...And Lunaescence Returns!
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
03/15/17 - 07:24AM
Hello lovely Lunatics,

Today is March 15th, 2017 and I am pleased to say Lunaescence Archives is back online!

For those of you aware of the downtime, this is a very big, relieving moment, but for anyone else who may not have known, I will take a moment to explain the situation. Back in 2016, a hacking attempt resulted in us taking the site offline to address security vulnerabilities. Once the issues were addressed, an upgrade by our web host resulted in the administration options needed to return the site online becoming inaccessible.

With no response from the web host regarding the issue, it was with much consideration a fundraiser was launched to raise enough funds to purchase a server. Though the site is back online as of today, this does not mean we still should not aim to get the funding for a server. I am covering the costs for the site hosting for the time being, but if we all want to make sure the site can remain online for many years to come, it is crucial for us to secure an alternative to costly monthly hosting.

A further explanation on why a server is important for our beloved Lunaescence can be found here.

The Fundraiser
If you were one of the many generous contributors to the fundraiser, on behalf of Sally and all of the Lunaescence Moderation Team, I thank you. We sincerely appreciate all those who supported the fundraiser whether it be with a monetary contribution, spreading the word or just with kind words and encouragement. While the site may be up, we are still hoping to raise enough to solidify the online status of the site.

Please consider contributing to the fundraiser so we can get a server for Lunaescence and insure the site never goes offline again. As a thank you for contributing, you can select your pick of great Lunaescence branded merchandise like Messenger Bags, Writing Materials, Calendars, T-shirts and more.

Visit the fundraiser by clicking here.

Donor Status
For all contributors to the fundraiser, Donor Status, which gives your stories priority in the Queue, was offered as a reward. Though we do not have a formal feature for Donor Status yet, the Queue Moderators have been notified of which users have earned such status and the submissions of those users will be prioritized when the Moderators approve stories in the Queue. If you contributed and want to be sure I have your username, feel free to email me at diamondapril[at]

Registration has been fixed and is finally working so for all those who have been waiting to join the community, here is the moment you have been waiting for! If you are looking to make a new account here on, click here to go straight to the registration page.

Social Media Profiles
This year we have big plans for Lunaescence which include improvements to our online presence. Check out Lunaescence on Twitter, Reddit and on our revamped Tumblr. You can follow these pages for updates regarding the site, featured stories, prompts and writing tips.

Lunaescence Archives now has an official mailing list. Sign up to have the monthly announcements delivered straight to your inbox + plenty of extras. Sign up by clicking here.

Site Glitches
Some time was taken to update the site code prior to this relaunch. This is still a work in progress. The code updates should have fixed many of the errors mentioned by users in this thread, but if you still experience one of the listed errors or encounter any new ones, please post in the linked forum thread so I can keep track of all the issues that need attention. Notably, a lot of stories on the archive are showing up blank . If any of your stories appear blank, don’t worry. This is an ongoing issue we are addressing.

Queue Status
Currently the Queue is closed for new submissions. The Moderators will be using this time to clean out and moderate the stories that were in the Queue prior to the site going down. The good news is that if you submitted a work prior to the site going offline, there is no need for re-submission as the stories are still there and just in need of review. While everyone may not be able to post their wonderful work yet, think of this as a great opportunity to prep your stories for submission when the Queue opens once more.

We are proud to serve such an amazing community and sincerely thank everyone for sticking with Lunaescence despite the hardships. We have some great things planned for Lunaescence and are excited to share them with the community in the coming months.


Thank you so much for everything!!! This brings tears to my eyes while I'm at work ;w; I was waiting up since 12 am XD. You don't know how much I love this site and just really call this place home.

I was only able to donate a small amount, but soon should be getting on payroll to be able to send some more ;w; Thank you so much. I felt lost without Luna and just knowing that the facebook was there to help relieve the homesickness, but just . . .thank you thank you! I'll never be able to say it enough!
- Knight Z on 03/15/17 - 09:18AM
Yes, I agree with Knight Z: Thank you so much for everything! I have greatly missed Luna.

I have previously made a donation and will continue to make more when funds allow. Again, thank you for all your hard work. :)

It's good to be home.
- Mai Blade on 03/15/17 - 09:48AM
- petite gateau on 03/15/17 - 10:58AM
I could weep to death, I'm so happy! It's been a lonely world without all of my favorite fics and writers. Thank you guys so much for your hard work and dedication. You brought Luna back just in time for my birthday!
- Lotus Bloom on 03/15/17 - 11:00AM
AHHHHH LUNA IS BACK OMG I CAN'T CONTAIN MY HAPPINESS! Thank you, THANK YOU, so much for all your hard work and thanks to April Diamond for making Luna's return possible ;u; you've made a lot of people happy today and it's great to see this beautiful community is still going strong. I wish I could donate some money but sadly I don't have the means to do so orz I'm sure that others will be in better conditions than me and to them I want to say thanks, too! Thanks everyone for making all this possible ;u;
- UltraVioletSoul on 03/15/17 - 12:37PM
Ahhh I'm so stoked! I've been missing Luna so much.

I'm getting an error message when I try to add a new chapter, though. I'm validated, so I don't think the queue being closed is an issue. The error appears when I click upload, and just says
"Error ERROR: We encountered an error. Please, go back and try again."
- Gone on 03/15/17 - 05:05PM
In a moment of less-dumbness, I posted in the glitches thread, looks like I'm not the only one.

Thank you for all that you're doing/'ve done <3
- Gone on 03/15/17 - 05:26PM
I am so happy to finally be able to click on my Luna bookmark and it not tell me I'm not authorized! I missed this place so much.

I swear if I hadn't just bought a house I would have donated as much as I could but as of right now I can't. But as soon as I have a little extra I'll send you guys a little something!
- Rei on 03/15/17 - 06:49PM
Hello~! First off, I just wanted to thank everyone involved for getting the site up and running again. You are all angels!!

I'm sorry to have to ask this, but when I tried to update a chapter to an existing story, I kept getting an error message saying "ERROR: We encountered an error. Please, go back and try again".

It would just replay the message over and over again no matter how many times I tried refreshing the page and starting from scratch. I was wondering if it was a bug, or if perhaps the site was not yet ready for updated chapters just yet?
- GuardianAngel07 on 03/15/17 - 08:38PM
So glad we're back online! Back to the writing board so my fics don't get rejected like Black Friday. XD
- Chalky on 03/16/17 - 05:12AM
Ah, everything's working again - thank you!!
- GuardianAngel07 on 03/16/17 - 05:46AM
I think I spoke too soon. The chapters are incorrectly marked up, and when I try to manage it, the entire site goes blank.

How strange...

Well, I know there's bound to be a few bugs after having been down for so long. I'll just wait patiently and fix everything at a later time.

Thanks again for working so hard to keep this website up! You guys are truly incredible! Best of luck to you all~
- GuardianAngel07 on 03/16/17 - 05:52AM
And I was excited to think it was fixed completely xD. It'll be worked on for sure.

Thank you and everyone else for being so patient as these glitches get patched up. The site will be at 100% real soon ^_^
- Diamond April on 03/16/17 - 06:34AM
Thank you so much Diamond April and Luna staff for making this happen!! Luna has been part of my life every since I was a wee girl (who wrote really crappy fics). I'd always cheer up after reading a fic from Luna.

Cheers to Luna's Revival!
- Riice on 03/16/17 - 10:38AM
Thank you everyone involved in getting the site back up! :D I'm ultra excited!
- Kamisori on 03/16/17 - 12:33PM
SHE LIVES!! i'm so happy and excited. bless everyone who helped get luna back online. :') ♥
- thaegan on 03/17/17 - 01:24AM
Hello everyone! I'm so glad Luna is back! I've been dealing with the same issues as GuardianAngel07. When I try to add a new chapter to something from before Luna's hiatus, it thinks that it's the first chapter. I tried to rearrange things, but now there are three chapters that all think that they're first. I'm going to hold off on posting anything so it can be worked on. Thank you so much to Diamond April and everyone else involved in getting the site back up!
- Akira Mokona on 03/17/17 - 08:16AM
- Prosit on 03/17/17 - 10:44AM
I'm commenting again because thank you Diamond for fixing so many broken things in the past couple days <3
- Gone on 03/17/17 - 04:37PM
A big thank you to everyone who's been working so hard on getting Luna back into shape!!! I've been a huge fan of this website for a long time and now I'm so happy to be a part of it!! I just have one question- when do you think submissions will be open? I'm so excited to upload my fanfiction on this glorious site!! Again, thanks for all your hard work and we all appreciate that and you very much!~
- SweetDeath on 03/20/17 - 01:40PM
@ Sweet Death - The long story short is that it'll be open as soon as we think we can handle it.

To give you guys a better idea...

Dia has been running some tests. We had a few moderator-side bugs that you guys didn't see that needed fixing, and Dia has been running tests to try to make sure everything will actually work properly when we open it. We really don't want to open it and just have it malfunction on everybody.

We also don't have enough currently active queue moderators to handle the flood of submissions we expect to have after the site has been down for seven months and new user registrations have been down for even longer. We're in the process of contacting currently inactive mods and seeing if they're available to help, as some of them may not be aware that the site is back. We're looking at validating more authors so the overall number of people whose submissions go to the queue is smaller. (Please don't be shy to ask for validation, especially if you're a regular poster. We don't necessarily notice everybody who deserves it, and we may not remember who had really good stuff coming through the queue before the site went down.) We'll probably be running another round of moderator applications very soon. But we don't want to open the queue and then have to close it again right after because of the flood we're expecting.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 03/20/17 - 08:13PM
A big thank you to everyone who's been working so hard on getting Luna back into shape!!! I've been a huge fan of this website for a long time and now I'm so happy to be a part of it!! I just have one question- when do you think submissions will be open? I'm so excited to upload my fanfiction on this glorious site!! Again, thanks for all your hard work and we all appreciate that and you very much!~
- SweetDeath on 03/20/17 - 10:18PM
Oops, sorry, I'm not sure what that second one was... but thank you for responding so quickly! I hope everything goes smoothly for you!!
- SweetDeath on 03/20/17 - 10:19PM
- Tankoubon on 03/21/17 - 09:01PM
Wahhh!! It's back!! I've been waiting for so long! I wanted to help but being in school doesn't really leave any time (or money) to do so.
- Kanna on 03/27/17 - 05:26AM
I'm so glad that Luna is back! FEELS GOOD TO BE HOME!
- Ranie on 03/27/17 - 10:48PM
Thank you everyone for all of your hard work! It's awesome to have the site working again. :)
- WonderBre on 03/30/17 - 03:38PM