Hello... It's May...
Posted by Caraina
05/03/16 - 05:25PM
The weather is getting nicer, school is winding down for a number of you academic- types, and summer is around the corner!
The theme for this month was Alternate Universes! We had one nomination:

Two to Tango by spookzz (Shingeki no Kyojin, 13+)

Excellent job~
For June, the theme will be song fics! Nominate your favorite song fic right here.

We also had an honorable mention for the Out of Place challenge:

MiM Series: The Heiress in Hunter x Hunter by Lunariasilver (all)

The featured challenge for May is the TURN IT UP TO 11! challenge. For more information/ to submit your responses, click here!

The event this month will be a response contest, once again! Participants will submit entries based around one central prompt (which has been changed for the new month). The last week of May, everyone will be able to vote for their favorite entries. Winner of the contest will have their top three stories featured in Junes announcements!
Rules and entries posted here.

Nothing new on the registration bug fix so far, but well keep you all posted!

And thats all we got for you this month! Happy writing, everyone!