Welcome to July
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
07/03/16 - 11:33PM
Welcome to July Lunatics!

This Month's theme was all about Adventure.

Check out the nominations:
Give Your Heart A Break (Rune Factory, 17+)
The Blue Moon (Saiyuki, 17+)

The current nomination theme is The End. Nominate a story that has recently been completed over at the forums.

For all the times things don't go as planned, this month's Featured Challenge is Summer Mishaps.

This month's Event is still a 'Telephone Round Robin'. In this Event writers will be putting their own creative spin on another writer's chapters, and three lucky individuals will be receiving a special prize. Learn more by clicking here.

Happy July and enjoy the rest of your Summer!


Oh gosh, I can't believe I got nominated for this! I haven't been around to write on it for so long and I'm just incredibly honored that someone remembered and loved it so much, so thank you!!!
- ArcheressOfApollo on 07/21/16 - 12:54PM
Congratulations (:
- Diamond April on 08/01/16 - 02:11PM
Awww I can't believe I was nominated! I feel so special -^_^- But...I think the ribbon got tagged on the wrong story DX I forgot where in the forums I go to request that fixed. Can someone help? X_X
- SacredTear on 08/28/16 - 04:44PM