April Showers Bring May... Oh Wait
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
06/03/16 - 11:09PM
Can you believe it's June already? I could have sworn just yesterday it was May...

This Month's theme was Song Fics. Unfortunately we have no nominations, but that's okay because we have a new nomination Theme for you: Summer Adventure. Nominate your favorite Adventure story over in the forums.

Just in time for Summer, this month's Featured Challenge is Heat Wave.

Congratulations to Konekochan07, the winner of last month's Event. As part of her prize, Konekochan07 has chosen three stories for your enjoyment:

Darkness and Light (Once Upon A Time, All)
Should've Known Better (Once Upon A Time, Adult)
The Things We Do (And Say) For Love (Miscellaneous, 17+)

This month's Event is what we like to call a 'Telephone Round Robin'. In this month's Event writers will be putting their own creative spin on another writer's chapters, and three lucky individuals will be receiving a special prize. Learn more by clicking here.

Enjoy the rest of your June and Stay Cool!