
Black Sun by Hikari Renge (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic,17+)

Congrats, everyone! For April, the theme will be Original Characters! Stories featuring excellent original characters deserve some love, and this month, were gonna give it to them! Click here to nominate.

We also had one response to the Subtle Love challenge:
Away We Go by Mozart (Star Wars, 17+)

And an honorable mention to Bambina for her late entry:
Quietly, Now (Metal Gear, 13+)

Excellent job! The featured challenge for March is the Third Person challenge. Simply write a story in third person, and make it over 2,000 words long. Submit your responses here!

There will be two events for March!
First, we will be doing a fic trade! Be sure to sign up here before the 10th!
Second, starting tomorrow (March 2nd) I will be posting one poll every other day for our very own fandom march madness! Competing fandoms have been picked from the most popular titles in the anime/manga, books, games, cartoons/ comics, and movies/tv categories on Luna. Vote to make sure your favorites win!
Click here to go to the polls!

Lastly, were still getting questions about this, so I'll write it again in the hopes that everyone sees it this time. While you guys are allowed to use the main forums, Sally never really gave us the official go ahead to move back there. Until we do get Sally's approval, all of the mods will be using the backup forums exclusively. When we do move back to the main forums, we will make an official announcement right here in the news section on Luna, but until then, should you need to contact a mod for whatever reason, do so through email or the backup forums. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Have a lovely March~


I just noticed a ribbon on my story and I'm red as Hinata on a good day X///X OMFG. THANK YOU!!! AND BY MOZART?!?!?! THANK YOUUU!!!!!!!

*goes to die in a corner*
- Jasminerva on 03/02/16 - 01:34AM
Holy Cow! This is a surprise! Thank you, Madame Jade, for the nomination! (Also, I'm very sorry for the lack of updates ^^u)
- Hikari Renge on 03/05/16 - 10:27AM
I had no idea my story was nominated! Thank you very much to Linyah ♥♥
- UltraVioletSoul on 03/06/16 - 12:57PM