It Is Now April
Posted by Caraina
04/03/16 - 12:42AM
April is here. No fooling.
The theme for this month was Original Characters! Our nominations were:

Where Not Even Gods Tread by LegatosServant (Original Story, 17+)
Paid in Blood by Jaded and Bacon (Skyrim, Adult)
Start to Shine by Bleu Wales (One Punch Man, 13+)

Congratulations, mídears! For May, the theme will be Alternate Universes, or stories featuring canon characters in non canon situations. Click here to nominate.

We also had two responses to the Third Person challenge:

Broken Promises by Symphonic Fantasia (Thor/Avengers, 13+)
Her by Mozart (Batman/ DC Comics, 13+)

Excellent job, you two! The featured challenge for April is the Out of Place challenge. Write a story in a completely different setting from where it is set canonically. Submit your responses here!

The winner of the fandom march madness was The Avengers!
This means that any fan of The Avengers now has bragging rights for eternity, as that is probably how march madness works.
Thank you to everyone who participated!

The event this month will be a response contest! Participants will submit entries based around one central prompt. The last week of April, everyone will be able to vote for their favorite entries. Winner of the contest will have their top three stories featured in Mayís announcements!
Rules and entries posted here.

And thatís it!
Happy April everyone!